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Va Peak-a-doodle-doo ( Peak Records ) 2008 compiled by Apex


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Posted : Mar 5, 2008 12:25:39
title : Peak-a-doodle-do
Label : Peak Records
Format: CD
Distribution : Arabesque Uk
Year : 2008.

Tracklist :

1.Yab-yum & Tanina Munchkina - The chicken and the egg
2.Yab-Yum & Dhira - Pretty good
3.Ajja & Apex - Cycle derek
4.Rev - When it is!
5.Aphid moon & Apex - Robot Revolution
6.Mindcore - Venom
7.Organic Hybrid - Innately Psychedelic
8.Early reflections - Khoali Tisrit
9.Illegal Machines & Psymmetrix - fuck chillout2
10.Lenz - driven crazy
11.Entropy - Hey
12.Master Margherita - Cosmic Poultry

1. The intro starts of with a hen crowing sample stretched very nicely. Tanina follows up with a vocal "" What was the question again,who came first, the chicken or the egg? But wat egg and wat chicken anyway. Oh ur talking about mr cosmic restoring the egg of knowledge i suppose. But check the chick and the breats. cosmic or not ull have to agree that this aint no mster and therefore it iant no rooster,you know wat im sayin? She is a miss, miss is a she. A holy hen giving light to the egg of the universe will be coming. Oh Holy Hen"". It ends again with the hen crowing sample. Very funny, yet interesting intro. Gets me more curious abt wat the cd has to offer.

2. the track starts with a nice atmosphere with gentle percussion with water bubble kinda fx in the background. Soon the kick and bass settles in. The bassline is very groovy and tight. The track progresses nicely with quirky and real nice fx and synths. A sample is introduced at around 1:30. After a short buildup the trademark sounds of Yab-yum come in. Short and trippy fx combined with nice percussion creates a nice vibe here, something that yab-yum always manages to do with their production. At around 4:20 a sample with people clapping is introduced and from there on the bassline changes to a running bassline with some vocals/samples at the background. The track moves on with more trippy fx and interesting sounds. A very nice opening track.

3. The track starts of with a nice atmos with filtered kick and bass. Strong kick and bass settles in with a nice and very psychedelic fx and nice atmos. Soon another enticing synth is introduced with the bassline changing slowly accompanied by some nice percussion. More fx and sounds follow. At 1:46 the track progresses very nicely with more trippy fx and computer like sounds. This track so far has a very goa-like feel to it and is quite layered with nice fx. At around 5:00 a short breakdown comes in and comes back in full throttle with more layered sounds. A beauty this one is!

4. Doof artist Rev comes in with some bending fx and strong bass and kick to start off the track. Some nice industrial style fx and synths follow till about 2:00.The bassline changes from thereon and is followed by some interesting sounds with a sample in the background that goes something like ""Brain says, oh-oh!, something special, nice and cool when you return from your hot trip, somethings happy, isnt it? "" The sample is well manipulated accompanied by some tweaking sounds and interesting fx. The track slows down a bit with a small atmos and comes right back with the bassline becoming more driving. The bassline changes again towards the end with more driving leads and fx. I feel there is something missing in the track in terms of direction. But thts just me. Nevertheless, this is a well produced decent night time track.

5. The track starts off with a sample "" I know this is kinda weird, but uh, do you know anything abt that? "" accompanied by short kick and bass and some intelligent quirky fx and percussion. Soon the kick and bass comes in with the sample again with some nice tribal percussion and very nice fx in the background. Soon the bassline becomes very driving with some interesting sounds and leads accompanying it. The production here is quite intelligent with the leads and fx. A small breakdown at around 3:10 with a reverbed and flanged synth work. From thereon the track goes on very nicely with some nice leads and short teasing fx in the background. Filtered kick and bass comes in around 4:30 and slowly builds up towards the kick and bass again. In comes more driving leads and some good fx. This is very intelligent production and more so , music for the mind. Solid track!

6. This is a new offering from the project of Phatmatix and Digital talk aka Mindcore. It starts with a short breaks intro in the style of Phatmatix with a nice and deep atmos in the background. Soon the kick and bass settles in with some nice fx. Percussion follows with a synth. Phatmatixs style is very evident during this minute. Nice crunchy leads, spooky atmospheres and gentle melodies follow. A short breakdown at around 4:00. From here on you could make out Juliens influence with layered sounds and fx. At around 5:00 another lead is introduced and moves towards a buildup and the track progresses with the lead, short breaks and start/stops. At around 6:50 another lead
is introduced which i think is a vanguard synth and the track ends in a similar fashion. To sum up, i was a lil disappointed with this as i was expecting something more
from the two. This is pretty formulaic and more techno-ish towards the end. The two have lot more potential and i look forward to hear more from them in future.

7. Starts with a very short but nice industrial like atmo with a sample. Soon kick and bass settles in with some very nice fx and percussion. Some very teasing fx in this track as it progresses. At around 2:00 the bassline changes into something more groovy with some nice fx again accompnaying it. At times it sounds like dark-prog meets night trance. In comes a sample tht says "" Ive completed my analysis of the unknown object, computing atomic mass to quantum waves, suggesting the presence of extra dimensional
isotopic matter,EXTRA DIMENSIONAL?, Yes, the isotopic matter appears to be a nice dimensional matter of nature. DEFINE NICE DIMENSIONAL MATTER? Well, mathematics can
demonstrate the existence of this matter. Im afraid the human mind does not anyway relate to this matter...... Undirectional!"" The kick and comes back with a part of the
sample looping. At 4:18 there is a short breakdown with the kick, very nicely done. From then on the track moves with some interesting leads and sounds. Interesting track and a nice debut.

8. Starts off with a strong and groovy bassline and interesting fx and atmos. The track progresses nicely with tweaking fx and bubble type leads. At around 4:00 the bassline changes with a funny type of lead and a sudden stop with a synth very nicely done. the kick and bass comes back with more powerful leads accompaying it. The track moves forward with more of those leads and some nice trippy fx and ends in a similar manner. Interesting track as well. But could have been better.

9. This is another collab with 2 relatively newer but talented artists. The bassline is more deep and driving. The fx are pretty trippy and very clean. At around 2:00 there is a very well doen breakdown. The track moves on very nicely from there with more pitchbent leads with a sample goin on at the background. This track gives u a more on-your-face feeling with its non stop fx. At around 4:00 the bassline changes with more leads and fx going along with it. I really liked this track except for one or breakdowns because i feel that the GLITCH has been overused and unless used differently sounds very bleak. But nevertheless this is a nice one.

10. This is another debut featured on this compilation. The track starts of with a nice kick and bass and some deep atmospheres. More interesting sounds follow with some nice percussion. At around 1:40 a strong lead is introduced accompanied by some fx. Few seconds later the leads become more driving and twisted. A short filtered kick and bass at around 3:00 accompanied by a ring modulated lead and quirky fx. At 3: 40 the track slows down and then slowly builds up the tempo with the lead coming into place and the tempo just keeps goin faster and faster,
true to the track name Driven crazy! Very well done. In comes the kick bass and the leads just goin haywire. A very lead driven track, but very nice indeed. A good debut.

11. Here comes another Doof stalwart Entropy and to me one of the most underrated producers of this genre. Havin heard the samples earlier, i got instantly hooked onto it. Lets check it out. Starts with a filtered bass and kick and a stretched reverbed sample. And very soon comes in tht on-your-face hard bassline. Nice percussion and industrial type synths and sounds follow. The bassline changes with more tweaking and hard leads. At around 2.00 the bassline changes and a tweaking lead just builds up slowly. Hard and funky this could drive any night-time floor into a frenzy. What follows is just absolute mayhem with the leads just goin haywire. At 3:45 the leads begin to change with some superb fx , something ive never heard before. Crunchy leads, nice breaks follow on towards 5:00. From there on its just non-stop madness with the leads just bending and tweaking your brain. What a track!! My favourite of the compilation. Two thumbs up!

12. Peak artist Master Margherita ends the compilation with the rooster crowing sounds with more of dark/spooky atmosphere. the samples again are manipulated nicely and a nice outro to this compilation.

So there it is. this certainly has been yet another solid release from Peak. There are some nice debuts showcasing a very nice sound and are some nice prospects for the future
This would work very nicely on a dancefloor and is also good for home listening.Some of the tracks kinda sound similar though i should say. But nevertheless it is well compiled by Apex.
As always mastering by Lawrence aka Chromatone ensures a good quality sound.

Favorites : 2,3,5,7,10,11

Amaris Records
Amaris Records

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Posted : Mar 5, 2008 13:57
Another winner and superb comp from Peak. They have never disappointed:) love every compilation and always look forward to their stuff.
The tracks are varied in this one, Ajja, mindcore, yab yum, illegal machines, rev, lenz and entropy are killer and sure will be dancefloor stompers!!
The cover is as usual in the Peak style!
Congrats to the peak team and apex :)
VA LUNIK > 2007
VA PSYENTOLOGY - Coming Soon!!
Amaris Records--
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 5, 2008 16:24
Very nice compilation

Peak keep up the quality and the underground good sound!

As always quite a lot dancefloor oriented, I really like this compilation and the crew dance and dance
energy spliff
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 6, 2008 09:06
top quality music on this one.. my fav va at present...
really beginning to enjoy nightime music with this one... evry track feels so stroonnnnggggggeven though its a pretty varied artist selection.. its really good.... my fav track is hey by entropy...
very wicked start... im dying to hear this played at a party... and see adance floor come alive.. the start kinda takes you by surprise... and keeps taking you down the rabbit hole... sweet sample too... very tight solid baseline throught... dark and a lil bouncy at the same time...
the rest of the tracks are pretty tight as well...

good one apex and peak.

and a very good review by urban psy 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 16, 2008 13:33
Nice review! Thanks for all the good feedback  
Inactive User

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Posted : Mar 28, 2008 21:53
peak records makes that killa shit for psyko mornign hours
mad respkettttt
big bommmmmmm

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Posted : Apr 2, 2008 00:31
I really like this release, good to have such stuff 4 the right time - u can't play 150+ 24h, hehehe...... 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 13, 2008 16:51
Awesome release! My favorites are 2,3,4,5,7,9! 

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Posted : May 8, 2008 12:11
Hats off to Peak, a nice compilation.
After a longtime, some real killers.
Keep up the good work.           "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." - Lao Tzu

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Posted : May 9, 2008 11:14
happy to see lenz....some italian cream...!
entropy lots of time no hear.....supa serious artist...!

peak interesting as usual....nice!


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Posted : May 12, 2008 23:21
^ yeah
thumbs up for peak rec

CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 15, 2008 12:23
Nice set in Athens Apex
nice va to have with us in the summer trips
respect           Helicon Sounds Music
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jul 7, 2008 19:35

01 – Yab Yum Feat. Tanina Munchkina – The Chicken & The Egg - 1:28
02 – Yab Yum & Dhira – Pretty Good - 7:25 (148 BPM)
03 – Ajja & Apex – Cycle Derek – 7:14 (146 BPM)
04 – Rev – When It Is! – 7:37 (145 BPM)
05 – Aphid Moon & Apex – Robot Revolution – 7:04 (146 BPM)
06 – Mind Core – Venom – 7:44 (144 BPM)
07 – Organic Hybrid – Innately Psychedelic – 7:49 (146 BPM)
08 – Early Reflections – Kholi Tistrit (La Boîte À Bonheur) – 7:24 (147 BPM)
09 – Illegal Machines & Psymmetrix – Fuck Chill Out 2 – 6:14 (148 BPM)
10 – Lenz – Driven Crazy – 7:05 (148 BPM)
11 – Entropy – Hey – 6:20 (146 BPM)
12 - Master Margherita – Cosmic Poultry – 2:03

Peek-A-Doodle-Doo, is the 15th release of Peak Records crew. And once more, we are presented with a CD composed by a pool of artists very appealing to the dance side. We have some established artists as well have newcomers. This one is compiled by “London-based Peak spinner”: Apex.

But let us hear the “Peak-A-Doodle-Doo´s” of this CD:

We start with an intro (in fact a regularity in Peak Records) produced by Yam Yum and Tanina Munchkina. The Chicken And The Egg (T1), is, almost, in it’s whole some samples, and some distorted sounds of a chicken. The samples are the following: “What was the question again? Who came first?...hmm…The chicken, or the egg? But what egg and what chicken, anyway? Oh, you’re talking about mister cosmic rooster and the egg of knowledge, I suppose, but check the chick…and the breasts cosmic or not, you’ll have to agree this ain´t no mister and therefore, it ain´t no rooster, you know what I am saying? She is a she…miss is a she a holy hen, giving light to the egg of universal becoming. Oh holy hen!”.

Next we move into Yab Yum and Dhira, with Pretty Good (T2). This tune is groovy, full of rhythm that confers a very danceable side to it. Expect some electrifying leads on the style of Yab Yum – if you know their style, you know what to expect: fantastic music! Favourite.

Cycle Derek (T3), is the product of the compiler of the CD, Apex and Ajja, member of Yam Yum project. A track that explore more “dark” territories, mixed with some twilights sounds. We are presented with some “sponge” effects and some leads very similar to Yab Yum sonorities. There is also a part on this track very worthy of record that is almost at 5 minutes: a small brake, with a nice build up, that gives birth to a lot of conjured sounds and leads popping everywhere feed up by a good work on the percussive elements. Favourite.

Now we are brought into Israeli works with Rev with When It Is! (T4). The first thing that is noticed on this tune is the kick and bass – strong combo - expect also sharp acid leads from this project, mixed with some guitars riffs. Somehow I think the tune lacks something, maybe more variety on some sounds. Nevertheless it is a mature and well built track.

Robot Revolution (T5) is another track where Apex participates, but this time with the help of Jules Hamer - the person behind Aphid Moon project. This one I consider to be a festival monster track; it is well composed and it is has adult production. It jogs on a relaxed mood, and it is packed with lots of little sounds each one of them marking its position without overwhelming the others, and the leads constantly going up and down doing their job. There are some brakes that give the music a nice groovy feeling. This 144 beats per minute track really does wonders. This is my favourite track of the whole compilation.

Venom (T6) is the product of Mindcore. We come from a relaxed tune, the previous one, to one more energetic. This one is electric stimulating nerves and somehow touching fullonic atmospheres, with an electroid feeling – and it reminds me also a little bit South African type of sounds – some sounds are similar to Shift or Twisted System sounds.

Now comes Innately Psychedelic (T7) made by Organic Hybrid. This tune is absolutely mouth-watering. It has a strong dynamic and Russian stimulating type leads. The percussive elements also give a nice rhythm, maintaining it funky, and the ambient revolving around the tune runs in a dark atmosphere, almost with a space impression, surrounded by hypnotic elements, coming and going in spirals. It is one of those tunes you go looking for your brain, because this one is really stimulating and challenging. I dig very much the assembling of the various leads, which complement each others, where one begins another one finishes it. Favourite.

Khoali Tristrit (La Boite A Bonheur) (T8), is the product of a duo: Early Reflections – Olivier Charpier and Wilfried Decaesteker. Once more we are brought into a very energetic track, with some nice sounds. One thing you can feel on this track is the work on the hats that make a nice combo with the works on the leads.

Now the following track is the work of 3 persons: Fabien Mournetas, Alastair and Richie Elemes, that compose Illegal Machines and Psymmetrix projects. Fuck Chill Out 2 (T9), is from the CD one of the most energetic and tricky tracks of the CD. But what can you expect when we have 3 brains working in simultaneous to make music? Like I said before, energy is the key word for this track, and indeed it is true, there are lots of small leads, and tricky works on the percussive elements, brakes, rolling drums all in a good symbiosis. The leads in here are quick and fast, that confer a harmonious atmosphere into the track.

Driven Crazy (T10) by Lenz is one of the craziest tracks I have ever heard in terms of works on the percussive elements. The track in the first part has lots of power some crazy leads and some hypnotic elements that twist your ears, with some very thin sounds; the second part of the track, which begins at 3:30 minutes, is where the craziness begins: the kick begins to speed up seeming that will never stop! Then at 5:05 it ends this climax of rolling drums that were accompanied with some acid lines and it returns to the first sonorities of the track.

And so we reach our final trance tune of the compilation: Entropy with Hey (T11). If you know Omer Yulevich works, then you know what to expect. It has his peculiar touch, but it also has the Israeli madness on it. This one is a little bit more “metallic” and industrial than his typical works.

And we reach our final track with Moreno Antognini that is the person behind Master Margherita project. This is the Outro track that like the intro revolves around some chicken distorted samples, and some, it seems to me, some voices also very distorted.

The mastering of this compilation was made by L. Hoffman aka Chromatone.

The artwork and design was made by Ajja and Tanina Munchkina. Once again we are presented with a delight for the eyes. Peak is alabel that embrasses the production of a psychedelic CD very profoundly and presents quality for the ears never leaving aside the quality for the eyes. The cover is fantastic.

To conclude my review, I just want to say that this fifteenth release of Peak Records only comes to prove that Peak is a solid label and delivers quality music. This CD touches realms of more industrial and metallic sonorities, but the psychedelic, the dance and groovy side is always present. If you are a collector of their music this is a CD not to loose.           ...
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jul 9, 2008 15:22
Link in IstraTrance:           ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 25, 2008 06:15
i hate to butt in with a negative comment, but it has to be said: this has got to be one of the worst names for a compilation i've ever heard.

I'm sure the music is great, but that name.....who decided that was cool? You might want to get a few more people on that committee.... 
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