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A Step Beyond (ZMA)


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Posted : Apr 29, 2003 00:27
Another killer one ,as usuall these days from
Master Herc!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 3, 2003 00:36
Review by
ZMA (013) - V/A A Step Beyond - Session Vol1. CD

Track list:
1.Shaman-Fill n’ thrills
3.Sun Control Species-Faith in chaos
4.Tegma-El Cabron de tulum
5.Mantik-Bazar Bizzare
6.Sun Control Species-One size fits all
7.Sensient-Off world
8.Mockie-All moments
9.Neogen-Misty mights of whisper

Released: Febuary 2003

This is yet another remarkable release by the ZMA stables all carefully compiled by the top guy there, DJ Hercules (Founder & Manager). It’s been a long time since I enjoyed listening to a compilation pretty much from the beginning right till the end. Quality release produced to make it the delight it really is.
Flowing gently from one beautifully produced track to the other. The compilation opens with Shaman - Fill n’ thrills and is filled with thrills indeed, a perfect way to start things, progressive with a lots of emotion and the right amount of groove on the rhythm section.

Trioptimum-Tiefsee is a little bit faster then the one before and a bit more psychedelic, a glimpse of what’s up ahead ( I really love this one ).
One of the highest point in this compilation comes from Sun Control Species that preview 2 tracks on this compilation, Sun Control Species - Faith in chaos, is all you can want from a prog track and more, sound and precautions all accurate, delicate and in just the right quantity. WOW ,what a track.
Tegma like Tegma come strong with yet another brilliant hit named El Cabron de tulum, high energy killer production – dance floor delight.
Mantik-Bazar Bizzare is what I refer to as the lower point of the compilation, I realty didn’t like the sounds and the aggression it caries with it, not my cup of tea for sure.
Sun Control Species come again to save the day, with pleasure mate!!!. One size fits all; one hell of a track by one hell of an artist.
Sensient - Off world, an emotional track that almost filled my eyes with tears of joy, especially the ending, bliss…

Mockie - All moments, Prog Track, this one takes you slowly to some really sweet places, nice percussion flaws all over, nice pad touches and great synths all over.
Neogen - Misty might’s of whisper, is another sweetie. Another progy track with lot of fat sounds and analoge touches, where the hell did he bring this amazing Sax from? amazing – a moving closure to an excellent flowing release.
No favourites this time cause I pretty much fell in love with them all, besides one .
A must have compilation for the progressive psytrance lovers.
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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - A Step Beyond (ZMA)
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