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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Deedrah - Body And Soul
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Deedrah - Body And Soul


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Posted : Dec 31, 2003 02:15
its no so good when there is stuff more quiet than other. but is it that worse?
and i think overall there's a good sound on that plastic. its just crisp and crystal clear as any other album today.

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Posted : Dec 31, 2003 08:27
I have to agree, Dado said he picked the version he most liked, who can argue with the artist on what fits his vision of his album the best. Besides, it's really an awesome album. And I'm not kissing ass. I really love it!

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Posted : Dec 31, 2003 14:13
I never said that the problems with volume make this CD worse music-wise. In fact each single day makes me love this album even more and on my personal list it's second best album of 2003 (after Orion). But listen to the fifth track: after the awesome intro finishes and the beat comes in the track becomes half as loud! This "effect" reminds me of old cassette-recorders, because when you recorded from an external source (like TV), it reduced volume of the recording when it encountered some stronger signal. So all the songs with intros (singing, single melody line, pads etc.) were starting loud and when rythm section entered they got quiet. I don't have to say I didn't liked that...

I do appreciate and understand artist's need and right to express their own ideas in music, so Dado could even record it in 8-bit mono, but I don't have to _like_ his point of view.

And to be honest, I'd prefer to see artist's creativity manifested in diversity of used sounds, tempos, atmospheres and effects rather than in different volumes of each track
Lucy Farrel

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Posted : Dec 31, 2003 14:50
it is not matter of version preference and it has never been. lf u read carefuly what antic wrote u might understand people. and as u psymuse love his work and l do respect that others can comment too and they shouldn't be patronised by the artist himself. l have bought the album and l can comment on it. Mastering might be not as important for others as music itself but people can say they do not like the mastering work.
after all l love dados work and antic does too.
so read b4 u write.
antic, nice one sir, it is hard to find people with such concrete words in this place...
Wako Jako
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 1, 2004 06:42
Dado you are one of the sweetest ppl i know from the scene...
and you make great music too...
keep up the good work dude..
and may lots of ppl be sweet to others like you...
the world will be a better place...

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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Deedrah - Body And Soul
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