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3rd Empire 25.03

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 10:26

On 2005-03-28 03:57, danick wrote:
Actually i was arriving after set of DJ Zombi cause was afraid of his full on direction as usual. But people says it was completely prog lovely set. Sorry, man! What the difference u can watch betwin prog's people and full on's people on the others partys?

This is a real surprize to read... Dunno where u diged my "usual full on direction", probably u never heard me or about me, but let me introduce myself in short for you my friend.

Im never ever played anything sounds full on or faster that 136 bpm, and also this was 2-3 years ago.. In the begining i was playing so called progressive psy (Plusquam, Iboga, MPQDX) style and been part of DOMO records till we opened sub label for more progressive sounds called Very Progrssive Records which became independence now. Compilation i worked out you can find here - - its everything but not full on. - here some reviews for this CD.
Here - - you can read some about me and as DJ i just mainly working for progressive psy partis (as 3-d empire and alike productions) and for many clubs as i known for House influenced sets.. I also play on normal club parties, since its much closer to me than full on parties. In fact i dont remember when i was in full on party at all.
My current style probably have no one psy related producer, im into tribal/tech/acid house, deep trance and electro.
Last party i did has 2 dancefloors, with Progressive floor on which first time in Israel played Frank Beckers and on Techno floor we has minimal house and techno.

anyway, enlight me please where from came what you wrote, its realy funny!
          Believe your soul !
Chaka Laka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 10:51
Zombi never considered like a full on fan thats 4 sure, to be exact he is the the oposite of one Zombi, we arrived after u played so unfortunatelly couldn't listen to ur set . 275 km what it took to get there, to the "hole" place..
but Yuli's set we catched and I agree this was one of his best ever, to me the best in this party! don't going to discribe here what style and so on, just thank u for the track u played like 4 years ago in Twins party(where U had one hell of set as well), it blowed me away then and sort of closed a circle now. Magnetrixx didn't blow me away but I'm sure its a result of lady's illness, she was really suffering. Still it was a lot of feel in the last tracks. Yotopia were gr8 at what they are doing,I heard them twice already in a short period and now got to admit they are very good, first time I would say its kinda boring but now I felt the smooth then I crashed for couple of hours and was told there were many highlights !
so it was once again good party from Emperia - way 2 go! imho it was more then 700 there, 1000 easily.. wish u have the same portion every time           Dance is my Trance

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 12:45
so... after landing safetly i can say...
it was very very good one!!! all djs the ppl alas var gut...
yotopia... killer set!!!
nice one ofir,borris&rafi...
keep on walkink beside the dream...
c u all next time

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 13:42
took me 2 days to recover... just F***ing AmAzInG!!

came around 3:30, left around 11:30, had a blast in the time between... loved every set i heard, especially Yotopia! 3rd time i've heard u guys, 3rd time i fell in love... can't wait for u'r cd to come out allready! i have so many gooooooood things to say about that party, which like every empire party was a total experience, but beacause everybody have allready said everything, there 2 not so good points i wanna focus on:

1. the location, amazing as it is - u had a party there 4 month ago, y again?
2. the crowd, which i must admit was 95% gr8 - u could c a few faces, although they spent most of their time smoking everything possible...

anyways, 1 hell of a party! can't wait 'till next time!!:)

Cheers everybody!

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 14:33

I was totally blanked out, probably from the bottle of jegger Psytune and I finished in an hour!

hehe girl...I still feel my half of that drink of Gods flowing in every cell of my body But I don't drink at parties anymore...promise!!!

very very very good party. I had so much fun and don't remember myself loughing so much for a long time. Great crowd, although missed some usual Empire dudes , also some great costumes....the "Mr Incredible" ruled there, thumbs up "i" man! About the music, frankly speaking I don't remember much....only the first half of Yuli's and second part of Yotopia's set....both were wonderful... But as far as I still can't move, cause my back hurts like never before means that music was great and I danced a lot
Good one....couldn't think of a better way to celebrate purim. Thanks Empire crew, looking forward to next one.

yalla, back to study

          "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 14:49
....................zombi ,kill them all;-)..............................
Fu Hsi
Perfect Stranger

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 15:24
This was a great party indeed, I am extremely fond of this certain location... hehe.. it has rooted itself in my past it can be said for sure... The crowd was very cool and a lot of ppl came and filled the hole with their great energies.

I wouldn't play Art of Trance - Octopus unless I thought the crowd emotionally fit to have it ( some ppl suffer from pure emotional tunes these days ) but good music will stay good music, and actually it gets better with the time... Yes, Chaka Laka it was a very nice circle closed since that "Halalit" party 4 years ago on Independence day...

I want to thank all those that enjoyed my set and written that was very heart warming for me after all these years and all these parties if ppl still feel I get better it can be from 2 reasons

01. Or I really sucked donkey's ass 7 years ago
02. Or it's happening due to hard work and the wish to innovate and change and make difference -

I vote for the second Thank you all

I missed most of Zombi's set, but imo he is a great DJ and definitely a dude with a vision, respect!

Ze Germans did the work just fine, I like the monotone sound and this is what trance is all about if u think about it.

Yotopia I guess they are the next big morning thing for me, since they manage to keep it full on but groovy and non violent and very atmospheric... This is my cup of chai

Keep it up 3d Empire, you are getting into the Israeli Trance House of Fame together with very few great productions - Good on Ya!!! 
Invisible reality

Started Topics :  87
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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 15:52
Psytune how r u ? hhhh           Invisible Reality (IONO music)

Started Topics :  8
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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 15:57
It was so crazy groovie moon adventure!!!!

Most colourfull event i ever been.perfect combination of crazy dusty people,excellent music,beautifull place and kicking ass turbo sound!!
I wish Purim will be 5 times a year!

Mr.Fu Hsi surprised me with very distinctive set,this guy know to recieve the vibes from the people,and understand what crowd need at this moment!!(i vote for second too)

thanks X 179 to empire crew which worked so hard to organize this event

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 18:11
wait a second isnt it independence day 2morow

Started Topics :  8
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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 18:19

On 2005-03-28 15:52, SHAMIL wrote:
Psytune how r u ? hhhh

Better than anyone           "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  88
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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 20:17
excellent party, super-duper-ultra-violet vibe all around, perfect music, from the perfectly strange dude, to the minimal germans, to the crazy duo who rocked the morning.
top production as always, no surprises here, like someone said already, its so nice to have a production that's "safe" as far as quality is concerned, so you know that every time you come, you are guranteed a perfect time.
thanks a lot
and see ya all soon.  for info, shows new tracks and more.

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 20:38
On 2005-03-28 00:16, Zombi wrote:
On 2005-03-28 00:01, Psygirl wrote:
Morgana gave a very good set as well! The last tune I heard her play is still spinning in my head, "hayomhaya . . . hayomhaya" Girl power!!

I think u a bit confuse here, i played this tack a half hour after Morgana finished to play;) Its Feuerhake vs DJ Turn tune btw..

Psygirl, it was definatly Zombi who played "Hayamaye", it's a killer track!
Finally I know who's track it is! I've been Hayamaying these past few days through - God Bless Music!!!

And what the hell is disco shit sweet Zombi?           Love U'rSelf -
The rest will follow
IsraTrance Full Member
Started Topics :  60
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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 21:32
Location: the usual hole in the ground, the old quarry, dancefloor covered all over with a shade, a chai shop down and a bar with decent prices. There was some nice deco and two VJ screens. Over the quarry was the tent town, lots of tents spread around.

People: top of the crop about a 1000 happy, smiling people with good vibes and good energies.

Music: we got there when Perfect Stranger was playing. He gave a long set with great music and skill. About three hours of good music and lots of dancing people. After him Magnetrixx came and gave an amazing live set. From the music to the interaction between them, it was great. I really enjoyed that set and can only say one thing – told you so!!! When Yotopia’s time was on, I was dead tired and went to sleep. Heard it in my dreams and it was nice, but I was zzzzzzzzz. Woke up when Morgana did her mini-set and left a little after Ryjiy vs. Zombi set has begun.

Sound: good.

Constructive Criticism: 1. The chill out area was down at the quarry, too close to the dance floor, so people couldn’t really enjoy it and sit there – they were either stamped upon by dancers who had no space on the dance floor, or they had to chew lots of dust coming from the dancefloor. 2. The cars shouldn’t have been allowed to access the ten area. It was really annoying to wake up to some car’s headlights lighting inside my tent. It was anti-vibe.

Personal Highlights: FlashFlght™ game with JK, Magnetrixx’ set, PG and PT, the weather.

Frisbee: Several, but not too many players, several sets, some of which were really entertaining.

Bottom Line: another example of a job well done by the empire. The Empire strikes back!!!!

          Please REMOVE my cellphone number from any SMS spam list you may have. Thanks.
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 29, 2005 01:07

On 2005-03-28 00:16, Zombi wrote:
I think u a bit confuse here, i played this tack a half hour after Morgana finished to play;) Its Feuerhake vs DJ Turn tune btw..

I could have sworn that it was morgana.
Unfortunatly, I left before Zombi got to the deck.
          Live for the journey, not the destination.
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