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A global revolution in the music industry


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Posted : Feb 26, 2006 16:40

On 2006-02-26 15:32, pr0fane wrote:
The digital distribution of music is certainly getting bigger and bigger. Take for instance this info from the latest newsletter from Iboga:

You will from now on find the Iboga catalogue available as MP3s on and
Also we are in the progress of compiling the first exclusive MP3 compilation with new tracks from James Monro, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, Emok, Reefer Decree and more……..The CD will be available in the beginning of March on and

An interesting development in my opinion.

Same here unfortunatelly:
3 Digital asks 2 pounds for 320K mp3 and 1.5 pounds for 192K mp3.
Release Records asks 1.6$ for 320K mp3 which is as twice as cheap but still. I'm feeling like i'm barking at the wrong trees here, but 2 pounds a track seems a bit expensive.
          Everyone in the world is doing something without me
Dot Kite
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2006 17:06

On 2006-02-26 12:07, mocca wrote:

Better look around and support us instead of shouting 'INNOVATE or DIE'.

Dear mocca,

I do support and contribute this industry by purchasing digital music ONLY! And i will keep on doing that if the service/ price is reasonable good!

Ous society has changed! Consumers demand a lot and they want to be treated as "GODS" (i do not say that it is correct, but it is a fact). If any label within this industry want to be successful in the coming years MUST innovate , adapt and embrace the new opportunities and possibilities you can have with the online stores!

Regarding the hard copies, I have not any research statistics, but I have the feeling that if the online stores will be more competitive, then the consumers will soon switch from "hard" to "digital".

Let's take my self as an example. Due business reasons, I have to travel a lot and change residence quite often. Instead of searching in every new place i go, where i can buy some CDs or wait the e-tailers, such as psyshop...etc, to post me the "hard" products....I just turn on my laptop go to an e-distributor (in my case iTunes) and I purchase the music I want immediately! That's ALL! Easy, convenient and most of all at ANYTIME!

If you label owners/managers will understand this simple thing, then I am sure you will see more people purchasing music! (obviously there will be the share of people that they will just go to P2P to DL music).

But the problem, you have to know, are not the consumers but you (and please do not take it personally, i am talking about all the labels) the label owners! Your business model is very fragile and not flexible enough to adapt the changes of our society!

I hope, I was able to illustrate you my point of view...

Kind regards
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2006 17:49
Thanks TMS for being constructive here, now I can dig your point of view. This is getting somewhere, we (the labels) just need more input for you on this.
We started to offer our releases from Trishula and Ajana Records digitally because I think we have to be flexible and adapt our businesses to new demands . I think we are the only label doing this completely independent. Our saleprices are based on the same prices we get from selling our releases as a cd through our distributor worldwide. That is why in my opininion the prices are fair so the artist and the labels get their equal share.
I would like to see more labels doing the same thing or join us at to serve the customer of the future.
Please support our small scene instead of supporting global multinational firms as Itunes, Sony or Microsoft where artists don't make any money at all. 

Started Topics :  311
Posts :  8630
Posted : Feb 26, 2006 17:55
Mocca, i'm sorry, i understand now that your price is very good. Hope more labels will join the venture.           Everyone in the world is doing something without me
Dot Kite
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2006 18:59
Dear Mocca,

I am really glad that you are open enough (and you can notice this that you have created an online store) to listen your consumers.

I also know that is not easy to set up a whole business from scratch and it needs a lot of resources in terms of time and money!

Regarding the multinational firms issue, well, i also prefer to support the SME (small/medium enterprises) but from the other side, nowdays i do not particularly stick with the "trance" music anymore.

Anyway, if you would like to ask anything, please do not hesitate to ask....

Voice Of Cod / Zuloop

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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 01:56
re : pricing structure and business models, you might have something there Tms.



p.s. Organic Records digital shop is now online at :


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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 03:47
YES digital distribution is great indeed...


A)Not everybody on this planet owns or is able to get a credit card which is the common and most used way of ordering music from these shops.Many people DONT WANT to have a credit card (fear that they will spend more than they can afford affected by the 'plastic money syndrome,fear that someone might hack the details of their card and rip them off),many people CANT for various reasons get a credit card (age limit,country of origin,low financial status).I seriously doubt if more than 15%-20% of the people in this forum own a credit card.

B)Not everybody on this planet owns a computer AND from them owning a computer even less have access to the internet AND from them even less got a fast internet line which is almost essential if you want to download files bigger than 10mb.I dont mention the cost of owning a CD-RW (which is free almost in our days) but i should mention the cost of owning countless empty CD's of good quality which is not so cheap in our days specially for music collectors.Oh and by the way how many times in your life you said to yourself 'Damn i run out of empty cd's and its 2am so i am fucked up'.

C)Not everybody is willing to settle for mp3 files instead of wav's.Yes many people will come and say that todays mp3's are almost as high quality as wav's BUT still many people are not willing to accept that including myself.

D)Not everybody is willing to settle for digital files instead of a hard copy of his favorite artist latest album or favorite label latest compilation.Its impossible to replace the feel of an original cd or vinyl,neither the look of a wonderful cover or the touch of a nice printed digipack or the joy of a colourful promotional sticker or the use of a dj slip with the tracklist on it.How many of you would prefer to own digital files of your classic and rare copy of first Hallucinogen,Infected Mushroom,X Dream,GMS,Electric Universe,MFG,Astral Projection,Etnica,Son Kite album than the original print?I guess very few not to say none.

E)Not every label is able or wants to be featured on digital music shops like iTunes or whatever so you cant always buy the music you want digitally because sometimes you just cant do it since its not for sale in the first place.

F)Not everyone finds it a good deal to buy an album in its digital form for 10 dollars when you can buy a hard copy (better sound quality,better touch and feel) for couple of dollars more.

These are just some of the reasons that digital distribution doesnt work for a very big percentage of people.

On the other side though one could say that digital distribution is good because you can choose the music you want and by that i mean that you can buy individual tracks from various albums and compilations,also he could claim that its easier to use your computer (if you got one) charge your credit card (if you have one) and download an mp3 file (if you like mp3's) in few seconds using your fast internet (if you can have one and also afford it) rather than wait for several days or even couple of weeks for your psyshop/saikosounds/chaos unlimited order to arrive or even to spend your time on visiting your local record shop and browse the new releases and be lucky enough to find a copy of your desired new title.

Every story has two sides indeed but some sides are more complicated than others.

For the time being i dont think that digital distribution can replace the 'real distribution' of music in our small scene and in the global music scene in general but for sure its a step forward and it will slowly but steadily evolve in the future until one day probably it will be the only way of purchasing your music.           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 03:58
Eeeh, whatever you all said..i make a huuuge quote because i read really really good

the individual needs to be conscious and aware about "how things work" in our neighborhood. So if you have some extra paper in your pockets that you can spend tonight on a beer and a snack...think about it and buy a CD because you will be doing an omnipositive deed that directly and indirectly benefits every single psyhead out there...and these are YOUR people...more or less thinking and reasoning on the same frequency. Some people need some good psyculture education because i can see very clearly that there is a lack of it. If you are a talker, talk to your psyfriends...influence them in a good way. Yes, even you can make a difference! We can all make a difference and think as a whole when it is needed!

...this was a public service announcement paid for by..."The Happy People Good Vibes Spreading Corporation" foundation.
Dot Kite
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  35
Posts :  431
Posted : Feb 27, 2006 09:35
Dear Detox,

Obviously you have your own point over here as everybody does. There are some things though that I will not agree, not from personal believes but by facts.

In your point A) you argue that not everybody owns a credit card. That's partly true, but within the borders of EU this phenomenon can be noticed mostly in your country Greece (I don’t criticize Greece but this is a matter of fact). Regarding the broadband connections, once again (unfortunately) Greece is far behind from the rest of EU members, and as you said this thing can influence people switching from “hard” to digital! (Forgive me If I brought your country in discussion but your standpoint has a solid point only in the Greek market, within the borders of EU)

Regarding your B) point. Well, buying CD-R to burn your legally (or not) downloaded music is not the case! Therefore Discmans have been gradually replaced with MP3 players. According to a market survey made in US, Canada, Japan and 8 major European cities, nowadays 73% of the youngsters (ages 15-30 y-old) owns an MP3 player. (That should make you think a lot of things if your entrepreneurship skills are with high expectations)

Something last, sincerely, I am quite done with this “emotional” affection with owning a “real” CD. Obviously this is a personal matter and I have nothing to say! Everybody is right and everybody can be wrong. But I just want to remind you some 10 years ago (maybe even more) when the vinyl was gradually replaced by CDs. In the beginning nobody like the CD, and there is a simple reason! Humans can not easily deal with a radical change! (for a vary of reasons).

Dear Detox (and all label owners), what I am asking from you is to push the limits of doing business little bit further! People/consumers will get what you will offer. Though if your offering is not convenient then you will DIE (bankrupt). I will give you a small example. The big Music industries such as Sony etc were blaming their consumers and they were trying to create anti-copying software to protect their products! Obviously that was the wrong way! Mr Steve Jobs a.k.a. CEO of Apple had a better vision. He went with the flow of the people/consumers. People wanted to download music (till then everybody was doing that using mostly P2P) and he launched a GREAT service with a good offering!

How about you “trance” label owners? Are you going to defend your weak positions with different arguments? Or you will try to INNOVATE?

Once again, I hope I was able to accentuate the matter of facts.

Kind Regards
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  10
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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 10:15
I don't agree with your points here Detox.

*The credit card can be an issue for people, but using Paypal is a way to overcome this, or asking a friend.
*Owning a computer is not needed if you go to a cyber cafe
*The mp3 issue is an excuse as most psylabels offer wave files.
*The emotional attachment is a personal issue and can be overcome. We offer for instance the artwork with the album.
*If it is a good deal or not, this is personal. I think 16 dollars for a cd is a lot of money. So if you buy 2 hardcopies you can buy 3 digital copies.

Anyways, we (the labels) have to stay on top of things and we can not be the dinosaur by believing that cd's are the future. We (the labels) have to overcome our fear and dare to offer digital files as well.

Dot Kite
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  35
Posts :  431
Posted : Feb 27, 2006 10:25

On 2006-02-27 10:15, mocca wrote:
Anyways, we (the labels) have to stay on top of things and we can not be the dinosaur by believing that cd's are the future. We (the labels) have to overcome our fear and dare to offer digital files as well.

You have got LOADS of credits!

"we (the labels) have to stay on top of things"

...this is the MOST important thing! in today's society who is leading the world are businesses (i don't say it is how it should be or not, or it is a good thing or not. it is a FACT!) New ideas, innovation and "game-changing" should come more often from the entrepreneurs/business owners.

Inactive User

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 10:50
What happened to good old decency and buying what you can afford and save up money for what you can not afford?

After all there is no better feeling than buying something with your own hard earned money.

No wonder the value of music has fallen with so many people demanding music to be free.
Raoul V
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  26
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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 10:52
I think its great that psy labels are offering cd's thru download. If u can buy individual tracks as opposed the the album, he'll im all for it... but...

the apple store for example has sold 1 billion songs, none of them in india... we have fast internet and credit cards and the will to buy, yet the apple store which has a base in india (bangalore) doesnt cater to this market :-(

The big saving for me buying online would be the shipping, (almost 3-4 dollars for 2 cd's), it says it will take 7 days, arrives in 30... (as per my last psyshop order)... Two of the cd's i wanted came after they had been taken of the psyshop charts... downloading would pretty much make delivery instant... so for us outside the EU atleast our legally purchased music has a hope of being up to date!

If people dont have a credit card and stilll collect originals, they must be lucky to live in countries where u can buy new releases from a shop, you cant in india and im sure many other places where trance is gaining popularity... dont labels want to sell to these places?? or we not good enuff??

As for digital vs wave, if ur charging me 1.50 dollar for a 320 kbps mp3, im down, anything else is cheapining the artists work.... im sure some think disttributing any mp3 whatever the quality is cheapening, but at the same time its easier downloading a 20 mb file than an 80 mb one, mind u if im buying single tracks i wouldnt mind the wait!!! Quality vs quantity anytime...

As far as labels not wanting to be seen selling music digitally, i think thats stupid, your gonna end up shooting yourself in the foot. Apple I billion sold, wow... im sure coldplays label is loving it.... reach the masses,

to quote don kite

New ideas, innovation and "game-changing" should come more often from the entrepreneurs/business owners.

Appreciate what people want, and i think the general concensuss is that we wanna be able to buy trance online digitally!!

We dont want you to top selling ur cd's but we encourage other methods of sale as well.

Best wishes to mocca, hopefully others will follow in ur footsteps so us 'third world' places can enjoy good music too!!

Hope you see my points
liquid ross
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 20:17
the digital download direction and the many sites and distribution deals avaialble are definitely a way forward and a serious income for sure !!
but it is worth remembering that it does exclude those that choose Not to use a Credit Card and or Bank Account ...

x           Liquid Records UK

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Posted : Feb 27, 2006 20:37
i started downloading mp3 files just 2 months ago. 320K offers a proper quality even for dj sets. I will agree with dot kite about almost everything here. And unfortunately you are right about the Greek standarts (fast connection cost, credit card flexibility etc)
But at the moment i must feel lucky stuck in front of my pc i am evolving and creating a brand new cd case with cds full of what i trully love, settled all in the way i like. This is a powerfull instrument especially for djs. Rare tracks, decent sound quality, proper organised cd case offered in the lowest possible cost.

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