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Minimal Criminal

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Posted : Aug 22, 2005 00:07
are there any minimal/prog psy artists in japan?

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Aug 22, 2005 05:49
Good question... and as a frequent reader of this forum, I sometimes get the feeling that there are perhaps not that many minimal/prog-psy fans on Isratrance/Japan.. I would love to be proven wrong!!

There are plenty of good prog-psy djs in Japan, of course, but, to be honest, don't know of that many producers. Omb has some amazing stuff, but don't know if it falls into prog-psy necessarily... Again, love to be told I'm wrong by anybody with better knowledge of the scene...

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Aug 22, 2005 08:44
Zhyin, you can check this thread for discussion on Japanese artists in general... not everyone on that thread is in agreement, but some interesting viewpoints...

And, of course he's not Japanese, but based in Japan at this time (I believe), is Fine Diner...
mad factory
drap drop

Started Topics :  31
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Posted : Aug 22, 2005 15:47
tonio from trance cafe!made killer progressive trance!
not the atual progressive house!but progrssive trance!

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Posted : Aug 22, 2005 17:41
Hey, I would be interested to hear some of Tonio's stuff... seems to me like TranceCafe has been fairly quiet these days.. and I see Bom Odori appears to not be going ahead this year That's a shame!!

Not to get too caught up in labels, Mad Drop, I assume you mean Tonio's producing ProgPsy as opposed to Prog-Trance?? Prog-Trance is Tiesto and shit like that, is it not?? Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren (is it a Dutch thing??) At least, that's what they call themselves??? Holy f*&k, is Prog the most meaningless label or what?!?!

Prog-Psy is what you find on labels like Iboga, Plusquam, Digital Structures, right?? That's my take on it anyhoo...

Any one want to dispute these 'labels', or 'pigeon holes'... I really hate labels, and the music I love comes across the whole spectrum from Psy-Prog, Full On, Tech-Trance, Dark Trance, Techno, Tech-House, Click-House, Micro-House, blah blah blah blah blah

I'm sure most of you have seen this before, it's been around for ages, but I'd be interested to hear some reaction... the most thorough and opinionated breakdown of electronic music you're apt to find, and I'm sure it will cause some of you to go WTF!!! I know I did!!

To give you an example, the artists and tracks they have down as exemplifying "Psychedelic Trance" are...
1) Man Made Man - Drama
2) Pleidians - Jungle Trax
3) GMS vs Alien Project - One Good
4) The Delta - Traveling at the Speed of Thought
5) Kindzadza - Mars Bless You
6) Process - Internal Horizons
7) Penta - Neurotic Call
8) Digital Talk - New Age Surf
9) Infected Mushroom - Acid Killer

Eclectic mix, I'm sure you'll agree!! Ha ha...

I'll simplify... I love good music!!

On the local Japan Trance Forum that Ken and I look after, we got a posting a while ago from a DJ (Dutch??) posting his mix of what I assume is Tiesto-ish kind of stuff... didn't listen to much of it, not really my taste. But, I guess I can't blame that guy for posting it there (even though a quick breeze through the postings and cd reviews would have told him that he might not get too much response to his post ) It is called japantranceforums after all, and Tiesto and the like is considered "Trance" in some circles...

Ah, the agony, the agony...
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  25
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Posted : Aug 23, 2005 10:34
You guys are forgetting Double Dragon no? although we dont really see him anymore, he is still based in Japan no?
mad factory
drap drop

Started Topics :  31
Posts :  292
Posted : Aug 23, 2005 14:55
hi sick really sick yeah!damn!hehe
i just right down here progressive trance cause...
is progressive...and to be sincery...for my is this
shit names blabla...psy psy trance
blablabla trance!for me is all psychedelic to be
sincery!when i start dj 10 years a go we have fast
tempo tracks and slow tempo tracks!but ppl are
say only one word...psychedelic goa trance!
now we have a lot trance around!but this are
some ppl need be better then they
separet e they selfs!ppl start say i like full on!i like
progressive psy trance...then become progressive
house!progressive house we have years a go!
iboga is not any more a progressive psychedelic
label...they are house now!i like iboga a lot!
but...i like the old progressive psychedelic trance!
1999 to 2001!was killer all iboga stuff...and also some of others artists i was like surch was...yumade/
paps/snug as bug/double dragon/mumbo jumbo/
magus/and many more...but this ppl desaper...
most this ppl now made house music!but is because
house sale more and made more money!
now...what you try to tell me i understand verry well!
but you dont have to try teach me man!cause i verry
old on this scene!have played for few labels in around this world!
to you have first label i played was
RESONOISE RECORDS UK...this was a psychedelic
progressive trance label only!but only good artists!
we have at we label few good artists was...
magus/cacofonix/sententia/etc...after i play
for wajanga records brasil...this label was the
first psy label in brasil/then i start play for enzyme
records(junya/eskimo label)then now i play for ALCHEMY!and next year i start my label next year!
maybe i start a label we started before...not sure
yet!i just gonna do zig zag records if we start with
the same members who start that!dj mack/wrecked machines/and me!mack say ok!now i wait wrecked
machines answer!if is not the same crew...i start a
label with new name etc...any way...i love good
music 2!some ppl think i only like full on!but this ppl
are verry wrong!cause i love psychedelic progressive
trance!i love also all jungle of music...before trance
i was hip hop dj/then start play techno/house/dnb/
etc...then i found psy goa trance!for that moment
not stop play that!but listen any music!now i just
need ppl understund the recently progressive psy
trance we hear not psy prog. trance!but is
prog. house or etc...but i like it!i just hear that stuff at home!any the music your life...
and hope you not sick any more!

and hikari...about steve...i think he still in japan!
i have see hes live this year at omotesando!
but he was play chill out live!i dont know...
if he still made psy prog. any more!hope yes!
cause he was my favorite artist for me!

Started Topics :  2
Posts :  67
Posted : Aug 23, 2005 15:19
ha ha... I am sick, that's for sure... sorry Mad, I wasn't trying to teach you anything at all... I'm well aware of my limited time in this scene... but I have been a fanatic music fan for all (??) of my 33 years, so... whenever I say something about breaking down genres, or whatever, I'm just hoping to get confirmation or correction from others who have been in this specific scene longer... Just trying to prod others a bit to see if their breakdown of things is the same as my limited understanding... No pride here, just hoping to share and learn and enjoy!!

I would be interested to hear some of the older Iboga stuff to hear how it is different!!

Looking forward to catching your set at the Isratrance party... and actually, I'm not really all that 'sick'... it's stupid how some internet names start... ha ha...
mad factory
drap drop

Started Topics :  31
Posts :  292
Posted : Aug 24, 2005 13:06
hey man dont worrie...what i say about you are sick was just a joke!hehe...i understand what you try to say...
me...i just need ppl stoped say...i like full on!but...
i hate progressive...or oposite!i like russ...really!
i like the job he do....but some times...i dont like
what he say!for exemplo he say in japan is no
one artists who made psy trance...but here in japan
are verry good progressive house maker name is
omb!in one part he is right!omb is nice musician!
but he is wrong about in japan is no one who
made psy trance!here in japan are many!russ
dont go to the psy partys because he dont like
psychedelic!he likes prog. house eletro etc...
if he is at party he is on the chill out or just come
at end of the party at the door to give the flyers
of hes party!so...what i want is stoped this bull
shit...i like that i hate that!if dont like why come??
i like any thing!i like music!from the trash metal to
eletronic music i like a lot things...if is good!
ppl dont have to try to made ppl thing this is better
then that!let ppl free to hear what they want!
i little sad with this word russ saying here in japan is no ones who made psy trance!
i dont know if he try to made ppl think in japan
are only good prog house makers...or is just
because he dont go to the psy partys and dont
know here are a lot good psy makers!any way...
if you like to hear some old iboga stuff...get in
my msn and i give you release any way!
mad factory
drap drop

Started Topics :  31
Posts :  292
Posted : Aug 24, 2005 13:09
hey sick boy...also if you like to see my live come
to this party this week!

or next month elf gonna do party for cellebreat to my baby!i give you the inf. by msn or pm if you want!
Glen.C (Iboga Rec)
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  52
Posts :  686
Posted : Aug 25, 2005 20:06
Hey sick boy... love that link you posted. Crackers!

Mad Factory, whats up. I was DJ/A&R with resonoise years back... I compiled the cd's with Vadim! Great fun!

Now I'm with Iboga. I would say that Iboga is not a prog house label. Listen to set:4/5 and beat bizzare albums... this is not house. Although I see where you are coming from as Antix is more on that style. But we don't care... good music is good music! We just want good dance music on the label that isn't too fast.

Anyway, good to find you!

Spikers & Midinoize - Lisbon Hooker (Glen C rmx) coming soon on Earhead Audio

Started Topics :  2
Posts :  67
Posted : Aug 26, 2005 03:45
Mad Factory: Sorry, can't make it out this weekend, we're doing a beach party ourselves (looks like the typhoon has blown through!!) We'll stay in touch about the the Elf party though!! Have a good one this weekend!!

Glen: Yeah, that link is good for hours upon hours of surfing... I like going through it because the guy who wrote it is very opinionated and unaplogetic about his views... and contradicts himself all over the place!!! I find myself going "yeah, that's right", and then "what the hell are you talking about" at the same time!

Unless I've missed it (and I don't think I have), there doesn't seem to be anything about Psy-Prog, or whatever we're calling it. No Iboga, Plusquam, Digital Structures etc... No Son Kite, Phony Orpants etc etc... mmmm... maybe I'll solicit your advice sometime Glen, and dash off an email to the person behind that page!!

Hey, I had a chance to check out your mix at . I'm a huge Iboga fan, and the stuff you play is pretty much exactly my style... I've been trying to track down the Saronida Sound System - Dee Vee Dee - Canedy rmx here in Tokyo, but haven't yet... guess I'll break down and order it online (though, living in one of the record buying capitals of the world, Tokyo, I really really prefer using the local shops!!!)

Glen.C (Iboga Rec)
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  52
Posts :  686
Posted : Aug 26, 2005 16:33
Thanks for the comments about the mix. It's a little old now but still still loving some of those tracks.
PM me anytime you want to ask something... no trouble!

Sound System - Dee Vee Dee - Canedy rmx is only just released on 12" now (or very soon) and that europe. It may take a little extra before being released in Japan. But I'm sure all spiraltrax/ACDC stuff is stocked over there so hold tight!

Spikers & Midinoize - Lisbon Hooker (Glen C rmx) coming soon on Earhead Audio

Started Topics :  2
Posts :  67
Posted : Aug 26, 2005 17:29
Thanks... come to think of it, soon after I had purchased "High Voltage House Music" (god, I'm not apologetic at all about Psy having a 'housey' sound, but that's a terrible album title!!), I think I had read your comment in another thread about the Canedy rmx... and kind of been keeping an eye out for it ever since... I'll wait... 'tis a shame, sometimes those of us in Japan are used to having first grabs at new released stuff... oh well...

As for getting 'Psy Prog' onto that page, I don't think I'll make it my top priority... by the tone of his writing, I don't think he (she?) would take all that well to suggestions... anyhow, thanks for the offer of help, and I'm sure we'll speak again...


Started Topics :  1
Posts :  102
Posted : Aug 30, 2005 19:05
try Clutch (tonio harada) !

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