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Fellow psyheads from Sweden!! ...

Horrordelic Records

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Posted : May 30, 2007 12:47
Hehe welcome to scandinavia

TAS: Hehe but how to not allow some drug at a festival ? Hehehe you know freaks. But it is very dangeorus when mixing with alcohol. So I think information is the key.

Im not a a fan of it either, but information is what users need.

Take care kids            3o~ kriz aka krize 3o~ ....Horrordelic Records....
- Think for yourself -
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 31, 2007 12:09
yeah trolltyg is a nice party but i think the music sucks. last year i had a really good time with some friends and people i met there.
but it was a more festivalfeeling to it.
a given party in the summer is "enjoy the forest".
outdoor for 3 days.

you gonna like our party magical forest.
wickedness increased           hypnotica records
Toxic Anger Syndrome

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Posted : Jun 7, 2007 15:48

GHB is not a drug... is somekinda shit they give horses to sleep.... and now thereīs something likewise but not with the same molecure structure as GHB but it gives the same effect and that shit is for cleaning chemical waste in the industri. Several people has died because of this shit and I think this is one reason why the cops donīt leave parties in Sweden alone...

Think it was an razzia at Trolltyg this year and they took 44 people or something and one had to go by ambulance cozī he overdosed on some shit...

I still have my opinion and think ppl should stay at home when they using that idiotic "drug"... Itīs very hard to know wich dose that is enough and itīs very easy to OD on that shit... And donīt think information is the solution... cozī youīre only an idiot if you take something that you donīt know the effects of and most of the people doesnīt care or they just canīt listen to other ppl or maybe it is so they donīt can read?
Fuck ém anyway!

And I agree with you danet; the music there sucks bigtime... I canīt stand it anylonger and I seldom go to parties anylonger cozī thereīs too much cheesy Full On and uplifting crap they play... fuck... you know the ending of the track before it even has started... Sick and tired of "copy & paste" tracks

Best regards,


Inner Demon

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Posted : Jun 12, 2007 17:51


Well, what is a drug? Anything that induces a narcotic state may be considered a drug and GHB certainly does that. I think you may also be confusing it with ketamine, which is whats used as tranquilizer for large animals like horses...

Totally agree with you though, I'm very liberal and as far as 'good-natured', (for lack of a better expression) drugs go (cannabis, acid whatever) I think they only enhance the party experience... but GHB is just shit.. dangerous and has nothing to do with psychedelics anyway. I honestly don't understand why anyone would ever take it...

On my way to a forest party once I had to take care of some guy lying in the forest almost dying in my arms before his friends arrived, and they were so fucked themselves that they couldn't tell if he was dead or not and then I found out they had all taken shitloads of GHB... ambulance next.. fucking idiots, we don't need them at parties.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 15, 2007 04:16
Hey fellas, lovely to see the feedback... Im going to be going in april going to save up for a major upgrade in my studio and buy lots of nice goodies .

Hahaha i kinda like the uplifting morning stuff. Not into much of the cheese though.. but there are good uplifting morning acts.. Laughing buddha, atomic pulse, broken toy ect. i make night music though.

I see sweden has a big indoor scene.. (or from what i have info about..) but im sure there is something cooking in those deep woods which is way more my scene rather then the commercial one... i'll give you a PM so we can chat on msn if you have it TAS.

I'll be moving to gavle i dunno exactly if that is close to any good party spots but it's were my buddies are, and i can concentrate on production more then here in nyc lol. Hope to stomp it out with you fellas in the near future =)

Oh, and GHB is a horrible drug. It is used here "alot" here in the states.. i had a guy from my school in miami die of an overdose on that shit... very sad stuff.. i frown upon those "just to fuck you all up" drugs... it's silly and aimless.

Cheers !

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Posted : Jun 16, 2007 13:51

On 2007-02-01 15:40, ellinin wrote:
no not working so not sure what to do now... i wrote an email to nicklas ,
but so far had no reply..
oh ill just ask some questions
on here closer to the time ,
and pls anyone let me know if
a special event in sweden
not worth missing comes up this summer , and hopefully see you all there!!


Can't recall that i ever recieved that e-mail, but if you send me a new email with your date of birth i can see what i can do...
nicklas at is however at the moment only available in swedish. We do however have plans on making it available in both swedish and english, that will however take some time as we are working on new design and will also rewrite all the code on whole site

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Posted : Jun 24, 2007 09:06
"but there are good uplifting morning acts.. Laughing buddha"

We're having Laughing Buddha over here to play in July, you can check the event here if you search for Anger Management, or you could check out the goabase for the complete lineup. 
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