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VA - Nine Worlds (Yggdrasil) CD 2007

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 13:20
VA - Nine Worlds (Yggdrasil) CD 2007

01. Hutti Heita - sailing in the sky
02. Zoolog - biochemistry and magnetism
03. Katastrof - syndrome
04. Loke - different vibrations
05. Kluster - caracas maracas
06. Fragletrollet - the invasion of the mysterious...
07. Norwindia - raggsokk
08. Trold - monoatomic
09. Uruz and Ansuz - final pinal

The first ouput of Yggdrasil Records from Norway shows up with a very nice collection of twisted contributions by some new and a few well known underground psyheads. the original is already sold out in every shop, even the labelheads cant provide any original copies anymore, what may show how interesting this compilation is. let me ride this trip ...

Hutti Heita was catching my attention from their first real release already, and this track is no exception from their psychedelic work i know them for. for my taste a brilliant starter for a disc not loosing any time with intro, deep psychdelic atmospheres flirring around and the not too harsh baseline wobbles through. playful arranged sounds and fitting percussions on the right position forcing me to teeter with my limbs becoming more and more intense. playful stuff like this and i am urs, even this is no hit ... its a trip in a dungeon with lots of little and also bigger flying objects crossing by. killer track!!

Zoolog is one of my secrest tips for longer time as he knows how to turn the knobs to make it really twisted. this track has the same psycho manners as i learned to love him for and provides a catchy groove from the very beginning with lots of squeezed out samples. a jumpy baseline and layers fitting quit well to my idea of psychedelics. an acid treat, no doubt ... and if he stops trying such tricks in his arrangements he has a new fan! most definitely a track you can make a whole floor move forward, i did several times already. for sure a fav track on here.

Katastrof was appearing a few times before already and i had him as a more deeper darkish act in mind. here he has a more smart groove on the wrap and surprises me with .. also here i find lots of cool sounds, twisted effects and some kinda atmospheres too ... but in the end i try to find the coherent idea in its whole. the groove is a nice one but just in the very end part i may divine what it was about. if this is the evolutioon of Katastrof sound, from as i know harsh darkpsy artist to a more sober way of acidtreats i am curious what comes next.

Loke has a candy ready here i have to say. weird sounds starts this gem and a from the startup i notice a deep acid atmosphere .. hmmmm that i like. thin sharp acids flirring around ... a groovy base spangled with some nice samples prepare me for the main course. the build up is a very nice one too .. the track has a duration of almost 10 minutes an dusually i would say its too much, but his build up is a smart one indeed. becoming more and more complicated the twisted acid factor increases dramatically ... a morphed voice sample creeps in and there we are ... on a massive trip! wonderful track!

Kluster is long present in the scene and it seems it was a bit silent around him lately. the more nice he brings a really cool track to this extraordinary collection. the base keeps me driving forward and not too late the lead is there will keep me quacky for the rest of it. more pumpy and in general the leads are quit massive, but they know how to handle these heavy sounds without being swamped. and have also the feeling to drop you off safety after a massive playful treat. I was grinning and want more .. more Kluster please!!!

Fragletrollet has a real complicated track to fit into this flow quit well. a wooden base with sparingly arranged sounds starts this goodie. and after a break with nearly beautiful jingles the rolling groove catches onse legs to dive into deeper spheres. with a real touch of oldschoolish attitudes this treat spirals from one side to the other and becomes intense. luckyily he knows to turn the corner cause it threatens to become too much and there we are in a different dimension, at a stroke i am somewhere else ... happy that i was not stumbling as its going harsh in same direction till the very end as it was before the whormhole jump. very cool track but i still have to dig it ..

Norwindia, sounds to me like a cold wind from the north with a tracktitle has also some strange imaginations ready in my mind. a real cool and deep groove spangled with a few nice atmospheric lines making a good startup. it might become a bit too original you may think in the beginning, but then the arrangement has a few surprises ready. changes fading to a different direction but not loosing the beginning thread. in the end part it turns back to the imagination i had in the beginning, what makes a logic story but strange assembly. .... goon sounds, deep psychedelic attitudes .. they mix naiv appealing sounds with highly trippy phases and in some parts even acts kind of deterrent ... might sound weird, so is the track .. ..

Trold already have album out which most definitely making their typical sound. with a high dose of oldschoolish attitudes they wobbling through a cool track, wich is a bit too much of the old times for my taste, but hey .. its psychedelic, and thats what it is about in my opinion. they work on their lines they use and have some real cool turns and spirals being on hand. perfect morning music tool for a dusty dancefloor. appreciated as its an intelligent made goodie but not my cup so much.

Uruz and Ansuz is the ending track on a monster compilation and labelshead choosed a real ending trip as well. the sun is shining through and the groove carries you on. here we have also the touch of yesterday holding me tight. also not my cup as the track before, but in fact i have to admit it fits too good to the idea of this compilation is aiming at. its nearly a fullonish track with the approach to leave you smiling behind. most definitely succeeded.

I am impressed and deeply stunned. what a fucking killer compilation. you have to notice that this is a low budget project and the very first output of this norwegian label. nothing else than really deep respect from my side for bringing such a pearl of a psychedelics to the community. the line up delights me with a real trip having many facets of a smart acidtrip ready and even there are tracks are not my personal cup it belongs to a trip like this. again big respect for a damn good cd i found a few tracks already to be tasted in my sets for quit some time.

thx for the music!!!



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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 15:12
Thanks ILSE for a really nice review! Great that you want to share your opinion and point of view

Btw my track is called "Invasion of the mysterious partyclowns"

My favourites on this one must be Hutti Heita, Loke, Zoolog and Trold !

I think we are going to get lots of goodies from Yggdrasil records in the future! Strictly psychedelic

Much love to all! 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 15:34
I really enjoy this cd, it is still pleasing my ears every now & then. 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 21:50
This is a nice CD! Lots of hidden surprises.

Favorites are : Loke, Fragletrollet, Hutti Heita, Trold & Zoolog.

Keep them coming my friends : )



Started Topics :  7
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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 22:57
Thank you so much Ilse for this review. We are happy with all the positive feedback we have gotten from this comp! Its fun to hear the tracks being played on different festivals as well (latest on universo paralelo, a very nice festival btw!).

We are working on a follow up to this, and it should be avaliable in may, latest june.

All of us in yggdrasil thank all of you and all the participants!

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 9, 2008 08:18
great compilation, one of my favorite psychedelic releases of last year.

keep up the good work

's just another party..
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jan 11, 2008 04:50
Review by psytones

VA - "Nine Worlds" (Yggdrasil Records) 2007 (YGG1CD001)

01 (8:49) Hutti Heita - sailing in the sky
02 (6:44) Zoolog - biochemistry and magnetism
03 (6:14) Katastrof - syndrome
04 (9:51) Loke - different vibrations
05 (7:27) Kluster - caracas maracas
06 (8:50) Fragletrollet - the invasion of the mysterious...
07 (8:33) Norwindia - raggsokk
08 (9:51) Trold - monoatomic
09 (8:57) Uruz and Ansuz - final pinal

01. Hutti Heita - Sailing in the Sky
World one, we are greeted by a strange little crooked old man in dirty pants who is trying to say something about that he's got a special treat for us music lovers... and it seems, yes, maybe, not sure, but it may seem as if he's offering us his wife to us for our honest and well thought sexual pleasure as we journey through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil's Nine Worlds of utter pants!

*insert fart*

Great! Farts - Let's wonder inside his house, haha, it's a strange place with bumpy but soft and pleasent roads and the roof seems to be leaking some kind of green, orange and purple acid. Hysh, I think the sexually hornyfied wife of the baker is trying to communicate, what is she blabbering about? I'm confused about if she's ready to hump or if she's complaining about my subjective toaster and trying to warn us about something. Could the old cribbled little man be a troll? She sounds hot, a little
twisted, but that just increases the sexual appeal of the spirit. I better wander in to that roooommm... oh yes, there she is .

Oh my God, the door is geometrical and bubblie, how could that be? Exciting my pants non the less, I'm stepping in. .. Is that, is that her with rabbit ears? in purple? I can vaugley see her standing with her back towards me. Shes moaning, sensually. Or maybe she's
exhausted from something, maybe she's mumbling about my view of the world?. Maybe she's scared? She's 6 feet away from me,
but for every step I take she glides away farther against the corner wich is covered with clouds like she's shrinking.
This room is very strange, very weird, maybe one of the funniest weirdest rooms I've been in for a long time. Amazing.
A track that takes your attention with slow hyphnotizing effects and sets it in total spun and joy with multible bouncing
cute soundeffects. A bunny track if I ever saw one.

02. Zoolog - biochemistry and magnetism
Ok, who's playing the drums around here, show yourself! This is very daggedida. You got some moves kid!
Still inside a house, jaktcabben or what you'd like to call it. We're out in a deep dark trolledy forest, thats
for sure. I don't know whats luring in the dark, but it got sharpp teeth, and I fear it might bite if I move
from my spot. Lights is turned off, imagination is running wild. A door is opened, not any door, a quirky trippy
door. Who's there!? Do you have laser pistols? I could sure need some light, so if you got one, shoot alittle.
Shoot it like your a bird riding a UFO. Ah, there we go, hahaha, the door is dancing with the lights. And the
scary thing with theeth seems to have settled or maybe it's gone? No, there it is, it's flooded the floor with
water, I bet it moves better in liquid, I better jump on this dancing steamboat, yes, that seems much safer.
And the lovely birds, their so nice. I have a bird. My bird likes funny noises. Wonder if these birds would like
to say hello to my bird. .. Hold that thought, seems as if the birds are going loco with bittlelittle lasers,,
are they angry or something, they seem pretty twisted. Well, I better phone my self out of this room. Hectic but

03. Katastrof - syndrome
Whats this, a transport to another place, we sure are in a rush mister, watch out for those trees!
Jesus, you could have run us over with your self! And may I ask you why we're driving through a warzone?
Captain, get us out of here, I feel like ducking and hiding. There we go, a little walking doesnt hurt our feet,
and with that walkietalkie we could maybe find ourself another house, seems it starting to rain barbweir,
not safe. This is Katastrof I tell you.

04. Loke - different vibrations
Oh my goodness, where have we landed, inside a rusty elephant cage? *hysh* I think it's a ciname, the movie
is about to start. Hæ? WHat did the actors say, I didnt catch that. Forget about it, here comes the best part,
metal rain, small prinkles of metal dust. So beautiful, so enducing. *hysh* .. .. Earth. .. .. Vibrations from
the devil, the underverse ... Crazy? .. I'm happy I'm sitting, because this is the most interesting dialog I've
heard in a while, with lovely background. As the actor sais, let teleport the whole universe with music. hihi!
I think it's a sci-fi movie, very cute but it seems to be getting a bit snappy here. Are we being teleported as
I think, and am I saying what I'm thinking? Not sure.
This is a strange place we're in, from the left to the right around and around we go with jalla fluits on a
nailboard and a lady saying some words, it might be a devil worhipper or something, better sit nicly and dont
make a fuzz until it's gone. Hm, got to admit that she does sing a lovely tune, and it's a nice but strange break
from the devil like creatures lurking. haha this is very veird, but I'm not sure if it makes a lot of sense or not.
Maybe the mantra could tell me.. ah, yes. True. I didn't think of it like that. Your the one intensing the fear. Are you saying I can't handle it? Are you laughing of me? Good thing I'm not paranoid at the moment, I'll tell you that, because this tune can drag your paranoia over to new dimensions, luckely the movie ends with a smile and a truth.

05. Kluster - caracas maracas
Alice went tumbling down the rabbit hole. Slamming her head from rock to rock making her nut go ko-ko and
psychotic, oh what a joy alice said, lets go dance. Now this is mocking with class, this is paranormal
fun with grinding class. A hefty ride and thumping beats makes this into a fun, ruff and tuff carneval.
How one get's out is hard to say so you'd better ride with it and hope the trail doesnt go off a cliff.
But no worries, here you will get beautiful angel sceonery, dangroues curves and warning signals only to
tighten your trip. Hang on, dont let go, this is wilder then riding Dumbo on acid with clowns running after you.
A mocking track, a beautiful playful mocking track to trigger some imagination and good hearted confusion.

[To Be Continued ..]
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  236
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Posted : Jan 11, 2008 04:51
[The second part ...]

06. Fragletrollet - The Invasion Of The Mysterious Partyclowns
OOoohhhhh... I think Dumbo just landed, and we're inside a funny looking circus tent with breathing colourful
walls and midges riding small pink bikes. Now, I'm no huge fan of circuses, but this seem to be a amuzing
psychedelic circus which plays more then you can imagine. It's serious business, like a huge gorilla wanting
to play ballet. The band sets up its acid guitar and it's dripping stars from the roof.. riffs in place, time to
take action. SMACK! from a calm and creepy quiet baseline in the intro part the troll, the fraggel troll takes us
on a fat train running 100's of meters pr hours in light speed, tchooing it's way through different landscapes
of curves and gateways making your tummy tickle of exitment and joy. This is terrifying and joyful to the fullest!
Train settles in to it's track, going fast backwards tunneling forward.. But what is this, is it strange clowns,
they sure look like clowns with that running style. They sure are mysterius, and it seems as if that is what
they now are trying to show me, how stomping mysterius they really are. - Are you ready for tales that will
shatter your spine and boil your blood!? Sure, lets go! .. Hm, the clowns seems to be stuck in somekind of
strange dance, or is that the way they actually walk? Not sure.. Maybe their acid is running low?

07. Norwindia - raggsokk
as a cloud of dust we remove our self from the mysterius clowns and are swept inside a ghost world of
hounting souls and nagging blizzards, better take on my raggsokk, after all, when hiking in the psychedelic
mountains covered in snowstorms, one must dress well. But what happend to the ghosts? Seems like a run to the
nearest shelter would be nice, maybe we'll incounter some spirits on our path after shifting baselines from
playful to firm. And there they are, the ghosts, only these seems to have some attitude problems, but gosh do
they know how to twist, shift and take us on a vertical lift! A lot of adventures squeezed in to one track, but
what can one expect when venturing inside Norway and India at the same (there is no) time! A good collebration
with a couple of identity problems. A lot of luriking souls ready to talk and some snow blizzards to sweep you
around your own sanity. North beast meets East beast, a wild animal. Will you take the conciquense?

08. Trold - monoatomic
About time alines landed, after raving birds and mysterius clowns, we need some aliens from outerspace contact.
Some lurking and shifting lights, phases that make you breath accordong to it's will. Maybe it's best I sit and
listen a bit, this makes me tierd but interested, it's been a rough trip so far and sometimes it can be nice to
view the action from below, so below. A lot of nicely done flying elements, light as a feather, strong as a
solarstorm. Dialougs makes my ears point out to catch the words thrusted through the thich athmospehere.
The air is filled with vibes and strange elements. Some of these materials of great magic will crush you to the
floor making you feel like a ton while when it's done, it will lift you up and play with your vizuals and thoughts.
Be careful of what you think, they might just read your thoughts and use it against you. But do not fear,
the alien trolds does not want to harm you, only to realize what is, and what is not. Because nothing is and
everything is. A scientific track.

09. Uruz and Ansuz - final pinal
Don't drink, don't smoke and do not, what ever you do, snuff. Let's go straightforward as a closer with a
nice drive and some sweet synth sounds chasing beside your astral veichle playing strange notes to get you
looking. Dialogs about a certain mushroom will lead you in to light squeezy noise of childish behavour and
serious parenting. As always, these guys combined gives you brilliant drive, sweet synths and facinating tones.
Not a lot of fairytale, but its a educational tune in many shapes and formes. Take a look, see whre the goat trail

This is a facinating release from well respected Yggdrasil Records, it's a journey through Nine Worlds of pleasure, enjoyment, fear, mocking paranoia and laughter. My absolut favourite tracks on this compilation is the first track by Hutti Heita which is super heavy and floating with a lot of sweet and meaningful soundeffects, and Fragletrollets masterpiece which is filled with strange mysteries and an absurd attitude. The compilation does a real good job at making the album seem as one, as it is made with a theme in mind without getting boring and repeating. This is especially present in the first half of the track, and it looses it's hold on the storytelling flow around the last three tracks. For me it's important that the track has a soul, a story to be told, to be felt. And I'm very happy to say that there are only a couple of tracks on this gathering of worlds that seem to lack this quality, and for this is fantastic, especially within the more joyful twisted forest flavour, or 'dark' genre that some may call it. Katastrof for me is the track I felt less connected to, it got a bit to stressful and depended to much on tiering sound effects and drive. Thne Norwindia track has a very twisted story and at times it seems lost in it's own confusion of what to do and where to go. A playful tune of many stories with shifting beats and playful vibes, but a bit to schitzofrenic. Trolds track didn't catch my attention as much as I expected, but non the less a good steady track with interesting samples and good groove. This might not have been my best review attempt, but with my hand on my heart I would say that this IS the best Norwegian psychedelic trance compilation I have yet to hear. Overall, It's not boring full-on, it's not boring darrk-psy and it's not some lost trial of gathering cool tracks. It's a steady good twisted and psychedelic gathering of Nine tracks, Nine Worlds. I will rcomand this for those who are after a good foresty album with a lot of trolls with humor and twists. Drink your mushroom tea and enjoy!

Total Score 9.18 / 10

Where to buy and other links:
Yggdrasil Records:

- psytones (


Started Topics :  1
Posts :  128
Posted : Jan 11, 2008 06:19
Great compilation, surely one of the best ones last year had to offer           Kimi-tachi wa keikoku sareta!
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  63
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Posted : Jan 11, 2008 16:34
very good release from yggdrasil..
i really liked every track
but 2 of them are more special for me :

good ride for me .. and i think many people will enjoy this one..

i recommend to everyone

Respect & Support
Personally i wait for more in next release no matter if is an album or compilacion..
yggdrasil no doubt will share some quality with us

          Hallucinated Neighbour / Silent Existence
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 11, 2008 22:35
i agree.
this one is a true gem.
i had to hear it servel times to see what beond.
and zoolog , ye ! tusen tak for this special trk.
totally loved this work

***follow the old faith and stay high***
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Jan 12, 2008 05:56
the Fragletrollet track.. epic

one of a fucking kind.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 12, 2008 18:25
This is defently true psychedelic music.
Just one of few of those VA's where you enjoy it from beginning to the last track.           to use your head you have to go out of your mind
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  116
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Posted : Jan 13, 2008 08:14
fragletrollet urges u to become a clown urslf...

This is the best track of 2007 ! also making fraggle the best act of the year ! Well fr me atleast.

Trulyy psy , No cheese .

Other good numbers in here ... zoolog is always killa

Respect for the label and its music.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  42
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Posted : Jan 14, 2008 03:38
Fragletrollet track is boom, nice one bro
Good compilation overall. Looking forward to more releases from Yggdrasil.           `Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end` Mandelbrot
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