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va. Ultrapop2 cd review


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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 11:16
track 1 - real electro style, kinda a 2 sided track an second half is better, definatly a nice an uniqu track

track 2 - didnt like so much, kinda lacks its invituality an seems a bit thrown together, some really cool sounds threw it but seems to be a bit messy, not a bad track tho

track 3 - really nice i thought, nother good one from kiwa, smooth flow to it, progresive electro sounds like never before, really nice tunes i thought

track 4 - much more progy soundin but didnt seem to progress to anywhere threw the track, real nice track tho, very different, if u played it in the right set then i recon itde cut sick

track 5 - sounds really early 2000 electro style, bit out-dated sounds but i dug the bassline very much so

track 6 - one of the high points of this cd oi thought, track progresion is wicked, sounds are not what u would expect to be put together but work like cogs in a clock, realy nice melodic tweaky sound. killah track if i ever saw one

track 7 - real funky shit, interesting sound, definatly dance floor material, could have ben a bit less repedative but is such a nicee funky track

track 8 - 2:48 in turns into one of the nicest funkiest best sounds i heard in a long time, this dude knows his shit, such a well produced funky ass track

track 9 - nice track, more up beat then the rest so far, killah samples, flows real smooth with the cd aswell, really kool track i recon

track 10 - cheesy cheesy samples, really smooth flowin track, moves along nicely as it goes, excellent prodution an some really cool sounds, coulda been a bit more adventurous tho gets real cool just before the end

track 11 - MASSIVE best track on the cd by so far, one of the best tracks i heard in ages, absolutly in love with this song, i garentee i will be playin this at som stage or another. really excellently assembled track, funky zany sounds, mocves threw the track really nicley with a really sneaky funky bassline

over all ide say this cd is a good one, worth buyin i for sure recon, as a whole the cd progreses is excellent, really unique style of music and im definatly keen to see more of this gear emergine at parties, really cool style, an a nice compilation guys, keep the tunes a comin

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 11:49
Playlist? Details? Not a proper review, please try again           Everyone in the world is doing something without me
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 18:25
01. Tom Cosm - Swagger 05:59
02. Vishnudata and Dr Nipert - We Are Family 06:37
03. Kiwa - Get Wet 06:00
04. Loopus In Fabula - Fat Ladies Bingo. Itay Thin Remix 07:45
05. Krumelur - Pigg 06:03
06. Ocelot - Supercool 05:26
07. Loopus And Mauxuam - Civic TV 07:00
08. Tom Cosm - Psycurious 07:26
09. Paul Kearny - Almost Too Wierd To Be True 04:45
10. Loopus In Fabula - Radio Exp 07:47
11. Talpa - Miss Ivon 07:32

check out Talpa.....every track from this guy is huge surprise!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 21:05
wow killah review boom bang... :-D haha

I found this compilation very interesting and quite refreshing which was expected from Fabula records... Keywords for this compilation is FUNKY! Yeah, lots of crazy breaks and cool 'ultrapop' melodies... really nice for chillin'... ;-) About the tracks... i found that track 2 has very interesting theme with those catchy melodies... really nice tune! Kiwa is another scandinavian project which i discovered quite recently and i am more and more pleasently surprised with their productions! So sexy and smooth! Great! Also i liked Krumelur track which is always innovative and different... one of my favourite artists definately. Ocelot track is ok, trippy and with strange atmosphere, but i like it beacuse its not usual that dark psytrance artist do some different stuff from time to time. He prooved himself here And, finally Talpa's track is like a short preview of his upcoming album which will be totally different from his last piece back in 2004... i expected this :-D. So, i think this compilation is really interesting, in style of production and once again it shows that Fabula records has really much to show to the world!
MikelaBella Rec.
MikelaBella Rec.

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Posted : Sep 21, 2007 10:16
Btw- track 4 is itaitaiko remix and not itaytaiko           Music withA Vibe
We are into Unique and Fresh- well - we Try ;)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 26, 2007 14:43
Great Release!

Some fillers during the CD, but overall it has a very high funk-factor and is quite well produced!

Fav Tracks are

Talpa - Miss Ivon. I didn´t expect that kind of Sound from Talpa.....very nice surprise and for me the best track with so much funk and a great intro:

"We think it in a way, that disconnects the intelligence from the rocks.

Where there are rocks: Watch out! Watch out. Because the rocks are going eventually to come alive!"

Must be some kind of Zen thing
The track itself is just pure funky Psytrance. A Masterpiece imho.

Another Great Track is Vishnudata - We are Family. Not less funky then Talpa but the groove is different. Great Sounds, Breaks and Melodies all over the Track.

Krumelur, Itay and Ocelot contribute some strong tracks, the rest is so-so, but there ain´t no really bad moments on this CD.

As i didn´t listen to the first Ultrapop CD, it got me by surprise...

nice one


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Posted : Sep 30, 2007 20:46
I really liked this one as well. I know Loopus' music somewhat before this, but am only beginning to dig into Fablula's releases.

I only have a couple things to add to what other people said. First, the production is great throughout, but in systems without a sub (like my car) it's going to sound kinda crappy sometimes. The electro bass really requires it. So this sounds much better on my home system than my car, where much of the subtle interplay is lost and the doors rattle, although it's a halfway decent stock system otherwise - most psytrance sounds alright on it. Also, this is definitely a crossover of psytrance and electro, with some house and breaks elements at times. But almost all of it's interesting and funky.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 3, 2007 02:29
loving #1 from tom cosm, really a fun electro tune!
#6 from ocelot also has grabbed a dancefloor or two in the past month,
the others are fun but i havent used them in a mix yet.
but soon!!!
groovy all around
good going mateo
funny cover art


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Posted : Oct 5, 2007 00:42
Great compilation, love this style!
Minimal Monster
Minimal Monster

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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 18:58
Krumelur is a sick sick sick man!!!!! and i like it 
Tsabeat/Sattel Battle

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 03:40

funky , new style , dancefloor , psychadelics , kiwa , cosm , talpa

Dance N Dust
Dance N Dust

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 14:11
good psy album , some trax got jazz motif .
i like some tracks in special moment.

good luck to fabula guys

asher           out now:
Aumrec – Before The Beginning ,EP
V/a Beat Wins , Compiled by DJ Asherun
Embargaa - Slova . EP
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 14:36

track 11 - MASSIVE best track on the cd by so far, one of the best tracks i heard in ages, absolutly in love with this song, i garentee i will be playin this at som stage or another. really excellently assembled track, funky zany sounds, mocves threw the track really nicley with a really sneaky funky bassline

talpa its great in every track
even its progressive,psychedelic or whatever
every track masterpiece

im waiting for he`s album
lets hope that gonna be out soon !!!

btw.. this compilacion its very experimental for me but a good one
also the ocelot & kremular track are very beautiful tracks

respect for all artists involved in this comp. also big support for the label           Hallucinated Neighbour / Silent Existence
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 17:55
the track by Cosm is like 2 years old...its there on one of his sets...great track indeed but i was expecting a newer track           When death comes to your doorstep, make sure you are alive
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 13, 2007 06:04
unfortinutely i didn't get my hands on the 1st part but this one is amazing. the concept of these compilation series sounds very original.
all the best to the label for the future releases of this kind of music. hope u'll make it =)
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