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Trance Forum  Forum  UK - 07/04/06 (Friday) - ECHO SYSTEM presents a UK Debut.... FREq Live @ SE1 London
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07/04/06 (Friday) - ECHO SYSTEM presents a UK Debut.... FREq Live @ SE1 London

Optical illusionS

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 13:58

On 2006-04-10 12:33, psykojipi wrote:
I came all the way from Spain for this party and It was worth every penny.
About the Optical illusions deco all I can say is that Marta is the best decorator from Spain and she keeps on prooving it, way to go Marta!
Allaby was very good and innovative,great set.
FREq was amazing both live and DJ-set.
The dub club was incredible during the dub-reggae sets.
Justin Chaos played a wicked set as well,so funky I couldn't stop dancing!
Gret party, very nice!!!
all the best from BCN

I'm so touched
Did u come from Barcelona!! It's a shame we didn't meet...Thanks for your suport, I'm glad you enjoyed the party!
See u in Barcelona!

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 18:48

Nice one people...
We had a great time.... Vibe was sweet all night,.. the Dub Club was a good place to have me shop... everything from Lee Scratch ~ The Police ~ Chuck Berry!?!?! Much better then the 'fall asleep' chill rooms we usually encounter...

A real pleasure to meet Mr Disco Stu & Majik 'u suck' Jon ....... see u guys next time.....

Musically....Didnt really go for Allaby, I was confused by it all... but things were put right by a 'pumpy~funky~crunchy' back2back set by Stu & Hamish ~ firsy time to hear u guys, and was impressed....

... as for Mr FREQ.... he did 'exactly what it said on the tin'
... awesome soundscape..... lovely production... so happy we got to catch him here in the U.K.

waiting for the next one guys....           ---------------------------------------------

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 21:14
getting back on my feet after such a crazy weekend is taking time!
hehe! what a phat party!
just enough people turned out to fill the place to right capacity!
the sound quality was more than fine from the front (didnt really go at the back...).
the decor was awesome, amazing structures marta! it was nice to meet you! dj set? anytime, anywhere: more more more please!!!! havent seen the crowd getting that mad at the start of a track for a long time!
Allaby was very surprising, very proggy at the start, more crunch in the second half! top tunes!
top marks also go to hamish and disco, fuking good set! wouldnt be surprised to see these 2 ripping dancefloors more often! hemisync...phaaaat! please someone, when's he going to play live?!! hehe!
hazza started the whole party in a very appropriate way, quite electro at the start building up to deep funky proggressive tunes at the end!
...and the chill out...
defenitely the way to go! mixing fully tripy psychedelic stuff with slick reggae, dub and whatever is going to make people jump and dance in the chill out had a very very positive effect on people!
when's the next echo system?

Justin Chaos
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 23:14

On 2006-04-10 21:14, Moonquake wrote:

when's the next echo system?

          My fake plants died, because I did not pretend to water them.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2006 11:48
Great party, but was a little bit dissapointed by Freq's set. Don't think the sound system did him justice, plus he newer tracks don't have that awesome power and the psychedelic feel that his older material does.

Still very happy to have a party like this, and would definitelly attend again.

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Posted : Apr 11, 2006 12:38
Is it possible that I'm the only one thinking that FREq's set was a little short?
I came mainly to see FREq and to wait the whole night for this, was a little disappointing...
FREq's music was massive but it felt like his set ended as soon as he started (no drugs were involved so no space or time perception problems for me...).
It was a great party, so why like this?
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2006 14:39
well that was quite something to be involved in...! how the venue looked, the music, the people.. one of the best nights i've been to for everyting rolled into one (blow me own trumpet )
marta thank you SO much - your decor was incredible. not much more can be said! big cheer to those who helped on the door and with setting up.

snowflake - you are right, freq's live was shorter than it was supposed to be. he had a couple of problems with his equipment that meant stu and i had to carry on for ten minutes or so. and then the club were completely unwilling to let him finish his set off, hence the incredibly quiet last track...

but to be honest i didn't care. having freq play live in london, however short, will be a memory i cherish for long time! strange attractors *drool* and mat allaby's set was hot sh*t as well, big up that man!

lastly, thanks to all who came and enjoyed themselves. keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next installment, most likely coming indoors after the summer (but who knows..?) with a lineup that will make you go 'ooooohhhh'


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Posted : Apr 11, 2006 15:17
That was a wicked party, well done to the echo system crew for making SE1 feel like a completely new venue, I've to lots of parties there and rarely has the club looked so nice. The chillout was lovely with good tunes and a nice vibe. The main room sound wasn't great, and I thought that Freq managed to get the most out of it.

Looking forward to the next one (please get sun control species )


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Posted : Apr 11, 2006 15:47
Check out some pics at:

Cheers for all you feedback, watch out for the next installment

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Posted : Apr 11, 2006 17:25

Well - a HUGE thankyou to everyone that came to our first Echo System - in my mind, I have been to a lot of trance parties over the years, some as an orgainiser and some as a punter and they all had their pros and cons - and this is the nostalgic bit....... - THAT party was without even a shadow of doubt, the best party I have been to in London.

The Decor was original and psychedlic. Enormous thanks to Marta and Behlau.

Yes Freq's sets were immaculate. Totally PERFECT!

Allaby's set was surprising, innovative and proggy and a mature example of cutting edge trance.

And I can speak for Hamish when I say that we could not have enjoyed the b2b more! Thnaks for all the kind words.

BUT..... what made this the best party I've been to in London, was something you can't book - that unbelievable atmosphere and crowd - YOU FUCKING ROCKED!

( as I wipe a tear from my eye....) I just thought that wherever you turned in that club there were people having it, with massive grins on their faces!!

The Dub Club I think hugely added to this, as people weren't lethargic walking from the chillout to the main room, they were taking their shoes off and running into the room!! What a pleasure to have the trojans and Jutin, cosmo, Kodo and Baring spinning such a wide selection of awesome tunes - cheers guys!

The combination of progressive and psychedelic in the main room made this a unique night in london and finally it showed that progressive isn't a dead duck in our capital and people are ready to lap it up.

We can't please everyone, however, and we will take on board all views and try and improve on them for the next time.

Until the next installment. Adios and bonjour, take care and take it easy!



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Posted : Apr 11, 2006 17:40
phat phat phat!!!!....what a great party. The music was frickin sweat........
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 12, 2006 12:30
I understand that in an arches venue you do get reverb, but my thoughts would be get 15k of Opus sound in there and this would eliminate some of the muffle you get...

I did not want to dance at the front, as my friends (girls) experienced a lot of untoward male behaviour which I do not normally associate with psy parties....boobs and arses being grabbed, people spitting beer...a good party, but not the best and more of a student union feel about it...perhaps I am getting old...

I say again though, Hamish and Stu?? the back to back guys - wicked set....very groovy stuff....

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Posted : Apr 12, 2006 13:17
they were very very concerned about the sound, obviously with such a line up!

but it was a very difficult one as the club wanted to charge the crew a lot of money to de-rig their in house sound system, and i dont think the cost of this in addition to hiring another rig was an option (i suppose unless ticket prices were made much higher)

ticket price was only 10 squids! this is the same price as those rank coldharbour lane events! so bloody good show

Marta your string art is truly stunning i saw the full effect wonderful to see you c u in july x x

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Posted : Apr 14, 2006 03:01

Arses being grabbed?!!....People spitting beer?!!...........This sounds like my sort of party!!!

Justin Chaos
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 15, 2006 00:59

On 2006-04-14 03:01, psyketrix wrote:

Arses being grabbed?!!....People spitting beer?!!...........This sounds like my sort of party!!!

That's why I've enjoyed it so much
          My fake plants died, because I did not pretend to water them.
Trance Forum  Forum  UK - 07/04/06 (Friday) - ECHO SYSTEM presents a UK Debut.... FREq Live @ SE1 London
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