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V.A. Twist Dream (Suntrip Rec) - relesased Jan 07


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Posted : Feb 17, 2007 03:29
As always, Suntrip brings as another pure psychedelic pearl!

Thanx for spreading goa vibes!            • [ cuBe ] :: •
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 18, 2007 16:48
wow i have been really waiting for this release... can't wait to hear it.

from the positive feedback it has recieved here it seems that Sunstrip records have done it again, keeping the flame alive
Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 19, 2007 12:50
nice cd in not so popular manner. suntrip moving right way trying to promote this kind of psy. i like red gravity track and talpa's one most of all.           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 02:45
I was watching this one, eagerly awaiting it's release. All of the previous Suntrip CDs have been dynomite! Once I had the cash, you better believe this was what I ordered (along with $450 of other stuff!). Outstanding. Brilliant. A genuine must-have if you are a goa-head or anyone who believes music is more than 4 on the floor repetition. The melodies are so deep and numerous, it's like a rich tapestry that is constantly in flux.

Can I just send you money to pre-order your next offering?


Anoebis and Mars, you continue to renew my faith in this genre. Please keep up the good work
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 16, 2007 13:18
beautiful album......

my favorite is Merrow- Utopian Society

there is a amazing melody in the end of the track...

from the production and sounds creation point of view

nothing new in this album....but who give a fuck
i love the classic synths sounds 
Jon Cocco
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Mar 21, 2007 23:27

Track list

01. Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit
02. Aerosis - Contorsion
03. Red Gravity – Momentary 29
04. Talpa – Till We Meet Again
05. Merr0w – Utopian Society
06. Khetzal - Trancefuzion
07. K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion
08. Afgin - Dimensional
09. Ra – Gates Of Triphareth

I have bought three 2007 psytrance albums so far this year because I'm big on quality. One is Transwave - Backfire. The second is Prometheus - Corridor of Mirrors. The third is V/A - Twist Dreams. This is the first real 2007 album review I've written since Transwave - Backfire which you can read on where I'm known for posting since 2000.

01. Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit ... The minute I heard this song I liked it. It constantly seems to change without losing direction. New melodies, sounds, and voices are introduced, always catchy, focused, and with feeling throughout. The female voices at 5:29 really top things off, however short they are. The touch is beautiful in its own way. This reminds me more like the opening song on Khetzel's Corolle album. It's more relaxing, floating, and Eastern-Indian influenced rather. For an opening song it's very good and keeps my interest throughout. I like how I feel while listening to it, very positive. B+

02. Aerosis - Contorsion ... The outer space-ish intro is short but cool. The first three minutes actually don't do anything for me other than prime me or patiently wait for what's to come. Sure the melodies are nice and the ambient notes compliment them but I'm not really feeling it yet. At around 3:05 some layers are taken off. And at around 3:18 a melody gradually begins to be integrated into the mix which will make the entire song much more fun to listen to. The peek of this melody is most prominent at 3:44. I find the part from 3:44 to 4:22 great, the best part here. Actually it's refreshing, beautiful, uplifting, smooth. I love this part. Lowering the volume and/or temporally disabling other sounds accentuate the melody. The overall sound slows down from around 5:13 and begins to build up to some type of climax at 5:55. It hits at 6:34 and my issue is that this song could have EXPLODED when returning. Would this be more mainstream in theory? Yes. But this is Goatrance so in a sense, having such a final imaginative explostion climax really isn't mainstream and yes I'm aware that part of me is missing the point if part intent was no to be like many others but... What the song does do in the last third is alright, but I almost feel teased into thinking there was something more fun coming. Whether this track was made for when the sun comes up (after the party) or for a final song isn't relevant to the fact that it is the second track here. People will not identify it as the closing song, rather the one to launch us high before the next. The ending here is neither climax nor anti-climax. It seems to fake-out a potentially great ending because of the build up part. This hints at something more to come but ends up being little difference and song variation until the end. I missed the more juicy sound from the first half. The last third could have been superb, kind of like how Khetzal's Djaningar song towards the end; taking things to the next level as opposed to putting on the breaks. Nonetheless, this song is well above average. IMO these guys should definitely go all out and build a song on juicy melodies that become increasingly more juicy and delicious as the song progresses, nailing the final third down like Battle of the Bands. They put together melodies so well without over playing the lead(s). Overall it's good, the best full length song I've heard from Aerosis to date. B

03. Red Gravity – Momentary 29 is the first great, more climactic, energetic goatrance song on the album to me. I love how it develops, the building up and with melodies and sounds. Everything flows. It gets deeper and generally more full of whizzing sound and rhythm as it progresses. There is a good melody at 4:44 and a very cool sound utilized as a melody at around 5:55 which sounds like something similar to an ethereal sound on a famous Hallucinogen song. Tthis song is great, full of gradual, cleverly structured climax, development, and strong catchy melodies. This is one of my several top favorite songs on the album. B+

04. Talpa – Till We Meet Again ... Jeez can an intro get more FANCY?? I love the creative introduction to this song! I was one of the people who found The Art of Non debut album a real gem although not every track I considered great; several songs were. Here Talpa really creates some awesome synth work. The melodies and how they're utilized are excellent. It just sounds so lush and perfect the way it's thrown together, the flow. Talpa continues to impress me. My only gripe is the more generic melody existent from 3:12 - 3:51. I strongly feel he could have found something cooler in as oppsed to what we're given in that part of the song. Other than that this is a huge achievement. It's fun, catchy, dynamic, and rich in sound and style. The piano work is excellent! This is one of the best songs on the album and one of the coolest songs I've heard all year. When is the second Talpa album coming? It’s been almost three years already! B+

05. Merr0w – Utopian Society is the track that reminds me of Filteria. It really seems inspired, almost adapted to a degree in style and they created their own song. There is a strong, leading melody which carries the entire song. It is very good to say the least but after a while I can't help but feel like I've heard this so many times before. Sure it's got its own direction and creativity and all but it's not original. The reason why I speak higher of Filteria's songs is because he has really made some excellent songs with the Pleiadians founding form. That's not to say this isn't good. I'm sure some people will believe it's one of the best here. The hypnotic effect (as if the music is skipping) is very psychedelic and cool. The short voice samples in the beginning somewhere are good but these are little things! The beginnign of the more climactic rhythm begins at around 2:05. It's a good leading melody even if nothing else is really memorable. Fans of Filteria, early Pleiadians, and songs dependent on climax will probably most enjoy this. The fast paced, energetic, melody skipping Goatrance dependent on climax will be cool for a very long time, but I've heard stuff like too many times now. B-

06. Khetzal - Trancefuzion ... Awesome. Khetzal makes what I consider the best song on here. On Suntrips APSARA comp I couldn't find one song to seriously triumph the rest. Here the opening song was soft and warm. Talpa's song was most unique and imaginative so far, at times magical... This track showcases beauty (deeper feeling) along witht great melody work combined. The opening is almost eerie, unsettling, the sounds chosen. It's interesting and dark in a sense. I really like it. The light turns green and it's time to "GO" at 1:07. I say Khetzal is excellent when the beautiful, female voices appear. I have to downgrade my love for great utilization of voice mixing when the first real melody kicks in. The tone present in this song is somewhat dark and driving but it's very uplifting and fun at the same time. I love this balance between light and dark and if that was or was not the intention I swear it's an awesome thing to further explore in Goatrance. The melodies here are awesome. I'd love a Khetzal album with all songs as up to par as his greatest top several tracks and even greater. Nothing good. Khetzal is such an incredible talent and skilled artist. The part around 4:33 here is even catchier than what I heard before. And than the female voices upon all the other melodies... It's just too much. I feel like I'm rising or part of me feels mentally suspended from the rush I get while hearing it. This song is awesome, an awesome dance and goatrance song, period. It is the FEELING mixed with everything else that makes Khetzal's work most effective. Nothing here is fluffy or emotional in a cheesy way because there seems to be some deeper feelings conveyed in the music. I'm impressed. And I love this song. Thank you Khetzal. A-

07. K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion is the first released song by new artist name K.O.B. by Filteria. Imagine sounds being forced into an aluminan can or tube, literally. That's what this thing sounds like! A leading, main sound here is highly distorted, thinned out in a sense due to alterations but it's really an illusion because there isn't loss of treble or depth. I really like this sound and effect but it's so different and stand-out that I wasn't sure at first how to take it all in and I'm still getting used to it. The female voices create feeling. The song goes through a different sound/style change in the middle before returning to its most catchy, produced rhythm. This sounds going down the tube (the way I describe it) sound mixed with the lush female voice (and skipping) work creates an addictive fusion. I simply feel the song isn't really more past it's stand-out style. It's very exploitive of the overall sound it has going for it and doesn't introduce that much when looking at the whole and some other tracks on this very same compilation. Its strength is also its weakness so to speak because it stays on one thing but that thing is it's innovative attention grabber. As the first song released by KOB I'm very curious and interested to hear more because this sounds different from anything I've ever heard. Because of such difference I believe I'm somewhere in the "I admire" more than "I enjoy" phase. But I can tell it's nothing less than good. The style is so distinct it deserves the attention this artist has given it. B

08. Afgin - Dimensional is great for the first half. The flow and melodies are beautiful, engaging. I like the two melodic notes or chime/hits in the first third the most. It's catchy and stands out amongst the general waves of sound. As things progress past the 5:15 mark however I begin to lose interest. There is a transition relative to the beat going non-existent. When the beat returns around 4:45, the song doesn't have the same charismatic ocean of melodies and feel that made the first half so compelling. Sure some melodies return at 6:40 but the song kind of just carries along, repeats, as if slowing down after a long night of dancing. Maybe that was the intent here before the final song so that each one would better correlate. If that's true it's impressive and interesting via the track list. As an individual song however it is far stronger during the first half and I wish they continued it that way with melody additions or something deeper after the transition. I was really enjoying the layers of melodies and couldn't imagine something just as deep and warm (or better) taking place after. What happened? This is a good song that could have been great IMO. Lastly, this is an improvement from the last comp song I heard by this artist. B

09. Ra – Gates Of Triphareth ... Wow this song sounds like a 1997-1998 goatrance chill/downbeat ending song. It's as if this is one of RA's old unreleased songs from the golden age of Goa. It really sounds like something produced back then. It's so old-school and nostalgic in a sense. RA's style miraculously retains the spirit of his older work but the style is so different. This is a downbeat, more downtemop sounding piece. I'm impressed with the unique, original style and sound he's come up with here. I actually have difficulty attempting to explain the sound past the general "downtempo" category. The doesn't develop that much as it progresses. For some reason I think of Persia before Persia split up into Iran, Syria, etc, obviously.. Their is what seems to be a very strong ethnic infleuential sound to the melody, tune. I am reminded or visualize myself or people in the distance crossing the dessert on camels... I very much look forward to the new RA album. Although I don't consider this song great, it's very interesting. As with the K.O.B. track here, I need more time to get acclimated to this. It clearly appears to be quite artistic, inventive, and overall well done. You have to be in a certain mood to enjoy stuff like this because it's so different from the usual. I find shutting the eyes and visualizing as opposed to driving is a more effective way to getting into this song. Thank you RA for returning, and returning on this comp! I'm really looking forward to his new main album and hope it's amazing! B

In conclusion, Suntrip Records releases another great compilation. Twist Dreams is like the brother or sister to APSARA. For some reason people will compare the two and someone will always prefer one far over the other. I say give it time and you'll find the tracks you most enjoy that stand out to you. I can't say which one is better but I'm very happy with this release. I've been impressed with the quality albums Suntrip continues to release. Twist Dreams is a great compilation for the majority of those who enjoy goatrance, melodic psytrance. The two go hand-in-hand regardless which one you like more. Twist Dreams is currently IMO the best goa/psy album of 2007 with all new, exclusive songs on it. Thank you again, Suntrip.

FAVORITES: 1, 2, 3!, 4!, 6!!, 9.



Saiko Sounds:

Suntrip Records:


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Posted : Mar 22, 2007 02:29
Cosmic Silence, Red Gravity, Merr0w and Talpa + Ra are my favs!

I find something new every time I listen this compilation

Watch out for Suntrip's next releases!            • [ cuBe ] :: •

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Posted : Mar 22, 2007 02:37
double post, sorry           • [ cuBe ] :: •
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2007 21:26
good album. bring back the goa trance style nicely. sometimes, it happens to be goa trance today as if it was made in 1997. old ideas, new techniques. but sometimes (and these are the most moments here) the melodic and mystical goa trance returns strong without looking back. magic!

best moments:

red gravity - momentary 29

talpa - till we meet again

khetzal - trancefuzion

melody is back!
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