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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - 6-7/6 10 years of Moksha @ Ganey Huga
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6-7/6 10 years of Moksha @ Ganey Huga


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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 18:05
Great party for me!!!
When I say party, i mean: Great music, Great sunny day and cool water to chill by, lots of friends and good people.

When i came to the party, there was only one policeman on the enterance and they didn't search for drugs, only for glass.
I did see the police on the area but it seemed they didn't bother the people too much. If you smoke or deal in the face of the police, ofcourse they gonna react - its their job!!! Be smart and do your business in the tent!!!

for the music: Shemesh opend the party for me with the music i love - Shemesh you rock, hope for the same on the next one!
Younger brother made me fly. Emok woke me up with blasting tunes, could not stop dancing. Sensient and Peter D (peter - you are king, stayed on the dance floor till the end to dig with us) were great. Lish with an outstanding preformance and killer set - the best!!! after Lish went to rest (Heard Haltya and Psysex were good but its not my cup of tea music). Came back for Total Eclipse and Benji again - made me hover from joy!!! Then went to rest until king ATMOS. The set I was waiting for since TAZ. Was not a disappointment - awosome music and vibes!!!
Ketamind was just an excuse to stay on the dancefloor and dig some more. Thank you Moksha for bringing this wonderful artists for us to enjoy!!!
My trash bag was not stolen and i did get my 20 Shekels back. I can only imagine what could have happend if they didn't give us the bag to clean our S@@T - mountains of Trash. This way, every one who left, took his stuff and left his radius clean. Great idea to keep the area clean. I would have clean the area even with my own trash bags but there are people that only 20 Shekels will make them clean... too bad!
All the people who are talking about how this production thinks only about making money are wrong - to make this kind of event cost a lot of money and takes a lot of hard work! If whe people of this production made a profit, I'm cool with that because they made me happy! and don't think i'm bribed - I payed for my ticket and so everyone i know!!!
Happy SHAVUOT!!!
p.s HOT HOT HOT girls everywhere I looked - DELICIOUS!!!!

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 18:26
These words are quiet not accurate. If you were hancuffed you probably change your whole p\o\v.

AcAb, right.

But still this kind of party have to pass goverment\police passes in order to take place and be witout any chance of close.

This is why the vibe was bad, all the faces&cops&sniffin dogs mixture in your brain. Anyway it's also bringing other questions to my mind- If tfn can make a beautiful party with zero faces, only one cop in the entrence and big fish magical vibez why moksha cannot do it also?

bad corecrowd?
$$$$ ?

other prepositions?

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 18:31

On 2008-06-08 17:49, goaren wrote:
these are some harsh words being thrown here... sad to hear that this is what went down after all the effort moksha put into it -

i cant and wont comment about anything that happend in this party - but from here on saying the party scene sucks and every prod wants to be biggest and all they see is $ in theyre eyes is just plain fucking bullshit
... there are some veteran productions who have something to learn in that aspect) and spread around the most beautiful vibes and smiles allover - so yes big parties can be organized and have the special vibe were looking for and no the scene in israel isnt all crap so cut the bullshit and start picking the parties you go to its as simple as that.

Well Well.. I guesse you are from those ppl who like to read and speak about "what went wrong"
cause there is also lots of good comments and you choose to talk only about the thing you can be "sad on" the most easiest thing to do is to complain about stuff.. so dont be sad for Moksha - cause they have done an Excellent Evant.. I never saw this kind of line up in Israel..
and dont forget one thing - it was a "10 Years celebration"
The evant speaks for itself and thats a simple fact.. so for you and for all the others who likes to complain - Im sure i will see you again in moksha partys..
and one more thing - you have to get lots of money for production in that size - there is no other way!!! and until you wont orgenize a party by yourself - you could not understand it .. so.. think again..

For me and for my friends it was a joyfull party. the best night line up ever... !!!
Lots of smiling faces all over
Realy smart build up from the start till the end !
Omka you suprised me ! (mabsutot aleha)

and one last thing - Mazal Tov Dear moksha Family you made it..again!! thank you for everything !!


          "..all souls attached by minds .. its our global network.."
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 18:40
did you even read what you have quoted?

i didnt have a single comment about moksha's party - all i had to say is about the people who are saying the party scene in israel is dead.

read then think before you write.

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 18:40
Haltya you r the best!
now i can say it for sure, I pay 180sekel for his music!

it wasss woooooooooowwwwwww !!!!!

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 18:44
You were not there - so dont be sad from ppl comments.. thats all I have to say..

Hag sameah           "..all souls attached by minds .. its our global network.."
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 19:02
i have only one question

who was the guy that played u-recken - the lucid man?

he break my f**king legs off!!!!!!!!!!!


moksha project 10q so much!

prometheus - the best set ever!
9th (The Man Who Swam Through A Speaker) - the best track ever!!

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 19:09
im sad from what people perceive the scene's situation is based on a bad experience they had when they have only that to base their complaints on while there are beautiful things going on here in our country and for that i have every reason to be sad for...
it just irritates me that people generalize - im sure that if any of those people were in moksha's party in achziv they would have soften their criticism

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 19:26
Well, it is certainly one of the most difficult things ever to try and please every single person in a 4-5000 people crowd. There will be people disappointed on the run, unfortunately.

I wasn't gonna write, but I think it is my duty to make some things clear, in the name of the production crew, that bust their asses off to make this event happen.

1. This is our second "mini-festival". Things are still in evolution. Everything in life is a process of learning, and in this process there are always a few mistakes. It is only human to make them, and even more human to recognize them, learn from, and correct for the next step. It is also human and nice to forgive, specially when nothing was never intended for the bad - always for the good.

2. About the bin bags: everyone that has travelled around the world and has gone to international festivals will agree that the israeli crowd is, very very sadly, really careless with nature (with good exceptions of course). The state of degradation of the location after the party is finished is so shocking and heart-breaking that we decided to try and do something to open the minds of our people to what we do to nature. The attitude of Moksha before was to hire a cleaning crew to leave the place spotless clean after the parties, but this is not solving the problem - to solve it you have to touch its roots, and in the roots you have the party-goers throwing their trash without a second thought. So I was one of the ones coming up with the idea of the bin bags, since this has been working in Europe for quite some time, and it would be a "wake up call" for us. We could give away informative flyers to everyone, but c'mon, who would read it? It would become just another thing to be cleaned after party. We still have and will have the cleaning crew, but we want our crowd, US, to feel and respect nature too, and not only the music and the soundsystem.
I agree that there wasn't enough trash cans in the dancefloor area. This is gonna be fixed for the next edition.

3. Volume is not necessarily equals quality. The system we brought is one of the best sound systems around, and it did a very good job in the dance floor. The camping area was the chilling out area, not PUMPING out area.

4. Police. Do you people remember how trance parties were hated and fought by the authorities in this country, since the very beginning? You even had a "protest-party" at Kikar Rabin in the end of the 90's! There is nothing we can do. If we wanna have a festival, we have to do everything according to the rules. THEIR rules. I say it again: <B>THEIR RULES</B> It's either having those wankas sniffing out our bags or having the party closed in the middle. What is more annoying? THEY MAKE THE RULES, GUYS, c'mon, who the F**K do you think we are if you think that we want to have them there killing all our good vibes?

5. Psychedelic. What is psychedelic? For me it is not only an electronic music genre, but it is a whole cultural movement, that started in the fields of art, music, dance, and behavior. PSY is loving nature, is loving one another, is respecting all living creatures, is embracing freedom - of thought, of speech, of style - is embracing the differences and vibrating in a positive frequency. We have to remind ourselves that this are things and notions that come from INSIDE us, not from outside. WE MAKE THE VIBE OURSELVES. Many many many of us has already forgotten to love, respect, embrace, and be in peace. Many people go to parties for the drugs, not for the fun, many go with bad intentions, many go without education (respect is education), and there's nothing we can do about it, as party organizers. We try to give the best location, try to make a good decoration, and try to bring inspiring artists to make the good vibe flow. The rest is up to the crowd.

So lets us all remember of the beginning of trance, of "PLUR", and lets all bring those things with us in the next parties to come.

Critics are welcome, because we grow with them. But look at the other side too.

All the best for all of you.
With much respect and light,

OBS: thanks for all organizers, promoters, and party-goers that made a beautiful event.           :::+::+::+::+::+::+::+::+::+::+::+:::
we are the ones making it difficult.

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 19:33


100% commercial

is it too hard for the production to throw some water on the dance floor so we can all breath a little air and not choke on pudra?!? the sprinklers were a lousy joke. learn from tfn and the empire.

ridiculous entry ticket prices, and drinks at the bar also expensive

what the fuck with the 20 shekel for garbage bags that's bullshit!! maybe next time they will charge money for parking and using the toilet.....

music - mostly not bad but u can have many local artists play and not use the international line up as an excuse for the insane prices

the pools became dry even before the music stopped. why not let people chill in the water after the party ends?

fucking police everywhere with dogs

almost everyone i talked to thinks the same but they won't write it.....

thank you moksha last time for me in your parties

israeli underground trance culture is going to a very bad place - the organizations only care about being the biggest and most famous production that everyone will talk about, and making more and more money. give us smaller parties, no police, local artists.... two guys at the entrance smiling and asking for 60 shekel......

hag sameah leculam peace


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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 19:56

On 2008-06-08 18:40, ZaYaG wrote:
Haltya you r the best!
now i can say it for sure, I pay 180sekel for his music!

it wasss woooooooooowwwwwww !!!!!

OriFinland its Dolfi ha Dolfin....
zayag words including benji and Sensient
Lehayey Hashevet Hafini HALTYA?!?!?!@?$@#?$@#
          Atla BAtla Rulezz!!! Funny Fin...

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 20:02
Punkass - you wrote a very good and worthy reply, this is a right way to represent the production, way to go.

I personally have a slight problem seeing the negative responses and realize that 90% of them are totally new users. It looks very much as sabotage replies, this is the real sad part of party scene in Israel in my opinion. It's the same as us, Israeli's slag anything that has any kind of success, be it Avram Grant or Yossi Benayoun. We need to learn to respect the other and there is no problem to complain, but hey when all the bashers have totally new user account it looks pretty bad.

My own opinion about the party:

The production was good, mainstage looked very good, and so the deco ( I came around midnight ). Sounds was maybe a bit low but the quality of sound system was very good. The lineup, as usual for Moksha parties was pretty weird ( but that is not new and by now has become pretty much a trade mark of the production ). Having spent almost 8 hours @ the party from midnight to 8 in the morning, I think that Peter Didjital played wicked night techno set, and LISH!! were superb in their time slot, from all the acts I heard, their timing was bingo, and so the crowd reacted. After Haltya started, their funky psy disko shit did a contra to the happenings in my head, and also my friends decided to go, and so we went home.

Altogether, I am not a sucker for big ones, and this was a very big one.. so I prefer them smaller. Considering the magnitude and investment in the event, it was pretty much very good. The only three things that come up to my head are:

A. Chill out inside the Ganey Huga
B. Much more trash bins
C. Could anyone please sort the lineup thing once and for all? Differences of styles and more than 10 bpm between sets are really sometimes little too much to cope with...

And last one to the bitching ones..

If there was only Israeli's in the lineup then you would bitch why there are the same artists coming all the time. ( You have done it almost every single party I seen reviewed lately so finally there are totally new acts and you still have problems with that - amazing ). 140 NIS for ticket in the holiday, considering this amount of foreign acts and the venue ( Ganey Huga is probably the most expensive park one can hire today for trance party ) is totally fair, little less than 30 euros, where seems to be the problem?... please check prices of similar events overseas, you will find them much more expensive or same price. And last one about the trash bags, it's a good idea, considering the fact that most of us are dirty pigs and think that Ganey Huga belong to their mother, so she will probably clean it after the party will be finished. Don't blame the organizers that your bags were stolen, blame the bastard nature of some of our own brothers.           A man with a "master plan" is often a woman
d.j k-pax

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 21:24
really huge, invested, massive event

the sound was so clear... my head thnx you...
the night was great with remorable sets from sensient and peter digital. followed by the lish's sunrise tunes
but when heltya was playing my fun in the dance floor was over... SOME HARD NOIZE that man got in his head.. to much unpleasent
so after a nice drunks morning swim with mark i rolled my self to the sunny grass and then home...

really orgenized event, the police were behaiving themselvse as far as i could tell...

well done moksha
happy 10th B-DAY
          K-PAX/EMOTIVE spintwist records

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 21:29
yuli- i'm not a new user at all, just wanted to comment quietly without my name on it...
and i deffenetly don't try or want to sabotage.
as punkass said- the production learn alot allso from the negative replies.
punkass wrote a very nice reply, allthough i do think you can do alot more as a production about protecting nature from your nasty crowd, i think you have a big responsibility on your shoulders as the biggest production in israel to show and teach people to love nature and keep nature clean and beutifull.
information flyers is actually a good idea, maybe big posters all around the event? trash bins all around the event would be nice, recycle bins (plastic bottles) would be even nicer. the third empire came out with a really nice thing which is a personal thing for cigarette buds- you can adopt this nice idea.
i think the garbage bags idea of yours is really nice, respect for that, one step to the state of awarnece that should be, but this is not enaugh. and i think you can put this subject somewhere on the top of your list.
all this reply of mine isn't directed only for moksha production-but for all israeli productions and israeli people- wake up!!
about the vibe and people you really can't do alot more, that's just the way it is...
let's start to love before all this materyalism, and get the good spirit back before its gone for good...
Optimistic Suicide
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 21:31
Like my dear friends from over seas say:
yalla yalla tayeb hallas..
Got the point and I must confess that to long criticism = TO LONG!
and when a bunch of people reapet themselvs you lose the main issue.. that we are here for the music..!!!!!!!
with all do respect and there is ALLOT.. i think all the rest is simplly just all the rest..
And when a production put all kinds of music possible in trance in less then 20 hours- i understand why they celebrate 10 years and not 2-3 ..
And regurding the police and all of that.. try to make an event half then what they do and look how its not as east as you think!!!!!!
And all this talking about money and underground.. if you want bring a tape recorder and mix a double cassette in your room with 2 friends.. cheap and underground!


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