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FIUZZ samples


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Posted : May 19, 2004 13:45
hello to alllll psyfreaks.....i send to you this samples to you listen and say what do who think about them...
thanks to alllll and

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Posted : May 20, 2004 10:53
i love your style man!.......thats the first thing i can say

I like the sound , really pumping all around. i can hear the menog influences.
i cant find anything wrong with the eq.....maybe a more punchier kick but thats just a matter of taste.....
you maelstrum man you.....
keep it up
much respect from israel
ps. what did u make the kick and the bassline with?

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Posted : May 20, 2004 17:04
hello Katam....thanks for the suport..

maybe you can year menog influences becouse i use a ( elastic sound) and that sound was made by menog and we have the same music influence before psy trance....

about my kick and bass line, i have kicks in sample and tranforme them only with eq. and my bass.... i make them in nord lead 2 or reason 2.5 with subtractor....

thanks again for the suport, its very important to me.....big respect to,

Chemical Reaction
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 20, 2004 19:07
Good music Fiuzz, nice style and nice production! Keep up the good work! Boom!


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Posted : May 21, 2004 14:17
good stuff......u have everything to go on......

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Posted : May 21, 2004 17:17
thanks for the suport chemical and alien....

now I have in the same site one more song......MAG(rmx) ...its may most psypunck music..hehehe....

please again give me some feedback.....
plur and

Menog (Spectral records)

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Posted : May 21, 2004 19:56
good production for shure my friend!
u have everything that takes to make good music..
hope i can release sometething from you in the future on Spectral Records!

Dance,is perhaps one of the truest art forms.In dance there is no medium between the artist and the creation.And ho

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Posts :  207
Posted : May 25, 2004 20:19
thanks mate......and I hope to.....BOOM

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  207
Posted : Sep 28, 2004 14:14
...hello I have a new song to download in MP3......Spirit Hero.....its complete

please say some coments,
BooM  &
::::::::::::::::::::::Boom Shankar:::::::::::::::::

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Posted : Sep 28, 2004 20:06
Did I hear samples from IM (around 2:30) in Spirit Hero ? or I just imagine sounds ?
BTW, great music.
          "a new art came into my mind which only you can create, the Art of Noises, the logical consequence of your marvelous innovations." Russolo, 1913
Cosmic Station

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Posted : Sep 29, 2004 10:11
Nice Style you have
I like your musics, and your production tecnic.
Thee mix could be better but all in all is preety good.
Continiu the good work

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Posted : Sep 29, 2004 10:56
thanks for the suport Hayez and Fingax
....and for Hayez, all the samples are from the movie "Hero" and a voice girl of a band from spain "Ojos de Brujo".....

thanks again, FIUZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........
::::::::::::::::::::::Boom Shankar:::::::::::::::::

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Posted : Sep 29, 2004 17:06
Those are some VERY good tracks FIUZZ!
Great production quality but there are a few minor issues:

Spirit Hero:
I don't like reverb on the bass. Putting any kind of stereo fx or pan on bass is generally a bad idea imo.
I also think the bass has got too much midrange so it disturbs the rest of the mix a bit.
Also the kick and bass could use a bit more lowend (just 1db or so).
Also a broader stereo image would be cool.

Anyway it is still a great mix. Way above avarage.

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Posted : Sep 30, 2004 11:30
Thanks AvS for the tip.....In the song Spirit Hero, im made my bass whith subtractor... reason 2.5...and yes, the reverb is a little up....normaly i dont put reverb in bass line.....but well, ..... any way, thanks for your good listening, its people like you that i apreciate some feedback...
Big respect, FIUZZ.  &
::::::::::::::::::::::Boom Shankar:::::::::::::::::

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Posted : Oct 5, 2004 17:06
No more coments????
Thanks.......................BooM  &
::::::::::::::::::::::Boom Shankar:::::::::::::::::
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