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Concept –Paranormal (3D Vision)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 17, 2008 01:23
Artist: Concept
Title: Paranormal
Label: 3D Vision
Format: CD Jewel Case
Release: June 2007

Track listing

01. 8’45” Micro Express
02. 7’57” Paranormal Phenomena
03. 8’03” Cloning Area
04. 7’30” Lost Satellite
05. 8’31” Human Thing
06. 7’13” Shamanik Dreams
07. 7’39” Sharp Phase
08. 8’23” Fucking Crazy
09. 7’27” The Dark Edge

Concept is Arnaud Levasseur and this is his second album. He has released a handful of tracks and they have been very good. This release is on 3D Vision, a label known for high-energy psytrance. I would characterize this as dark full-on, so I am looking forward to this.

Micro Express- Nice psy sounds to begin this track and a very fat kick. I get an…isolated feeling. Lasers fire here and there and the acid picks up in intensity. The parts flow together very well, so I don’t get the feeling of a patchwork job. The melody that lurks in the background slides in and out of earshot, just letting you know it’s there. Good track!

Paranormal Phenomena- “Old McDonald had a farm….” This little snippet is followed by an absolutely massive kick. The track speeds up and crashes to an abrupt halt. The sample that we next hear is an advertisement for the movie “The Messengers.” There is not a lot of melody in this track until the acid splashes in at the end, but the groove is good. With all the atmospherics it does create a dark mood. Good track!

Cloning Area- We start with a rumbling bass line and various dark psy noises. Man that bass line is strong! An eerie melody makes its way forward, creeping just to the forefront. A splattering of acid brings us to the break. High tones are sprinkled over the synths and the kick is twisted about. We are deep into darkness here. Very good track!

Lost Satellite- “After I’m gone, your Earth will be free to live out its miserable existence, as one of my satellites.” Right back into the swing with the rough and rugged bass and large kick. The synth lead guides us…by the throat to the break. So many sounds to focus on, I feel like they are coming from everywhere drowning me in aural bliss. The lead returns and brings its acidic friends with him. Very good track!

Human Thing- “You have many questions and though the process has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human.” Lasers and leads combine to create an awesome groove. The bass is churning underneath as the acid soars overhead. High pitched leads drive home the sense of emptiness amidst the acid, all the while the beat goes on. Great track!

Shamanik Dreams- Slow tribal drums and chanting set the stage for a female telling us it’s just a dream. Insert thick kick and grumbling bass line and we are on our way. Twisted lasers dance amongst us and bring a subtle melody. Sweet! The break doesn’t allow the kick to relax, and soon we are headlong into a dark ride. I can hear those Darkpsy noises and they are creeping me out. Great track!

Sharp Phase- More punishing kicks join, you guessed it, acid stabs. This one has a marching type tempo with squirts and noises to fill your ears. The synth lead shuffles in and out from behind the corners while the acid teasingly licks you while your back is turned. The dark mood is kept alive. Awesome track!

Fucking Crazy- Low key kick to start with a rising tide of sound as the dark noises flitter around. The acid drenches the bass line, sticking to it like gum on your shoe. The melody, slight though it is, combines well with all else to get my toe tapping. Great track!

The Dark Edge- Pretty much everything I said in all the previous tracks, goes double for this one. Pounding kick and an abundance of acid cuts through me like a knife through butter. I’m taking an aural beating, but I keep getting up. I loved everything about this track. Awesome!

In Summary: I really liked this disc. This is a journey best enjoyed all the way through. There is no happiness or sunshine to be found here. This is a descent into darkness with ominous melodies to guide you like a flaming handrail. You don’t want to get to close, but you don’t want to lose sight of it either. To my ears, this is an awesome combination of DarkPsy and full-on. A lot of Darkpsy to me is too much for my ears, with nothing to focus on. This is power, it’s melody, and the dark mood is sustained throughout the album. There are no fillers here. Some may argue against the sameness of the tracks, but not me. I can wholeheartedly recommend this and it is going right into my favorites of 2007. 9.5/10

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 23, 2008 06:25
i didnt enjoy this album...
first album was better.

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Posted : Apr 25, 2014 18:49

On 2008-06-23 06:25, 0hz wrote:
i didnt enjoy this album...
first album was better.

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