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3rd Empire 25.03

Nomolos(Zenon Rec.)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 13:25
ok here we go....

Location: a beautiful desert landscape...

People: about 700-750 colorful smiling people!!!!

Dancefloor: heavily SHADED!! which was a fuckin must in this hot morning....with the reg' Empire Deco and Screen.....

Music: i got there in the mid' of Yulis set.....dude i got to tell ya that as far as i heard i think this was the best set u played!!!! so Deep and Full...driving sounds! and that Platipus track from 94 that u fired towrds the end(cant remember the tracks name)...DAMN i was hit by an amazing emotional FLASHBACK(i thought that should have been your last track but....)GOOD ON YA!!!!

Magnetrixx came up next with their live show..i was not inside the dancefloor at this time but i saw people grooving to their sound and thought they played nicly....i was not blowen away though.....

Yotopia.....WoW i really really liked your set guys!!!
very uplifting and full of psy' floaters all over the place...part of your set i spent getting burned in the sun on the hills sorounding the party so i cant comment but from what i heard i can only say BEAUTIFUL!

Morgana(dj set) even though it didnt look like she was very happy(didnt feel good had some stomach prob) i thought her trax were real nice and actually i danced the most to her short set..all kinds of pin dropping sounds with cool atmosphere...some where in her set the sound got a bit weird(i think the Mid's went down)but over all Good Job and hope your feeling better!!!

Mr Riyjy was asked to go up and let Morgana rest and so he did......after a couple of trax the sound problame was allso taken care of and from what i heard it was very nice....i left in the middle of his set but 2 friends that stayed told me it was great!

Over All: ultra professional!!! we should remember that the fact the Empire do it time after time doesnt make it easier or less impressive!! true were getting used to top noach EVERYTHING but we most not forget to show out Gratitude.....
to te whole 3rd Empire Crew....THANK U SO MUCH,LOVE AND LIGHT from me and my friends

          "....or is it???"
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 14:52
another top notch partiya from imparia

the well known location "the bor" keeps amazing me every time i get back there... i just love the long walks on the hills around the party
lovely views! and a good chance to meet some kul ppl on every other hill and talk about life over a nice spliff

and what can i say about the croud... very colourfull and extremely friendly!!!! met alot of nu ppl there, was a pleasure

about the muzika, this time yuli did it big time
the best set i heard from u till now man!!
n joyed every second
from magnetrixx it was great to hear the bit older and more minimal tunes
yotopia as usual rocked the place with their "psy prog for bikini chix" music
and again, 2nd time in a raw, i missed zombi`s closing set

keep doing this superb job impeira
i love ya all

as ususal, c ya`ll next time
peacefull week to all

          if you want to be rich, u`ve got to be a bitch!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 15:21
yes, a great party again !!

enjoyed to play at night, then has fun with Magnetrixx which is may be last 135bpm+ act that make me real dance and then after Yutopia which played fucking nice morning psy i got to play again with Rijiy, he to prog psy direction and me to my electro-punk style, over all was nice watching ppl dance till 13.30 to Disco Shit music, felt like carnival ended on special and right vibe..

thanx empire!           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 17:51
nothing more to say about this party expect it was really amezing experience
magnetrixx's set was the best imho
great ppl
what can i person ask more?
keep doing a great job third empire
and keep it in the desert

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 18:19
i have no intention to go by all the good things that imperia succeeeded to do in this party.. just want to put my few words of my own:
this is my 4 (or 5) party with THE empire, and every time when i on my way to party i"m so sure that its going to b good ( and that whats happen ALLWAYS)
this safety feeling is so imporatnt when u going out of home for driving 2 hours and till now i never was disappointed the opposite is the true ..
thank u empire for a great time ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 19:08
well i remembered one thing - and its not only for this party - but really guys : someone got to think about the problem that as soon as the true digging begins - all the dust raise and making everyone choke like some asmathic ppl.
the idea with the water bucjets was nice...
i remmember one moksha production in which were "mamterot" in the mornning.
thats what cool in the jerusalem forest party - there is mud no dust...           naughty naughty naughty , you wicked old sumcka

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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 19:53
Now, we are back in Germany and here is it cold and not sunny. We miss the desert For us it was a great experience actually. The first time in Israel and the first time in the desert. What can i say ?! AMAZING!!!!
Thank you for all the positives vibes and friendly faces, for this extra special location and one of the best organized party i have ever seen. The 3rd Empire team did a very, very, very good job. I say sorry for my really short Djset (6 tracks), but i was ill when we came to israel and took a lot of medicine and then i got big painful trouble with my stomach. I say THANK YOU to the Djteam who came and rescued me. We hope that we will come back very soon to have such a great time again.

Greetings and kisses

IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  52
Posts :  917
Posted : Mar 27, 2005 19:56
Morgana: thank you very much for a beautiful music, hope you're better now. Enjoy photos.

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  20
Posted : Mar 27, 2005 20:14
Thank you. My stomach is ok, but my voice is away.
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  52
Posts :  917
Posted : Mar 27, 2005 20:16
Morgana: You'll get it back soon, I'm sure

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 21:07
well here is my turn 2 say that it was the bomb
1.same blasting location that makes me loose my head
2.i dont know about sound, i know that zomb did drop tha bomb 2.nd yuli playd his best set ever
{yuli real killer man} 3.rd empire M.G.X gave a killer groovie "full on" progresive liveset
{stefan&heike thanks again the best music from u guys } yotopia:super quality israeli psy progg set morgana: thnx 4 that 6trax short set

and 4 the suprise riyjy vs. zomby a house progresiv psy ending set
3rd empire rulls 5 nothing was "full on" exept the dust&girls buts

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  606
Posted : Mar 27, 2005 21:14
p.s a bus 2 a party what the fuck
Maya bee
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  34
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Posted : Mar 27, 2005 21:21
3rd Empire parties are strong!

wowwww ...if the last parties of the empire was the best this one was super super the best.
i was totally injoied from every second...we left the place at 13:30 and the time pass so fast.

700-800 beautiful ppl one by one with many cotume,beautiful location,amazing vibes ,one child,4 dogs..

Yuli gave brilliant amazing set,yuli you were so connected ,you were flying on the set and we were flying with you, the best set that i have heard from yuli...thanks for amazing diging morning.
Magnetrixx - i dont have a strong opinion coz during there set i found my self chating...untill the last huf houer of there set wich was great.
Yotopia-great sunny morning ...i dident stop dancing ..beautiful set.
Zombi&Rijiy great set by them you keapt me dancing untill the last treak,and Borris came up for afew treak was nice to see you behiend the desk.

I meat there many ppl that i havent seen from the last summer in full on parties ,it was great to see them.
everthing was so good and i wont more so please dont wait to mutch time with the next party.
3rd empire i thank you from my bottem of my hart.
no one did parties like you do in israel maybe in 92
and your parties defenaitly remiend me and take me back to 92.

so all i can say is thanks god ...and that i'm proud to be part from this csene.

Thanks Rafi,Borris,Ofir and the Gang.

          Maya The Bee says :Be & Beezzzzzzzzzzzzzz
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  57
Posts :  234
Posted : Mar 27, 2005 21:45
the most blasting moment for me was when yuly was about to finish his magnificent set with an extra old track - from the sound of goa trance 1 by harel prusky - i think it was one of the first track i have ever listened to in trance music.
i just love it when u hear i a set an old track which is good and classic - plenty of nostalgic moments...
thanks!!!           naughty naughty naughty , you wicked old sumcka

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  606
Posted : Mar 27, 2005 22:12
p.s people was 1 by 1 beutifull
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