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E-Jekt Releaseparty + Hujaboy LIVE

Inactive User

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Posted : Oct 4, 2005 19:53
The fuzz is that Hujaboy recently played in Copenhagen and that there's way too many israeli Full On kilaaarghhhh artists playing in Copenhagen all the time because the Organsiers are greedy, visionless and haven't got a clue how to make an interesting party. And the fuzz is also about the same Danish DJ's playing at every party every weekend because they themself are the organisers and have formed a organiser mafia where they play at eachothers parties not matter of lacking vision and talent.

The naked truth. I am sure it hurt.
And I heard they did not at all "kill" the party. On the contrary many found it boring and predictable and the usual formula Full ON.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 4, 2005 20:37
I think it was an okay party - Hujaboy really surprised me. I'm not a big fan of his new sound, but it really sounded great being played live. Variating grooves, crazy sounds/melodies and a general good vibe. Phill vs. NiS played a lot of uninteresting full-powered Full On tracks - really not my cup of tea at all, too much power, little soul and psychedelica. I didn't get to hear all of E-Jekt's set, cuz I was too tired and went home early (my DJ-set had been changed to a 1 hour set to a 3 hour set, never got the chance to sleep before going to the party). But the three-four tracks I got to hear of E-Jekt live were very monotone - people on the dancefloor really liked it though. There were no chill-out, unfortunately. The organizer forgot to set up some gear for the chill-out DJ, so he left early on.

If anybody is interested in what I played, here's a tracklist:

Juno Reactor - Angels And Men
Jaia - Intro + Serial Groover
Son Kite - Focus
Hi-Fi Companions - Amoria
Jaia - Orchestra 2.0
Lindsay Lohan - Rumors (The Sharp Boys Club Gossip Vocal Remix)
Saiko-Pod - Groove Moderator (Miro Remix)
Jaia - Gate 3 + From Tokyo
Sub6 - 7th Son (Freq Remix)
Sub6 - What's In Your Mind
Timelock feat. June Rashava - Un:balanced
Sub6 - Re He'ya (Psysex Remix)
Infected Mushroom - Cities Of The Future (Time Lock Remix)
Black & White - Geronimo
GMS vs. Wrecked Machines vs. Pixel - Low Tech
Psycraft - Nitro
Xerox & Illumination - Assimilation of Reality
Pixel & Psysex - Wild & Friendly
Black & White - Fireworks
Cosma - People On Hold
Nick - Manic Miner
Psysex - High Times (Nick Remix)
Psysex - Altered States
Xerox & Illumination - Battleship
Absolum - Ob1
Absolum - Hadracadabra
GMS vs. Absolum - The Therapy
Deedrah - Reload (GMS Remix)
Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert (Mean Girls Edit)

Overall, perhaps a very abnormal tracklist. Tried to build the evening (since I was the first DJ), with some relaxing tunes and then later on the very israelic set I wanted to build up to the act after me - but suddenly I got half an hour more, and I felt the dancefloor could take some more punishment, so I went in a harder direction after 'Battleship'.          LABEL-DJ @ 3D VISION RECORDINGS | |
IsraTrance Analyst Member

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Posted : Oct 5, 2005 02:23
lindsay lohan is a slut

oh now im gonna get spank'd wuhuuuuu
Trance Forum  Forum  Scandinavia - E-Jekt Releaseparty + Hujaboy LIVE
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