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We are back!!! (Ultiva Records)

Sick Noise
Sick Noise/Babaroga On Droga

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Posted : Jul 5, 2008 00:03
Svaka cast!!!!!!!!!Go Go go Ultiva and Serbian talented young artists
ultiva records
Ultiva Records

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Posted : Jul 11, 2008 05:10
update news:
Jesus Raves - Stolichnaya Hallucination EP coming on August 10th UREP002

The Tracklist:

1. Jesus Raves - Stolichnaya Hallucination (6:10) 155bpm
2. Jesus Raves - Toxic Sarma (6:11) 154bpm
3. Jesus Raves - Funk You (6:19) 149bpm

After many successful releases from our label the next in line is EP from the young Serbian producer Zdravko Gladovic a.k.a Jesus Raves.
Spending a some time on magical locations of Serbia, he found an inspiration, peace from which arives this dark release and comes with a surprise tracklist, different than the previous announced.
Much slower, psychedelic and twisted, not that usual for this artist who is producing very experimental/mechanic and high bpm sounds.
Stolichnaya Hallucination is the EP which contains 3 tracks with a dose of experiment, hard basslines, acid arps and night madness.
3 tracks, 3 different stories.
Twisted sound is his caracteristic and he tries to create a somethin' new, identifiable, with his style...

ultiva records
Ultiva Records

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Posted : Aug 6, 2008 12:05
update news for august:

Title: VA - Igra Drijada
Compiled by: Ultiva Records Crew
Label: Ultiva Records
Format: CD
Mastering: Zdravko Gladovic a.k.a Jesus Raves
Artwork by: e.Bug
Release Date and Distribution: coming soon

Preview of the cover:

The artists:

Technical Hitch
Druc Drac
Jesus Raves
Mussy Moody
Tree Nymphs
Distorted Goblin
KanibaL HolokausT
Haunted Castle's rmx of Sectio Aurea

VA – Igra Drijada

"Igra Drijada represents a ritual and magic nymphs rite. The Drijades are special group of the nymphs. They are living very long time, different from the other species which have lived in oak trees and dying together with and they belongs to the quite widely circle of the female deity, to the spirits of nature. Frequently, they are connected with fertility, tree growing and the water.
Drijades are not an immortal but they are living very long and they have behaving very kindly with people.
Drijada represents a powerful goddess of the wood and the master of the wild animals. "

The story opens David, a man behind the Technical Hitch project, with the "Transkillecha" track, which on the ultimately original, funky way represents twisted, forest sound. Then goes a Druc Drac, a young, French producent who have gave a contribution with his vision of suomi.
Peletorpation is a collaboration project of the Norvegian Fragletrollet and the German project Noized.
Jesus Raves is Zdravko, a young "synth freak" from Serbia who have deviate from his style with this track and have made a fusion of the forest and experiment.
On the 5th place is a man quilty for rising of the new sound which is today named like a "symbiosis of the forest and goa sounds". His track is one of the most successful in the line.
Mussy Moody, a lady with unique sound, brings to listener a magical journey into the psychedelic world.
One of the guys from the Serbian duo KanibaL HolokausT now with his 2nd project Tree Nymphs delivers very experimental sound with psychedelic jazz rhythm and very weird sounds around.
Milan, a Macedonian producer which have done many things for his years under the name of Distorted Goblin, and his track "Transient" takes a 8th place.
KanibaL HolokausT is of the projects which stays on the underground scene of today's psychedelic trance. Much more forest sounds radiate from the "When the forest gets legs" track.
And on the end, a brilliant tracks from the Hungarian duo Haunted Castle, the remix of the Sectio Aurea track.

"Ultiva Records is the 1st dark psychedelic trance label from Serbia. It starts on 7th May 2006 like a forum, a community of young people from Serbia and abroad. After many years of the frequent work on music production, a team of the young and different by style people came on idea to globalize an expansion of the night trance sound in their country and Balkan along with artist who have reached a top of the world scene.
Presently, it came an idea to Ultiva works get transformed to the some bigger and more important. After a short time Ultiva got a label status, where the "Black Clouds" compilation have opened the door and make a works go official. A conception is based on the help and primary rising of the Serbian but and the world underground psychedelic culture, to promote a less know artist beside the famous projects.
The founders of the label and promoters of the Serbian dark psychedelic scene are two brothers, Milan Miloshev and Nicifor Zlatic, with help of the few people like Zdravko from project Jesus Raves, Kanc, Misha, DaMzaH, Tennsa and the guys from the Karakondzula project.
Promo parties came after the every release which have a primary goal to spread an Ultiva's sounds, the sounds which represent a night vision of the psychedelic wave. The parties were mainly free where the promo material have been shared, like a cd's of the previous releases.
Our vision is to keep an electronic music alive, to keep a pure psychedelic sound with tinges, combinations and experiments of today's styles and the creation of somethin' special. On the 1st place, Ultiva has survived because of the people, a listeners which are actuators of the world scene. We are the nature keepers and we propagate a culture of the keeping our planet and the life on thereupon.
Dance with us. "

You can buy our previous releases on:

Ultiva Records Crew

The Home of Experimental Psy and Goa Sounds!

For booking of our artists:
Haunted Castle

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Posted : Aug 8, 2008 03:21
Greatt NeWWs~~!
greets from the neighbourhood;)

Milan Kanibal HolokausT
Kanibal HolokausT

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Posted : Nov 27, 2008 18:15
VA – Igra Drijada

Barcode: 5060147123470
release date: 12/12/2008

Final cover art:



The Tracklist:

1. Technical Hitch - Transkillecha
w&p by David Semo, Israel

2. Druc Drac - Ctakob
w&p by François Dumeaux, France

3. Peletorpation - Ego Higfters
w&p by Magnus Støren, Swedén & Lutz Oettershagen, Germany

4. Jesus Raves - Is Eating Strudla On Miloshev's Funeral
w&p by Zdravko Gladovic, Serbia

5. Ka-Sol - Inside Machine
w&p by Christer Lundström, Sweden

6. Mussy Moody - You Got Wires
w&p by Thy Thung, Denmark

7. Tree Nymphs - Mr. Miloshev is Dead
w&p by Milan Miloshev, Serbia

8. Distorted Goblin - Transient
w&p by Milan Manasievski, Macedonia

9. Tree Nymphs - Szelkiraly
w&p by Milan Miloshev, Serbia

10. Sectio Aurea - Dance of the Bumble Bees (Haunted Castle rmx)
w&p by DJ S-Mutans and DJ Strix, Switzerland rmx by Gero Hortobágyi and Gergo Bocsi, Hungary

More info @ the:

d.n.i Ultravision Recs
d.N.i / Endless Euforia

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Posted : Dec 7, 2008 10:06
loool loool looool!!! very happy to know it. good luck milan and nicifor. i hope all the best to you guys !! see ya soon! 1!!           DNI ALBUM OUT NOW!
"If u don't have something nice to say, better say nothing"
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