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Children at Parties

FluoSamsara (Oxygen)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 21, 2005 19:46
I have been working in several parties in chai shops, bars, also i have some friends who work in boom festival in children boom area and Iīve seen so many times children just left somewhere, completelly lost from their parents who are probably totally wasted in the dancefloor.

In the boom, parents could actually leave their children in the children area to be taken care by people, and parents are supposed to pick them back at 11pm the latest to put them to bed...every night there where children whose parents simply didnīt go there to pick them and they would have to spend the night there (the ppl contracted by boom to take care of them actually had to stay there some nights. When they were supposed to be off work and be able to go have some fun they deserved, because childrens parents didnīt show up and they couldnīt just leave them there of course...they had to do their parents job!)

Also once working in a cofeeshop a woman went there and her son was with her, he should be about 7 or 8, and we could see from his face that he was quite frigten by the whole thing, specially by the fact that her mother was clearly alterated and acting funny...poor kid..we just told the mother kindly that we had a big trailer and that her son could stay with us and sleep in our trailer if she wanted. She was really happy, and left her son there (we where just a bunch of strangers to her...). She was only back to check on her son some 12-14 hours later!! And the chaishop was 3 min away from the dancefloor...

The worst of them all...There was in boom a lady with a just born baby (was born 10days b4 boom!) and she went to dance with the baby to the middle of the dancefloor in the last day....!! (babies ears and hearing in first 2 years are extremelly fragile, the risk of damage is many many times bigger than in an adult with developed ears...its very easy to get it damaged...and after comig back..!)

Some other just born baby b4 boom (2 months this one) had to go to hospital because of breathing problems with all the dust...

How can a parent take such a young baby to a party??thats mad...
Well, and lots and lots of other crazy things I saw happening to kids...

But also I saw many kids with good parents who take their kids to parties and take the whole experience in a diferent way, they are with their children, not doing drugs, at least one parent goes to sleep with them and is taking care of them at all times...and the children of those parents seem quite happy to be there, it must be a really fun thing for a kid if there are parents with them making sure where they are and what they are doing...

I saw a lot of bad things also, but i must say i never ever saw any kid selling drug or nothigng similar like that. That i have never seen and i hope not to see....

I think the problem is not about kids in parties but about WHAT THA HELL IS GOING ON WITH THESE PARENTS?


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Posted : Nov 21, 2005 21:01
man...once at a festival i was totally freaked out seeing a kid prolly 10 yrs old....smokin a chillum!!!
wtf is wrong with their folks????

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 21, 2005 22:47
I was at the Sonica festival this year and I saw a couple of things that really lit my fuse. Damn I got so angry that I yelled at a woman I took for being a parent without asking her if she was the mother first hehe.

I was sitting with my friends enjoying the opening act at Sonica. Up on the hill overlooking the crowd. Pure bliss. As I turned to look around me, I noticed this little boy. 6-7 years old or something. He was running around looking kinda freaked out, and his pants was soaked with his own urin. I went over to him and asked him his name, where he came from and if he knew where his mom was.
The poor kid was obviously afraid. He told me that he wasn`t allowed to talk to strangers and walked away from me. I followed him a bit down the hill until a woman picked him up. She obviously knew the boy, so I took her to be the mother. I tried to talk some sense into her, but she claimed not to be the mother. His mother was busy "working". yeah right! Working the hallucinations probably.

These parents donīt deserve these kids. Itīs that simple. And the security? well... they did nothing. Just as they did with all the dogs running around on the dancefloor scared shitless and probably deaf.

SONICA TEAM: Your festival kicked ass, I had a great time there and things where fairly well organized... But all the children and dogs there. That was WAY WAY out of line! Sharpen the security next time. And the "hidden message" on my wristband? Sorry, too silly...

See you next year
The Green Channel
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 21, 2005 23:37
There are bad parents everywhere, in the psy-scene and outside the psy-scene. I've seen many happy kids running around having a good time at festivals, however, i've yet, to see any bad e.g. and I hope i won't.           "Love is a way of life"

(Gaia, Love, Nature, Shamanism (, Terence McKenna)
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