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Trance Forum » » Forum  Germany - [Dj Daksinamurti & Dj Chuha in jail in India....[t.b.c.]]

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[Dj Daksinamurti & Dj Chuha in jail in India....[t.b.c.]]

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:28
unkOnce more life is showing us unfortunately that electronic music and it's partyculture is not appreciated by the controlling twats in place who all of course only benefit from law & order and other such invented crap. Dj Daksinamurti (S.S.J/Mind Funk - Marburg) and Dj Chuha (Munich) have been arrested together with a partycrowd off over 200 people. Here's the links to check the story since Isratrance doesn't allow such huge post (doh!) so here ya go: and

Let's at least show some support to the guys here, people in India can print this out and show 'm for moral support !           Mind Funk Records
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Yab Yum

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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:42
this totally sucks! i hope everyone gets out soon!!!

          Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
Terry Pratchett
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:44
ohhhhh my god

i can t beleive!!

big support from france

keep the energie

Faxi Nadu / Elmooht

Started Topics :  282
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:50

sad this is what we deal with in this scene.
good luck and support to you guys, hang tough           
The Way Back
Killer Buds / Insect Seeker

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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:51
This really sucks !!!!!
it is a shame this still hapening!!!!

i hope everything goes ok


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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:55
This is just ridiculous ,,,
The police in India is very close minded and only cares about the money ,
this probably happened because the party organizers didnt pay them enough to let things run smoothly ...
Controlling , ignorant , unscrupulous twats ....

Hang in there ppl , things will be solved soon =)           AuDiaLiZe
Dennis the menace
DevilsDennis Sparris McHilton

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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:57
Really sad that the indian laws are so strict for some bullshit like this, i hope they read the rest of this forum to see that they are way behind the rest of the world.
Everyone has their right to party and gain control over their own body! They didnt really hurt anyone did they? naah, just having fun for a night or 2.

Hope they get out soon and that they are beeing treated well.

Full support from Sweden!

Started Topics :  94
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:58
Damn that sucks!

how to separate the drugs issue from the mindless prohibition of dance music events- first thought...

second thought, some kind of petition

third thought, some fancy lawyers...

in general this whole anti- party thing and the drug war that seems to be related have gone FAR ENOUGH.
if we dont find ways to disable these threats we are going to be globally hunted and destroyed.
the time for hiding is over.
time to strategize...

and for this particular case- i guess it will depend on what charges they are being held on- if its bogus "being related to a naughty party thing" charges or if its drugs charges or if its public disturbance charges etc...

time to set up a legal defense fund?
i'll paypal something to help if there is a way it can be setup to actually send the money directly to help them not to line someones pockets...

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 21:58
As far as I know, they have no right to take someone to the station if he has nothing illegal with him (no matter in what condition he is). So I suppouse most of them were taken by force and now they have chance to press charges (all together, i think they can make it)...

Anyway, one thing really made me think...
"The police confiscated 45 four-wheelers, 29 two-wheelers, 100 gm charas, 2.5 kg ganja, 15 bottles of California drops and beer bottles."

2,5 Kg weed??? 15 bottles liquid??? Isn't that too much for a party? Especially a private one...

And of course... there was something for a laugh ))))
"The police recovered some weird-looking items — plastic bottles inserted with a pipe and plastic tubes with drug pellets in them — from the party. “We need to send the drugs for chemical analysis to understand their nature,” said Nangrepatil."


I hope the they wont have much trouble...  
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  19
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 22:08
ummm,it's sucks.
I can't believe it!
Hope they'll get out soon.
Pray from Japan!

Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs

Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 22:10
These are sad news. Lets hope they'd get back home very soon.


Started Topics :  7
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 22:21
All my support also for my good German budies and all the people involve in this sad story...Hope everyone his ok and coming out soon and behind treated well!!!

Sending big hughs to all of you guys !!!!!!

Peace !!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  12
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 22:27
looks that the local police is running out of work ;-)... all the best to the prisoners, hope that they´ll be free soon... 

Started Topics :  0
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 22:44
At this point I am more interested in how to help friends in need than what I am in playing the blame game. There will always be time for that later but at the moment we have more important matters to deal with.

What can we do to help??? I have never been to India myself so I have NO clue how things are done there but I'm sure that with the collective knowledge found here in the forum, we can find ways to help our friends.

Please post suggestion, ideas, experience etc. here in the forum or email it directly to me:           ----------------------------------------
Da-La - Vaporvent Records -
High Pulse

Started Topics :  57
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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 23:03
stupid closedd mind's , they only care about having few extra bucks on the pockets andd now they come with this bullshits about drugs , police in india should be all puted on a wall and get killed .... such ignorance and corruption ... shame on you india cops and governmemt ... meanwhile if it would be a rockstart and pay them some money behind the eyes of everybody , everything would be fix ...

dam bastards . stop you're stupid atitudes ...

thats why this world is becoming INSANE ... wich such ridiculous ways of handling things ...

to bad this happen , i hope darksinamurti and chuba will be free soon , hang on boys , everyting will be fine ... for me india is one of the country i'll never go , even for visit .. just because of such shit bullshits attitudes and corruption !!!


about know what we can doo , well i dont know about it , maybe a petition to they're major or government responsables might help . for me u can count on me .

cheers hang on guys           "HIGH PULSE" AKA FUSION OF DARKPSY PROJECTS <- musiC FOR SELL.
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