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Altom - Groove Control (Neurobiotics, 2004)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 5, 2004 16:26
Altom - Groove Control

Neurobiotic, 2004

1. Appetizer 2:11 / 120 bpm
2. Not For Children 8:27 / 145 bpm
3. Spray 9:16 / 145 bpm
4. Groove Control 8:01 / 138 > 145 bpm
5. Interactive 7:58 / 145 bpm
6. Serotonine 8:03 / 150 bpm
7. Hologram Rmx 9:20 / 142 bpm
8. Regulate 8:59 / 145 bpm
9. The Code 8:32 / 145 bpm
10. Beat Breakers 6:40 / 120 bpm

There were times when I though that France is good only at surrendering to the enemy and making goooood wine. These times and thoughts are far far away from me as I discover step by step the world of trance / chillout music made by French artists. One has to admit that France has got loads of talented people in this field, take for instance two important labels: 3D Vision (though it has recently moved with Absolum to Ibiza right?) and Neurobiotic. Yes... Neurobiotic...

Altom's debiut album called "Hologram" released back in 2002 (also on Neurobiotic) was one of my favourite CD's of that year and I still think of it as of a top notch work, even though there are people who consider it to be very repetitive recycled music (usage of the same sounds over and over again) and boring. There is some grain of truth in it, I dno't deny it, nevertheless Altom has done it for me back then... and now the duo of Alexis Cornet and Thomas Dubreuil managed to impress me once more.

If You're looking for something that is in the vein of the "Hologram" album I have to say that this is something new. I was very disappointed when I downloaded the samples of "Groove Control" from Neurobiotics. Where has the spirit and the vibe of "Hologram" gone? - I asked myself then. Sniff... This is just another full-on release... Fortunately it all changed after Altom's show on Fullmoon Festival when I instantly bought this CD and dropped it in a car player on my way home. Never trust the samples ! ... The material contained on "Groove Control" is Altom's regenerated and faster sound. Which is not a bad thing of course. The French guys managed to capture the spirit of Altom's previous album, adding a new approach to their unique music and a nice tempo to it. As You can see above most of the tracks oscilate around 145 bpm, making it a good dancefloor stomper. In my review of Talamasca's "Made In Trance" I've mentioned my sun-burned face. Guess what? It was the show of the Altom guys that made me forget all about the negative aspect of the Sun. But it was worth it, I've danced and travelled with Altom's music on FMF 2004 like hypnotised... Thank U guys! The album starts with a nice intro (great name of this track btw.) with a crowd sample shouting, which teleports us to a field on some open-air party (in my case it's back to Fullmoon Festival again... mmmm ), after a while it morphs beautifully into the second track - and this is where the Altom's groovy dancefloor magic starts... We get a rise of serotonine here and there, a pinch of groove and something to regulate our dance code. Throughout the whole CD we ae able to take a deep breath of their previour album with a remix to "Hologram". An instant "banana" on one's face I say. The whole CD ends with a nice downtempo-ish track, which is miles ahead from the "Plasma" track from "Hologram" CD as far as the vibes of this musical beauty is concerned. A true masterpiece and a good finish to a nice journey.

This CD contains some of the finest French sound around. Though at times it may seem repetitive, if you are into Altom / French psy' / good music (!) then buy it. Definately a MUST HAVE.
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 5, 2004 19:56
Thanx a lot for your nice review!!
Just to correct you... Neurobiotic is from Italy not from France, although we are releasing lot of french stuff lately...

Full moon was a blast indeed!

PeAcE!           Edoardo @ Neurobiotic Records
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 5, 2004 20:06
Whoooops, BIG sory for that (and for the Neurobiotics in the title of my review - no edit for that...). I've always though it is a French label. Guess it's becuase of the fact that acts You're releasing are from France (Altom, Tikal...). Well, nobody's perfect. Thanks for correcting me, won't make a slip-up like this in the future.  - download for free's 10th anniversary compilation featuring 100% Polish psy-music (goa, prog, dark, full-on, chillout): Artha, Sundial Aeon and many more - Polish psytrance website

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Posted : Jul 5, 2004 20:25
Very good release from the French duo. this is Altom's second album and is much better then the not-too-bad debute.
overall this is a full on album but it is not your average 2 trax a day stuff but deeper and more complex than average. The production level is very high and the overall sound is superb.

my favs are Not For Children (2), Groove Control (4), Hologram rmx (6) and Regulate (7) and the very nice closing number .

nice one.

now I gotta figure out how to integrate Groove Conttrol into my set - the jump from 138 to 145 bpm is going to be a challange


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Posted : Jul 8, 2004 18:34
Yes the altom duo are back!! and this time blasting with this record

Groove control 138 to 145 its insane pure groovy dreams i have with this music and the hologram rmx just make me dance everytime i listen to it, i havent listen to all the cd , cause my brother bought it and he just dont leave it alone for a second !!! congrat!!! to the altom guys an excellent work u guys from neuro really stand outside of the standard formulla of this days!! great job!! keep it up edo!!!
Zen Mechanics

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Posted : Jul 8, 2004 21:07
After their shredding gig at Fullmoon I rushed to the CD stall, bought this and it hasn't left my carstereo since.
Crystaline clean cybertrance that's both light and funky and slamming at the same time.
Their production is flawless, their crystalclear layered synthlines and 303 tweakage reminds me of the Green Nuns and even Hallucinogen at times.
This is simply top class stuff. and I find this album much better than their previous.
Yet another stunning release from Neurobiotic!

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Posted : Jul 9, 2004 08:59
altom thanks for making me happy
i am more of a full on dude - so i did not like that much tracks : 1-appetizer and 10-beat breakers. then - wowwwwwww amazing.
i think the best track in the album is track no.7 - the rmx to hologram.
amazing art
so long..........
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HaVe FuN - PeAcE!!

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 9, 2004 15:14
Well Altom comes again with their power! Groove Control is a BOMB, specially the track with the title of the album, WOW ROX!
2:46 "Hiddens will roll on the land, acid will rain from the skys, we will never hear my voice again, it will be anarchy!" Is it correct ? LOL Altom and their samplers, so kiiiller, this one just makes me remember vice point ( and i think its the same voice ), balcanized (...this is fly down to systematic proccess......)
Fantastic! Keep on the skys

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Posted : Jul 10, 2004 13:30
well, i was waiting for this new release from altom and i'm realy disapointed !!
hologram was a masterpiece but now ?!?
where is the spirit and the groove from hologram ??
the rmx of the track hologram is so boring !!
this album is called groove control ? but i do not hear any groove !!
realy realy sad ....
waiting for the third realease now !!           ... today is the first day of the rest of your life ...

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Posted : Jul 11, 2004 10:56
i m not agree with you al-x. i dont know how you was felling when you heard it but i think you was not in your best day or you maybe didnt hear it in the good place....or maby in (mp3) !!!becarfull if i m right
anyway i think this new released from altom is much more nice than the first album. they do learn many thing since the last album and i m sure that if you hear it again you will see what i mean but with a good mood this time so u will see all the work they did on it.
also i think you was not in the fullmoon festival cause there you could understand that it s realy not boring on a big sound systeme
check the fullmoon festival review.... it s one of the live that peoples enjoyed the most....

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Posted : Jul 11, 2004 11:53
i also agree with al-x
i loved the altom 1st album, one of my all time favourite, different music it was when it came out , something between full on & progressive , totally cutting edge music with really deep atmospheres ....
and this new one is for me a dissapointment (nothing to do with mood tikal, it's about taste )
don't get me wrong, the music is good , the production is excellent BUT the tracks lost their magic & soul imo.... its sounds a bit more like many full on projects ... imo altom lost their groove for a new kind of power ... wich is definitely less my cup of tea, i was expecting something else with this album name ...
anyway this is just my feelings , and it's for sure good music but less interesting & innovative that it was before IMHO
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 12, 2004 01:16
Daaaaaamn right...this one is about to knock ya'll out !! Superb crystalclear production, cybergenetic basslines and synths braided with heaps of love, attention and the necessairy hi-tech knowledge...Altom is belonging to the absolutel world-top of morning-trance specialists...funk, fuuuuunk, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk it up !!! Felicita Edo with another smashin' album !
          Mind Funk Records
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Posted : Jul 12, 2004 18:55
thanx guys for those nice reviews
even the one who didn't really liked
this cd : music is changing , taste as well .

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 12, 2004 21:10
it really can't get any better than this! that's all I can say...
ramy(spiritual world)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 13, 2004 05:49
i dnt have this cd..i have 1st part hologram..its a killer album ..i am damn sure groove control is also killa...!!

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