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Trance Forum ŧ ŧ Forum  Germany - [Dj Daksinamurti & Dj Chuha in jail in India....[t.b.c.]]
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[Dj Daksinamurti & Dj Chuha in jail in India....[t.b.c.]]


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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 03:04
now Steves and Daksis Mum are in India... to get out there sons... but more I do not know at the moment... BOOM BOOM

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 06:06
as steve is a friend ...
and this really is a big mess, i was thinking of organizing a party for the two here in vienna (austria) next week - to cover the costs of his lawyer, etc ...

what really would be great, was some support from international djs, liveacts, etc. ?

if somebody wants to help - please pm!

the astronaut

ps: have been organizing a lot of events here in vienna...

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 09:17
ruined goa???

Its one of the only places in India with at least a bit of money, because tourists bring in some money.

The government ruinded Goa.
I was in Goa in January. Too little tourists are around nowadys, so the local people suffer more, because they canīt sell so much stuff!!!
"Please please buy our stuff!!!" ;o)

So many shops, but I canīt see enough tourists!!!

The government should stop this bull**** and allow free parties again! So they have the chance that people return.

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 10:16
hi fellow trancers , i was in that busted party and was in jail for almost 3 full days , they were very rude to us but we still had a bit of a laugh in between , all 270 odd people have been released for a while now , they were released , 40 - 50 at a time after they took blood and urine tests on all of us . and we had to give proof of our address in case they later discover some drugs . anyway i have an uncle high up in the police so i will be safe , but i have some very bad news , in that the 2 germans are being brutally treated in jail , they are being hardcore questioned with police methods as they hink they are part of a biig international drug cartel . my uncle wasnt too pleased that i was at `this kind of party` . so i cant help in any way .. but please help them .. the cops here are very rough guys .

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 10:29
ACAB-All Cops Are Bastards


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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 12:49

had a call some minutes ago with Tillīs (Daksinamurtiīs) girlfriend Stella. Tillīs Mum is now in India and had the first contact with his son yesterday.
Iīm shockt...

Yes itīs true what Smurfd wrote.
My buddy was sleeping in car when they catched him. They hit him, while he was sleeping. And hit him after he was out of the car. For one day no food. He also was in dark-arrest for some days. Not alone but with Steve and some others.
After they changed the jail the situation became better for our guys. The situation now is that they can come out for a coution on Saturday. But I do not know how high. He or they must stay there until the hearing and than I think they can leave the country.
Also I know that they will never come back to India.
That are the news I can tell you...

big thanks to all of you who think about these guys...
an action for spend money will be started and something was started yet... I tell you soon... also I think we will make party for him like the Astronaut in Vienna but later to this more...


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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 14:42
we already started something in munich
thanks for coming!
i hope this will help to get our friends back home soon!!           
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 14:45
Wow...happy 2 read this news Astronom...thx for the info....will check options to make benefit party in A'dam and Berlin also to raise money for the trips of parents, the bail-out money and so on....all the love and faith wished to Till & Steve from here in Holland ! Stay strong amigos !           Mind Funk Records
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Inactive User

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 18:05
wont come back to india ? cant blame em nut thats a shame ,really is.. considering theyr called `daksinamurti` and `chuha` .. and study hindu mythology ? ..correct me if im wrong ..

fuking crying shame this ..

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 18:52
Yes, Till does study those things!

Well BLACKLISTED -> unable to enter the country ever again.
Bute hopefully not, since he loved to go to India.
I think he has been up to 6,7 times to India!

People will find new ways to party!!!


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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 18:58
shivamoon, daksinamurti

oh oh

om shiva

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 20:40
All the best to the boys...

Looks like they are being made scapegoats, wrong place, wrong time.

Hope they get out soon, dont have to pay too much to the corrupt system, and are not given an india ban.

Keep your head up groovers!

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Posted : Mar 17, 2007 01:15
what a bad notice!! i can`t believe it

All the best friends!! keep all the energys high, and all will be all write

much peace and love from chile!!
will send u the good vibes
Dainty Doll
June Rashava

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Posted : Mar 17, 2007 01:17
I have sent this link to everyone on my msn list and asked people to spend a minute, before they go to sleep, to send their love and thoughts for them. They dont diserve it and they need as much support as possible.
I will pray to the higher forces that creates the karma to get the best for them as quick as possible.

Steve and Daksi and shivamoon, you got all my support and my mind and heart are with you!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 17, 2007 01:45
thx June for the info
and what an info
big support from France to our 2 friends in a really bad situation

are we in the 21th century?sometimes i m not really sure

i also hope that the german government is going to do something for their citizens

i'll send the info to all my friends

best wishes for them and for all people involved in trying to help them!

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