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V/A - Twisted Vision (Hadra Records 2006) CD

Noise Poison Records
Noise Poison Records

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Posted : Sep 4, 2006 14:20
01. Barak – Insane Tentacle
02. Menog – Trance Human Extinction
03. Hyper Frequencies - L'Élektrö Bô
04. Jahbo vs. Shotu – Trigger Happy
05. Highko – Brain vs. CPU
06. Syntax Error – K-8
07. Shotu – Aarhus Virus
08. Phonic Request & Akhoa – The Dead City
09. EVP - Evolution

The Hadra Crew around DJ Leptit, who compiled this compilation as well contributes his own work as Shotu, is know for almost the only bigger events thrown in France, and brings another gem to the community in this diverse styled collection. Already the 4th release Hadra is climbing up to be known as one of the established labels for acid orientated psytrance as I like so much.

Barak openes the disc, and surprisingly he does not waste time to roll the tune out, and packs it from beginning with very nice samples and effects. he knows how to turn the knobs and thrills me all along with many funny gimmicks and enough changes to keep me pleased. very nice tune and smooth starter. good choice!!
Menog from Portugal is wellknown in the circuit as he already released two albums and numerous singletracks on famous labels. the lead is indicated from beginning is not my cup, but spreads a good punch of psychedelica as its not that dominant and turns to a nearly emotional tune later on. decent track to me.
Hyper Frequencies are local heroes and start to appear more frequently after it seems there was kinda break. this tune grooves from beginning and has a fucking high dosed funk attitude I like very much. squeeky samples and effects with a stagger way of humour makes me smile to this and keep me thrilled during the build up. great tune for me and looking forward for news.
Jahbo and Shotu seem to have a concordant taste in music, which I personally so much. It's no secret that i am fan of the danish styled way of producing psytrance, and Leptit himself seems to be infected badly as well. GOOOOOD. this tune kicks with spiky acids from beginning and has a hell of a drive. in fact a fucking great typical aarhus styled gem should describe it the best. lovely!!!
Highko ... i don't know if I people would appreciate reviewing this one, as I am running
noise poison with him .. so I call it the recent peak of his production.
Syntax Error is another proof of the mushroom acidridden attitudes of the northern european
way of spreading the fun in music. This one is a bit more strong with a deep bassline but also lots of little titbits hitting me from the start up. You can listen the roots of the grapes here, and it's definitely another gem to substantiate the spirit of this whole compilation.
Shotu himself maybe with the best statement and the same outing I use to emphasize as much as possible. this virus stucks and please stay there where u r ... complex work on a smooth build up with this hitting acids .. arrghhhh lovely tune with a phaaaat groove ... and if something is a parvati styled goodie this is for sure .. but the trackname already implies it and met the requirments in this. killa!
Phonic Request from france also and again in a corporation with Akhoa we saw already on parvati before. the samples where Gollum samples leads Sam and Frodo to Minas Morgul is a gem to me, and the atmosphere of this movie is quit well implemented as DP already mentioned before. lots of bleeps and quirks makes me smile and keep my attention to this ... marvelous tune!
EVP ends up this compilation. I am not that familiar with this artist, but it has very nice effects which going a bit too melodic for my taste, but fit very good in its whole to the diverse styled line up in general. As I know there is an album also, I suppose will taste that one later on.

in the end I have a fucking killer compilation with a few downs and lots of ups .. ... will be used in my sets for sure in the future, as I find at least a triplepack of tracks fits seamless to my idea of psytrance. Please keep it up like this david, highly appreciated here and be sure of my support.


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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 4, 2006 15:37
The highko track is a monster .. jahbo and shotu ones kik up some serious ass ,, evp did a great job on his track .

The rest of the tracks dont stand out ..

overall 7,5/10
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Posted : Sep 9, 2006 18:12
pretty cool cd this one
favorite trax in there from menog, barak, evp and hyper frequencies; one of his best
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 12, 2008 08:40
hehe Syntax Error - K8 rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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