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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Double R.E.L - ceREaL KillerZ ( Doof , Dec. 2005 )
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Double R.E.L - ceREaL KillerZ ( Doof , Dec. 2005 )

Optimistic Suicide
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 11, 2006 13:41
Well if u ask me (and u sure will hehe) I think that 1 track completes the other...
Taking off with Bomb Voyage and landing smoothly with the The Clone-X Effect (those 2 combine gr8 with the same bpm )
All the tracks have a perfect bass line and a Wackoooo sound!

Really remarcable and euniqe style can NOT define it ! ! !

The cover is just mind blowing guyz!
Really original and colorfull cover...
IMO ppl stoped smilling here and this cover just made me look like this >>
When I looked inside was so happy 2 c the logo (really matches my case yummmi... ) 10x allot it was a very nice gift
And I really think that your music is very happy and jumpy!!
Makes us smile over and over (finnaly some smilling ahh?)

Well what can i say really hard 2 explain in words...
10x allot guyz and congragulations 2 doof rec' u must be really proud of those 2 !

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Posted : Jan 13, 2006 05:26
This album rocks!!:ya:
Heavy psy that doesnt take itself to seriously..we need more like it:)
thankyou ariels!

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Posted : Jan 13, 2006 15:04
this album really impressed me

Good songs

All tracks my Fav

Welcome to hell hehehe
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 14, 2006 01:19
For The Hebrew Readers :

cheers           "The external world became changed as in a dream and colors became more glowing.When the eyes were closed,colored pictures flashed past in a quickly changing kaleidoscope.what had caused this condition?"
Albert Hofmann Laboratory Notes (1943)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 17, 2006 17:13
This album is a very good first listen .. playful psytrance .. yeah the music keeps moving changing gears between 3 and 4 ..lets see if it stands out among the other releases of its time .. at the moment it lags just a little bit .. maybe the same formula over over in each track?? nothing spectacular or over the top .. maintains good balance betwen groovy and edgy night time psychedelia .. might work well during twilight .           missing plug-in
Takuan"the pickled radish"

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Posted : Jan 24, 2006 21:53
Im swimming in a bowl of milk when a spoon came in and scooped me out oh my god what iz next ...........another bowl another bowl another bowl .

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Posted : Feb 15, 2006 05:48
Finally heard this album.. Was a treat to my ears... very energetic.. complete dance floor killers.. this guy keeps messing with the pace.. no space for assumptions.. you dont know whats coming next! Looking fwd to more releases..
Mistress of Evil
Mistress Of Evil Records

Started Topics :  101
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Posted : Feb 15, 2006 08:47
again, i have to say congrats to Double REL for making me love the funk. I never thought i would love music that is so funky, but i just can't help but smile and shake my butt when i hear these tracks!!
          Bringing Dreams to Life!

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Posted : Feb 16, 2006 00:05
all the trax on this album are massive!

its the best "twisted" album/project that i listen so far!

the sound production is good and the drive is DRIVING

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 23, 2006 21:49
i must to get this album           Plastik #2 @ Barzilay - 27.11 - With Peter Didjital (Sweden), Ido Ophir, Huda G and TechnoFear... more info:
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  23
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Posted : Feb 24, 2006 14:14
yeah, REL&REL rock !!

very nice album guys! i like it!

keep it up the way you do it!

Mandala Echos
Mandala Echos

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Posted : Feb 25, 2006 02:28
i love the album
very good music
the cover and the sounds make me undestand the real meaning of the killer word!!
i dont know why the ppl dont talk more about it yet ?!

Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Double R.E.L - ceREaL KillerZ ( Doof , Dec. 2005 )
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