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v/a - Mechanophobia [Trishula]

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 06:38
Compilation: Mechanophobia
Label: Trishula Records

01 - Mubali & Xyla - Mechanophobia [144]
02 - Mind Distortion System - Japan Connection [150]
03 - Polyphonia - Ano Kato [150]
04 - Baba Jelly - Zoe La Folesse [152]
05 - Olien - Calamari [148]
06 - Metallaxis - Conclusion [150]
07 - Vicious Alchemy - End or Fin [154]
08 - Procs - Big Fat Large Snoring Lamas [150]
09 - Psyfactor - Vodka Madness [150]

What's This About?

It was recently discovered the story of David and Goliath, unfolds a little differently from the present day preconceptions of a thundering warrior versus a young boy. In the last couple of years, historians and anthropologists from renowned universities around the globe have arrived to the conclusion Goliath of Gath was actually a motorized beast, closely resembling the model of Optimus Prime (stemming the whole Transformers series). From the mythological legend, ‘Mechanophobia’ has taken a foothold in academic circles that seek to digress it was not a metaphorical term of technological fear, but a very real terror of being obliterated by a huge robot. Bible scholars are correcting the holly book as we speak. In the meantime Trishula has released the latest sampler of producers, ready to show their own personal side of this mechanic affliction.


1 – Mubali & Xyla – Mechanophobia *

Xyla a from the San Francisco Bay area got together with Mubali a while back to spawn the title piece for the compilation. Rumor has it this track has been has stashed away, waiting for the right time to surface. Inside, the fetishist tendencies dark trance have been displaying lately with the machinization of music bent on industrial influences, reach an apotheosis suiting to complement the sound score for Shinya Tsukamoto’s film Tetsuo – the Iron Man. Delving in the mechanical drones and inorganic sputters, we rekindle with the very core of industrial on a much more suiting environment. Think manic compositional arrangements, with new production tools and techniques departing from the 90’s style. Hypermetric beats, metal clanking - it’s a wretched mess.

2- Mind Distortion System – Japan Connection *

DJ Nel-Sun better known as Jara de Los Santos, has been organizing free parties with the Mystical Druids Society since 2002 all throughout Portugal, France and Belgium where he’s settled these days. The Japan connection comes with a steady doze of pounding and unexpected funky pads, mixed with cheerful whistling breaks. The combo of light atmospheres with energetic flows works great for my ears.

3- Polyphonia – Ano Kato *

Romolo Cheri has been making distorted electric noises, starting with his guitar since he was 11. A bunch of years later, ‘Ano Kato’ which translates roughly to helter skelter in Greek (thanks Leny), is nothing short of a mechanophobic upheaval of uncompromising metallic harsh noises, scrapping the very surface of sanity… pushing it to the side. You either love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground with this one. And it fits the theme of this compilation like ring in finger.

4- Baba Jelly – Zoe La Folesse *

“Be wise, be safe… be aware” shows another jumble of madness with different beats from the Jellyheadz affair, which is of course very refreshing. Inside chopped and spliced orchestral movie samples blend with unfolding alien lines, comprehensible only by synesthesia. You are not really meant to whistle them, but to simply observe them. How? “[with]… the universal union that small minds called the combine can carry us there.” I don’t know you, but I love the samples this guy manages to dig.

5- Olien – Calamari

Olien is a new German act spilling out night time madness to chill out beats. Like you can imagine this is the hectic side of the coin. For his first release the production is decent, even if a crisper definition would have helped the overall product. I have tried on numerous occasions to connect with the material, but it’s not gripping me at this point. Perhaps it is the track order. If so far the Mechanophobia is looking tasty to your ears, this one might be useful. The feel is definitely ‘forest’ here.

6- Metallaxis – Conclusion *

Composed of Romolo from Polyphonia and Kulu from… Greece. Personally this duo has been redefining the meaning of abnormal with hard core and metal influences, entwined together deep within its roots. Far from concluding things, the sixth chapter is a take-no-prisoners affair, making more sense than an ancient Sumerian scroll to a blind person. In retrospect, it would be interesting to see a split album between these two freaks. As I’m sure the idea has been thought of before, the only delay might be letting the final material refine a bit more

7- Vicious Alchemy – End or Fin

Baba Jelly plays well with others and this newest project is yet another collaboration, with Virginie Scheerens AKA Chrysalid. Virginie a label DJ for Trishula coming from France and currently residing in Britain, spins manic dark sets combined with her own vocals. She has been a vocalist since her teens studying jazz fusions. Unfortunately we don’t get a glimpse of her voice here, which might be what the dark psy world needs: a twisted version of Sonique at 150 BPM’s. Then again, it might not… what do I know? The cacophony in End or Fin (talk about an oxymoron) is appropriately disturbing but we get no high’s or lows here, it just sits like mesa while the progression remains minimal. Spinning this bad boy in conjunction with other material make the piece more accessible for grass floors.

8- Procs – Big Fat Snoring Lamas *

The big fat snoring lamas (what great name), runs in the same vein as his debut album released last year. For all effective purposes we are still stuck in the oven with Mikke. The detuned, smirking lines and effects drizzle, offering a healthy doze of Procs’ take on mushroomed trance. The advantage is his reliance on musical themes, however perverted they might sound. The downside is not hearing something completely different from his sonic repertoire. If you liked the album this one is keeper.

9- Psyfactor – Vodka Madness *

Dmitri Korablin has dared to change beat patterns a bit with his infamous triple kick, still focusing on ambivalent themes that swelter with sweet moments, and obscure Russian gothika like it could be expected. The riffy synth’s work well and the whole wobbly contraption of effects carries the track forward. I’m not in love with it, but it is definitely usable material.

All in all

Biomechanical fusions in every media have been abundant for years: counting H.R Giger’s infamous paintings, Shinya Tsukamot's film Tetsu The iron man , Mamoru Oshii’s anime adaptation of Kôkaku kidôtai (Ghost in the Shell). Far back in the past we might find Throbbing Gristle and the birth of industrial music, not forgetting William Gibson’s contribution to the literary world with Neuromancer. This perversely attractive fascination for mechanical-organic beings coexisting in a single artistic expression, wears a new mask in ‘dark’ psychedelic trance and Mechanophobia is simply an extension of this movement. We could be mimicking an ever more palpable misanthropist society… or simply revisiting the ‘chicken-or-the-egg’ question, daring to wonder if we are simply shaping our own reality instead.

Where to Get

Saiko Sounds >[/url]

Psyshop >[/url]

Juno >[/url]

Beatspace >[/url]

musique à la carte in mp3 & wav.
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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 09:12


what a ride ??just finished my first listen to the whole album this morning and its JUST GREAT ..
trishula records know what to do and they do it really well

monster compilation ...
under the stars with a monster sound and there u go see the mechanophobian symptoms...

all tracks r monsters

but my favs are in this order

vicious alchemy
baba jelly
mind distortion system


now this is what i call PSYCHEDELIC          out now

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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 12:08
nice review Rah!

IsraTrance Full Member
Access Gremlin

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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 12:21
i enjoyed Procs and polyphonia's track the most on the compilation
vrey very nice stuff guys keep it up like this
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 14:34
best track : procs

it may be the best track I've heard from him together with broken image people ...
IsraTrance Full Member
Access Gremlin

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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 14:56

On 2006-04-26 14:34, Lepton wrote:
best track : procs

it may be the best track I've heard from him together with broken image people ...

I agree man 100%

Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 15:38
Thanks lepton and gidra. Nice to hear you liked it! I have more tracks like this to bring you sometime in the future 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 16:30
Great compilation indeed. Some weaker tracks, but tracks 1,2,3,8,9 really did it for me. That bassline in track 3 is wicked. Track 8 has a nice vibe as well.           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 27, 2006 10:26
Good review Rah! I liked how you connect literary and film works to this masterpiece, having enjoyed all of them I can only agree with your conclusions. Trishula is becoming a highlight on the scene always diving deeper with artist who provide more than just dark twisted psychedelic vibes..
mind distortion system
Mind Distortion System

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Posted : May 14, 2006 20:57
very nice review rah
thanks           Sound Sampler:
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 15, 2006 21:00
^^ indeed nice review.nice "stories" on each track
this is very a very good va, i liked almost all of the tracks.
a must have i guess.           ...

Started Topics :  57
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Posted : May 16, 2006 15:20
really top music ... all great artists ... very nice concept and compilation name too 

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 21, 2006 08:22
my picks would be:

olien....reminds me of big noise-outsomnia crazy one!

metallaxis...killa too

polyphonia...well i dunno...has'nt convinced me since 'babel tower'

gautam           Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most...

Started Topics :  8
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Posted : May 25, 2006 13:05
Bom Bom ...
Nice compilation from Trishula...
For me, Polyphonia track is amazing night timer(the best of the comp).....Metallaxis is very killer ...unique arrangement...Mubali is very serious arranged and produced tune as well....and Olien is the surprise for me...(never heard before)...Mastering is just amazing...for the mood and style of music Trishula releasing..Big Boom to Tim Schuldt as well....A REAL MASTER OF AUDIO.....The Trishula artists should be very have a master like this mastering their tracks
Bom Trishula           Coming Soon 07-12-2012 Strange Kaos split album "Above The World" from Goanmantra Records!
for bookin
Mat N
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 25, 2006 14:19
some of the tracks in this compilation are too hard and fast for me. it reminds of the Jelly Headz Vs. Chrysalid set i saw in the last Doof festival; it was very fast and hardcore. actually, most of the people really digged it. i was a minority i think.
Nevertheless, there are a few tracks that i like even though they're 150 bpm: Mind Distortion System- Japan Connection, Olien- Calamari, Metallaxis- Conclusion and Procs- Big Fat Large Snoring Lamas (you're crazy man, in a good way!).
my favorite here is Mubali- Mechanophobia. this guy has done a great job on his debut, Cats @ Play, and here he doens't dissapoint me either. i'm going to play this track a lot! the last part of the track, especially from minute 7:00 till the end, is just great! must come back to Cailfornia...
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