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Posted : Aug 28, 2002 19:48
I don't know..
usually i like eyal's compilations but on this one i think he get lost
I mean this is good but something is missing
tracks 4,5,6,7 doesn't fit the cd
"Life is" was better imo !
maybe that's just me..
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 28, 2002 20:23
the tracks are good but it doesn't fit well as a compilation
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Blind Mind

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Posted : Aug 30, 2002 00:06
"Another Life..." is "Another Life..."
"Life is..." is "Life is..."

Just different stories, that's it...          - BEing mySELF
Blind Mind

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Posted : Aug 30, 2002 00:14
By the way, i was expecting a "Storm Clouds - Part ll"
(Part l is an amazing work)...

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Posted : Sep 26, 2002 20:56
Well, it took me some time to digest this compilation so here we go with the review:

Track 1 is Ivri Lider with Idan Raichel. Ivri is a well-known Israeli singer and it was surprising to see him in this compilation. Well after the Sakharof-Infected collaboration I don’t get surprised easily. Anyways this is very sweet Trip Hop tune. One of my favorites in this compilation. Track 2 is Astrix with Lior Miler with an obvious attempt to recreate “Younger Brother’s” “Evil & Harm”. It didn’t go well in my opinion, the Guitar melody is too repetitive in some parts and in other it just fills unnecessary space. Didn’t like it. From Astrix I waited for something more psychedelic. Skip it.
Track 3 is Merv “Eat Static” and a guy from Tangerine Dream. Another track that you might expect quality, and that’s what you get. The Saxophone is little bit annoying and the parts where it’s chopped are even more annoying, but everything else especially the slick breakbeat and the vibrating voices are wonderful. Nice one.
Track 4 is Yahel and actually it is a good one. Very big surprise from the king of the Israeli cheese. It’s the fastest track in the compilation I think and it just screams quality groove. Reminds somewhat Coldcut which is usually a good thing. And the production is really awesome. The guy worked hard on this one, no doubt.
Track 5 is up and it’s Ofer Dikovsky’s turn to bore me to the bone. This must be one of two: Score to some German Porn movie in the good case or a demo song that you get in Workstation Keyboards in the bad case. I’m pretty sure that I heard this track in some keyboard. I promise when I’ll hear it again I’ll post you name of it. The chill out track in the end of “Pigs in Space” was so much better. Skip.
Track 6. Violet Vision are next with their “end of days” atmosphere. I didn’t decide yet whether I like it ore hate it, but what I know for is sure is that it is well-executed music piece. Very nice sounds!
Track 7. Psysex with their Dub version of the huge Survival Kit. I like Dub and I definitely like Psysex, so I like this number too.
Track 8 is a track that should be a remix to “Dag Nahash’s” “Af echad”. A remix was made by DJ Guy Mar, obviously one of the grooviest DJ’s in Israel. Although not much left of the original (lovely) version of the track, but Guy Mar does his job very well.
Track 9 is PsyCraft, the duo that I still wait from them to become something much better then they are now. Obviously they are very very talented but their execution sometimes lacks that special touch that makes a good music to a great, after this track I am still waiting for them to find their formula. This is a nice track but could be so much better.
Track 10 is Cosma. I didn’t reached a verdict on this one, but I sure that finally it will be a positive one. I think that the thing that bothers me mostly about this track that it sounds to similar to BT’s Satellite, which is one of my favorite chill-out tracks. Though I’m quite sure that Avihen never heard about BT. Never mind. Nice effort after all
Track 11 is a huge surprise from Hayim Tzinovich. Frankly I thought that it will be a filler track before Infected’s Finale. But hell this track rocks. This is a very nice fusion between Hip-hop rhythms (Absolutely the same one that “Fugees” used in “Fugee La” and “Ready or Not”), Moroccan guitar licks and taunting vocals. Overall great production. One of those songs that can touch a huge amount of people. 2 thumbs up for this one to Hayim.
Track 12 is disappointing track from Infected Mushroom. Too minimal, too short. Sounds like something made in rush. The melody in the beginning sounds too much like the melody in “Double Click”. Never mind, hopefully the next album will be better.
Overall I feel quite disappointed from what I bought. I think that there was an attempt here to imitate compilation like Backroom beats from Twisted, but it just didn’t work that well. My mark is 6.5/10
Maybe in the next life?

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Posted : Sep 26, 2002 23:38

          That's it !

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Posted : Sep 27, 2002 20:50
For me is great
I will give it 9/10
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 24, 2004 15:28
wow hehe how old
but I listened to this CD all this weekend

Zino & Tommy track is fuckin beautifull !!
also Ivri lider & Idan Raichel is a great one !

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 24, 2004 16:14
I still play the CD quite often, excellent release 9/10.           "Love is a way of life"

(Gaia, Love, Nature, Shamanism (, Terence McKenna)
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