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Trance Forum  Forum  UK - EAT STATIC/SYSTEM 7/PROMETHEUS ... all systems GO !

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liquid ross
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 5, 2003 16:22

pioneering psychedelic artists gather to create the worlds largest mobile
solar powered stage ... with you

Saturday 26th April 2003
Solar Stage Creation Party
@ the Stratford Rex, London E15
come and be a co-creator


EAT STATIC LIVE (solstice)
SYSTEM 7 LIVE (a-wave)
PROMETHEUS LIVE (twisted) exclusive album preview

Junya (tip world / phantasm)
Astral Mike (hommega / astral phoenix)
Tom Fump & Liquid Ross - back2back (liquid connective / alterd states)

Luscious Lighting: Arc-I - Live Enchanting Visuals: Inside-Us-All + Precious
RGB - Decor + Environment: Liquid L-S-D, Skymermaid + Altered States -
Dreamscapes: idspiral - Sorted Sound: Greg Prism


IDSpiral invite you to a sunny side up, deeply melted and yet refreshing mix
of uniqueness and style, serving a full course for all senses, stimulating
beyond the ear and the eye.

Take a deep breath to capture the full spectrum from performers to poets,
from dancers to djs, from short films to visuals, from live musicians to
holistic healers.


Sun Honey Temple LIVE (cauldron recs)
Indiginous LIVE (deviant didg)
Liquid Elf & Entropy - back2back - (liquid conn.)
Gandalfi & Luna Lis - back2back - (liquid conn.)
Ju (hunkydory / rtts)

deco: - Liquid L-S-D, Liquid Drops, Sky Mermaid, Mr Rossi + Hunkydory


Temple of Sound LIVE PERCUSSION - Neil Sparkes (ex-transglobal underground)
ISHQ LIVE (interchill recs)
Elliot Jones (sounds from the ground - dj set)
Nick Interchill (interchill recs)
Natasha (lsd recs)

sound: photon generator - deco: Natural Order - furmishings: Psy DMT

5 inspiringly featured rooms joined by an adventurous labyrinth of walkways
& a massive balcony space. Puma Punka healing room with massage & all sorts
of offerings to rebalance the self. Atmosphere resonating, spirit grasping
50k sound. 2,500 capacity.

An epic setting to elevate our scene's power source into the 3rd millenium.

Stratford Rex, 361-375 High Street, Stratford, London, E15 - Saturday 26th
April 2003 10pm - 6am. No admission after 2am.
Just 2min walk from Stratford Station: Central & Jubilee tube, Docklands
Light Railway, BR + many buses - Price :?15 + bf, more on the door.

tickets: online @ - card bookings and mail order:
Access All Areas (Camden Town) 0207 267 8320 / Psy Dream Temple (Camden
Market) 0207 267 8528 / Illegal Records (Brighton) 01273 623454 / DiFjuzen
(Portobello Road) 07973 906972 / Rocket (Rochester) 01634 817848 / Richards
Records (Canterbury) 01227 452268 / CyberDog: Covent Garden 0207 836 7855;
Camden Market 0207 836 7855; Leeds 0113 246 7749; Manchester 0161 833 2177;
Bristol 0117 930 0999 /
hotline: 07979 361747

see also:

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Posted : Apr 6, 2003 18:15
Yay! System 7 ROCK! It's been ages since I've seen them and I am soooooo looking forward to this party. Especially as my new flatmates are doing the visuals in the main room. I've been having previews projected on the wall in the living room.
Hello to Jon and Asi - I told you I'd be back soon. Sorry I missed Chichime.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2003 22:56
we will never forgive you mark

btw: who is System 7, wich style is it ?           (-:"The Psychoactive Is So Powerfull
Since The Discovery Of L.S.D"
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  76
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Posted : Apr 7, 2003 00:32

btw: who is System 7, wich style is it ?

System 7 is Steve Hillages and Miquette (er.. can never spell her surname) outfit who have been going for 13 or 14 years.. and they are legendary.. and they rock!!

Steve Hillage was in Gong - seminal early 70s space jazz rockers (still going in avrious formats) and then had a lot of success solo - & was one of the first to use sequencers & synths in mainstream rock/funk.

System 7 were formed when he started going to raves in the acid house days and thought - I'll have some of this and got into dance music.

His music is quite varied - but tends toward techno and hes done a lot of work with Derrick May - but its basically dance music that is psychedelic without being psy-trance (from the days before you HAD to play a very generic style of music!). In fact there's quite a good (if old) rant on his website on this very issue which is well worth a look...

So basically go & see them if you can!!
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  90
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Posted : Apr 7, 2003 00:39
System 7 are AMAZING! Eat Static RULE! Prometheus is just WONDERFUL!

Amazing lineup. 
Astral Mike
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 7, 2003 20:28
Here are the aim's of the party which i found on their pre-flyer...


"Imagine being at one of the sunny summer outdoor parties that we all love...the atmosphere resonating with the sonic continuum that carries our experience like the clean air that powers our dancing.

Image running that party purely on solar power.
The sun sparkles off the solar panels, their millions of blue crystals reflecting shards of light over the dancing people.

When our sound system is liberated from running on oil, who needs a war?

Everyone can see our scene has made a concious elevation from idyllic fantasy to progressive reality. Everyone knows they are listening to sunshine...

Image knowing that you were a direct co-creator of our newfound ability to transform energy and light, and all it took to create the 'photon generator' was enjoying a groundbreaking night with all your friends. "

All very forward looking and *positive*

See you there!!!

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  17
Posts :  441
Posted : Apr 7, 2003 23:01
yes i think it is very difficult to disagree with the ideals behind this party! Unless you work for esso or such like.

I really like the idea of being at an outdoor party running on solar power rather than noisy dirty diesel generators or mains hookup or whatever.

Could also be useful if you wanted to have a party where there wasnt any mains e.g. in Antarctica! hehe or in the Cydonia region on Mars : I hear it is quite sunny there:) [maybe more sunny on Mercury?]

anyway i am totally looking forward to this party..... another party which is well suited to the Rex I reckon.... with this heavy-hitter lineup....
liquid ross
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  39
Posts :  217
Posted : Apr 9, 2003 11:27
What the artists say:
Eat Static's Merv Pepler:
"As the powers of the world blow each other up and disappear up each
others asses, we shall be coming together as one at the Photon Generator
event, wishing for a more peaceful world...
We have always been interested in alternative power sources, and always
keen to support people that push out and do things far from the norm...
We are taking a break from the album with Hallucinogen to do this event
as a special one off, before we get stuck into our tenth studio album
which will be an important one for us!
And as with the previous nine albums, we are still aiming to take you
where you have never gone before!"
Prometheus - Benji Vaughan:
"What's going on with this night is a parable for what the entire planet
needs!: Freedom from fossil fuels..."
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  17
Posts :  441
Posted : Apr 9, 2003 12:05
so there's a new joint project Eat Static+Simon Posford? I guess I am the last to know.....
Sounds promising!!

liquid ross
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  39
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Posted : Apr 11, 2003 11:53
Meanwhile, here's how Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy feel about being involved in this event:

"Coming together through music and dance, we seek to generate powerful
healing energy to counteract the extreme negativity and violence that
has been unleashed on our planet.
Wouldn't it be great if we could create these powerful events without
being totally dependent on the electricity grid of the military-industrial
complex. That's what the Photon Generator is all about and that's
what this party's all about.
Miquette and I are excited about this night - we're hoping to reach the
highest peaks and deepest emotions that psychedelic dance music can
bring. Let's go on a journey together.
System 7 news :- our label A-Wave is re-releasing the 4 remaining CDs
in our back catalogue - 777, Point 3 Fire album, Point 3 Water album,
and Golden Section - in May this year. We're starting work on our new
album in September, the follow up to Seventh Wave."
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  25
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Posted : Apr 11, 2003 15:50
Point 3 Water is one of the best Psy chill albums I've heard. Woohoo           Turn On, Tune In, Trance Out!!!

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Posted : Apr 18, 2003 18:34
Hello everyone under the Sun!

Can't believe it has taken me this long to get a chance to join this thread!
Been running round like a mad one, doing all the promotion and preparations for the Solar Stage Creation Party.
Plus til now my browser seemed to enjoy offering me white screens instead of the isratrance forum. La La La...!

As I'm catch up on the thread it seems I've really been missing the action!

Crash of applause to Astral Mike who appears to have transcribed all of the 'vision' text off the back of our second preflyer!
Mike is going to be rocking the Rex on the night too!
Looking forward to the best of Hommega and BNE from Astral Phoenix's main man!

Have to dash into town now before closing but shall return soon...
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  20
Posts :  388
Posted : Apr 19, 2003 06:30
WOW!!! 2 fantastic parties the same weekend. So many great names!!! I'm coming from New York, USA for this parties and hope to have lots of fun. GMS , Eat Static, Simon Posford ... that's crazy! and dj Junya? I LOVE this kid, I saw him here(NYC)a few times.I think he is absolutely incredible. Very talented and amazing. Can't wait for his album to be released.
So, see you all at the partyyyy.................
Lots of love----------------- Natia.

Started Topics :  0
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Posted : Apr 19, 2003 14:42
Great to hear of such global enthusiasm!

Junya is indeed a great character and DJ and also very behind our aim to create a massive main stage Solar Power Generator from the money made on the evening.

Just to offer a reality check to the rumours, it will be Benji Vaughan as Prometheus playing Live on the evening (to catch the exclusive new tracks he is making specially for the party -be there plenty before 11.45ish on the evening).

Benji is indeed the other half of Younger Brother with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen). Younger Brother apparently did a storming festival opening set at Samothraki last year and their newly produced album sets/renews the standard of music in our scene.
So the music on the night is likely to be an exciting representation of this style and quality.
"Full on unadulterated 4 to the floor PsyTrance" is the menu he described to me.

As for Simon Posford, when we last spoke he shared his support and interest of our mission to create parties with a non-polluting 21st century power source but had a schedule with the upcoming Japan Tour and new Shpongle productions that he could not compromise.
However Twisted records have since requested a guest ticket for him so we shall see...

Very excited about the whole night!!!!!!!!!!!!
liquid ross
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  39
Posts :  217
Posted : Apr 20, 2003 14:23
so - two of Simon's latest other-halves are playing...

Trance Forum  Forum  UK - EAT STATIC/SYSTEM 7/PROMETHEUS ... all systems GO !

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