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Astral Mike - Phoenix


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Posted : Mar 25, 2008 18:29

On 2008-03-24 06:10, Astral Mike wrote:
Wow, what a thread!

My first thoughts is why the thread starter "Fallen Angel" is now an inactive user? Has he/she been banned? I would like to reply to him/her personally.

Secondly, yes it's true i have been unwell (with cancer) for which i am still awaiting treatment (do you want proof?), although i am confused as to why this was brought up on a public forum!

Thirdly, my actions in notifying the police was due to the Brazilian organisers "VENOM" misleading party goers that they were in "association" with LGP, Liquid Records, Tribe Of Frog, and others when infact they had no permission to do so. They mislead partygoers that they were organising an official "charity event" in aid of OXFAM, when this charity had no knowlege of this, and that ALL money taken on the door would go to this charity. More importantly they put partygoers lives at risk by blocking fire exits, dealt with gangster who held crew at hostage, and from what i last heard there were people beaten up with bassball bats, and police turning up with guns!!!!

@ Greg lunar. You called me a racist for wanting not to compete with foreigners in my own country. Quite a strange accustaion considering the huge number of foriegn artists and record lables i have worked with in the past including south africans, french, germans, israelis, etc...

@ Justin Chaos. We never met, although we always had good vibes when communicating privatly, so i am sadend by your public comments without having spoken with me first.

Psy forum knew all the facts, yet took no action. However they agreed to help with any investigation.

I was then banned from the psy-forum with no explanation.

When an influencial public forum acts as judge, jury and executioner while the accused has been gagged then you can be sure the "established" scene is corrupt.

Anyone wishing to discuss with me privately can do so by calling me on +447912100011

Happy Easter!!

Hi Mike!
How r u?
I hope better!
From inside of my hearth i wish you full recovery!
I also wish that you cure your mind together with your illness!!!
If you have ay doubt why thread like this is posted up in a public forum, you should know that you are use to ready this kind of post! Specially whe you use it to insult, promove your parties, and to show your thoughs. So here is where you will ready all the answers that you wish or unwish!
We were doing a charity event, what we would donate all the money to the charity, and YOU fuck it up!
As reason for this stupidy acts you said is for we being misleading people, but i take it as jealous! I dont know why! Since its just parties!
We were doing a charity event, but not A OXFAM CHARITY EVENT! We were just donating money to the charity, is some thing wrong with it????
ALso We were donating money not just to oxfam but also to a charity in Peru, what really need that money!
If you do your best for your parties (for yourself), and forget the others promoters and everyoe who you dont like. maybe that would not gone that far!
Its not necessary.
Its very important that you start to create just, only good energy around you, because this is very important for your full recovery!

As a human...
Im being very honestly, and thats what i wish!

Some times the true is painfull, but its better than a Great beautifull lie!

dirty 1

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Posted : Mar 26, 2008 18:31
yeh mike..go away.your not wanted here anymore
because u are a police informer and cannot be trusted.your words are soiled.
dave arc-i
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  10
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Posted : Mar 28, 2008 23:04
Mike seeing as I posted previously in some way to try to defend you and your actions and as now you have posted to attempt to defend your actions yourself I feel i have a perfect right to reply here to those comments

First let us address your surprise that you are being talked about and personal details of your life. Did you not do just the same to the relevant authorities?

OH and first?

You are trying to defend the indefensible and I am really surprised that any psychedelic forum would want you still posting or as a part of the membership

I spent months saying to you on MSN to think carefully about any consequences of any actions - obviously you didnt
Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Astral Mike - Phoenix
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