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V.A.- Kindzadza and Friends- 13 Dimension Connection (Insomnia, 2005)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 25, 2005 15:07
V.A - Kindzadza and Friends - 13 Dimension Connection
Label: Insomnia Records
Catnum: INSOCD03
Year: 2005

01 Mussy Moody & Kindzadza - The Raven
02 Jellyheadz - Bionic Brain Killer (Kindzadza Remix)
03 Ocelot & Kindzadza - Mute
04 Strangers & Zik & Kindzadza - Tris Treloi
05 Jahbo & Kindzadza - Minus 20
06 Sofiax & Kindzadza - Kill it
07 Grapes Of Wrath & Kindzadza - Snap Crackle & Pop
08 CPC & Kindzadza - Traffic Problem
09 Mononoke and The Wolves - Tarantino On Acid

1.Mussy Moody & Kindzadza- 'The Raven' - The first collaboration is with Mussy Moody who previously had tracks released on Lhiannon Sidhe(Mistress of Evil) and Ignis Fatuus (Trishula Records). Here we have ominous, swirling, twinkling sounds tumbling down opening this track up to a groovy, driving kick. dark and floaty scratchy sounds increase the intensity, and this track slams into metallic scratching sounds, zoooming upwards and slamming back in still harder and yet more driving than before. swirling sounds once again- the calm before the storm, as a dark driving groove is nicely supplemented with ominous and mysterious atmospheric sounds- it won't last for long- around 5:15 the twisted metallic sounds make a powerful return along with some deeper twisted synth sounds to finish this track out

2.JellyHeadz- 'Bionic Killer (Kindzadza rmx)'- Jelly Headz is Karim and Fabio, both from Paris. A sample starts this track off, a more straightforward, techy feel to this track. nice offbeat snare hits create a nice groove before taking off around 2:35. With some nice stuttering synths breaking up the track, twisted and psychedelic, this is driving dark full on no nonsense psychedelic trance at its best! a wandering synth breakdown..lots of layered twisted sounds and samples, and then its back in, full power once again!

3.Ocelot & Kindzadza- 'Mute'- Ocelot is Aaron from San Francisco in the US, he also produces music under the name Vector Selector. A deep dark atmosphere to start this track off, with a bassline that seemingly envelopes the listener immediately. Various panning samples and effects complete the illusion. Overall, a very bass heavy track that creates many very effective start-stops and of course surprises. A very bouncy, metallic scratchy synth sound combines with a unique and twisted bassline change at 2:39. Overall, lots of panning effects on the synths and many interesting variations on the sounds used. A falling breakdown leads to a slightly muted bassline, a brief break and the skipping twisted synths mix with a muted psychedelic melody in the backdrop finishing this track off nicely.

4.Strangers & Zik & Kindzadza - 'Tris Treloi'- Strangers and Zik from Greece join Kindzadza on this track. Driving bassline and kick- very powerful from the start. A sample begins the madness "to listen to messages of soul with a solid beat" and we are tossed into the groove. A very funky edge to the synth sounds in this track and once again the rolling bassline drives the track forward, with an underlying breakbeat that makes for an interesting twist. A melody that haphazardly builds up and then comes down. Nice and twisted sample manipulation! a very psychedelic breakdown hinting at being lost- yet still with the desire to press on and then slowwwlllyyyy fall dooowwwwnnnn

5.Jahbo & Kindzadza- 'Minus 20'- Jahbo is perhaps better known as one half of the Metaloids from Denmark. A crisp beat starts this track off with some nice panning percussive effects and zooming synths. Yet another track that seemingly draws me in. A swirling breakdown and the rolling Kindzadza bassline kicks in. A skidding synth intertwines with other random sounds which seem to come at the listener from all directions. A slower, darker, groovy track than previous tracks on this comp. Lots of little synth sounds which bounce along with the beat make this track good for warming the dancefloor up before dropping the bombs!

6.Sofiax & Kindzadza- 'Kill It'- Sofiax is a female psy producer from Greece. The descent into this track is filled with short stabbing synth samples. A rolling groover from the start that perhaps lacks the fullness of previous tracks on this compilation. Nicely integrated samples, and we're still descending further into this scattered very busy track. Lots of swirling atmospheres in the background of this track make for a very schizophrenic and slightly unsettled feeling. A lack of direction in this track, combined with a bassline that tends to sit further back in the track, cause my mind to wander away from this one.

7.Grapes of Wrath & Kindzadza- 'Snap, Crackle & Pop'- Grapes of Wrath aka Jaffa and Monno, from Arhus, Denmark need no introduction! A nice bassline and some delayed snare sounds open up this track into a full power groove! Nice rewind effect on the synths. The sounds here are scratchy and metallic, but with a smoother, almost bubbly feel to them- twisted and psychedelic, yet not as raw and in your face as we have previously heard on this compilation. The production on this track, is by far the best on this compilation so far...a unique, twisted, dark, groovy psychedelic gem! ***My pick for best track on the compilaton***

8.CPC & Kindzadza-'Traffic Problem'- CPC is a russian artist, and also part of the group Osom. Picture this-we're on a city street- and with a yell, this track slams in. Some nice organic percussion combined with deep rumbling synth sounds and a super driving kick. Car horn, skid, crash, car door slamming, glass smashing and fire engine and a snare sound that mimics banging on aluminum- all these things combine to create a psychedelic chaotic in your face twisted musical portrayal of city rush hour. You must listen to fully understand. Killer track!

9.Mononoke and the Wolves-'Tarrantino on Acid'- AKA Kindzadza and Alex Parasense. The machine starts up once again. A driving bassline with a breakbeat in the background along with some organic percussion as well which make for a killer, although fairly two dimensional sound. Zooming synths combine with a more raw sound and some distorted samples to push this track forward. A brief break and the breakbeat and metallic percussion take center stage. Some very squeeky synth sounds combined with rapid changes make for a very interesting track. Very psychedelic, with many different mutations of sound spanning this one track. A killer buildup leads to some atmospheric sounds and stretchy synths. This track is all over the place, but yet in a way that totally works! KILLER!

Favorites: 3, 5, 7(!!), 8(!!)

Overall: Excellent choice of collaborators by Kindzadza! A very nice mix of more well known producers in the dark psy genre as well as a fair amount of newcomers, including two female producers which is always good to see. Listening to this complilation, its very easy to see why Kindzadza is one of the top dark psy producers (if not the best) around. Each track has a distinct and unique feel, showcasing not only the collaborator's style, but also the versatility and diversity of Kindzadza's sound. A must for any dark psy lover.           ~gOa ist nicht nur musik sondern auch eine lebenseinstellung~
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 07:30
Yeah this is a very wicked album. My fav. is number 2- Fucking insane!

*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 08:29
This album is pure Darkness!!

Nice line up with some newcomers

The 2nd track is just craaazzzyyy. I felt like i was in the middle of an amazonian swamp with a cup of ayahuasca in one hand and an anaconda chasing me ! YIYIYI!!

The last track is also very madd. Werewolves feastin while Im forced to watch them devour my friends. YIYIYI!!!

          ~*** You can tell By the way i use my walk, Im a woman's man, No time to Talk***~
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 11:23
pure dark evil psy...

but a great album with artists both fresh and popular.....

favourite track all the tracks..

kickass name for a track...'Tarrantino on Acid'....

recommended for any dark lover..

good review mate

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Posted : Mar 28, 2005 13:21
Nice review! BooM!
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 29, 2005 13:37
my favs..n.3 and n.5..just no words excelent job!           ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 30, 2005 23:53
Its really a beautiful album..
Minus 20 & Snap Crackle & Pop are smashers..
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 20, 2005 17:44
Wicked comp...

I almost went crazy with the tunes!! Very powerfull Dark music.

The Master of Dark music, thanks for a great album....


Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Apr 21, 2005 01:18
oooo...i luved it...
wikky azz...beautiful dark music...
orgasmic at sum stages

NA§HA aka natasha...

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Apr 21, 2005 02:39
hi all psy maniacks.
Wery killa album i licke it too mach.
Allso good combinations between leo and ather artists
Best treck no. 6..... ufffff wery crasy.
Allsi leo is the gay with wery wery big hard.
Wery nice person and i licke him to mach.
@@@ Encephalopaticys @@@
p.c leo vasermn wish all the best in youre life.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 21, 2005 06:22
Some of these tracks actually have a nice groove going on topped off with kindzaza's sprinkling of psychedelia makes for a few dancefloor stompers-nice one!           (`*•.¸(`*•.¸ ¸.•*´)¸.•*´)
(¸.•*´(¸.•*´ `*•.¸)`*•.¸)
Inactive User

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Posted : May 14, 2005 21:43
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is this pure reality could we be led?
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Bodhisattva 13:20

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Posted : Sep 1, 2005 02:20
I have to say this.....

on track 7, the time between about 3:00 and 4:20 is absolutely brilliant.....sheer genius

props to kdd and gow for that....this is what dark twisted psy should sound like

1,5,and 6 are my other picks           info/tourdates/psy
3rd Album \\\"Equations\\\" on 2to6 records
Memory Loss
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 1, 2005 15:52
Kindzadza Vs G.O.W & Kindzadza Vs Ocelot,are both 2 masters in action best tracks here for sure!!!           Skate 0R Die

Started Topics :  22
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Posted : Sep 7, 2005 03:59
Killer Lauryn!!!!
Thanks for this review!
i hope to see u soon again
i wish u all the best,,,boom
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