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V/A Irreversible 2_ Aximy records_Coming Soon ¡

Aximy records

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Posted : Mar 5, 2006 02:19
TITLE: ‘Irreversible 2’

ARTIST: Various Artists / Compiled by Dj Anibal

ART & DESIGN: Johanna Gersch


LABEL: Aximy Records


FORMAT: CD jewel case

STYLE: Progressive psytrance

BARCODE: 7-506355-342723

RELEASE DATE: March 2006

Track list:

1. TranceMission & Nitro – Nitromission

2. Bienmesabe – Paris Talks

3. Surat vs Ketzah – Cacomixtle

4. Jey & Ex – Beat For Girl

5. Odiseo vs Gandulk – Deeper Emotios

6. Sensifeel – Cox style

7. Ski Fi – Becaurus

8. Loud – Show Room

9. Surat – Drifting

Aximy Records was born in 2001 as an online shop of psymusic ( founded by Dj Anibal, with the principal goal of promote the mexican music culture. After a few parties around, in 2004 Aximy released its first compilation, ‘V/A – Irreversible’ with some of the best trance projects of the Aztec Lands, such as: Xibalba, Trancemission, Forza, Odiseo, H2O and others.

That was the first mexican CD release full of the most underground progressive psytrance ever done, and Aximy comes as the only mexican label with this music style.

Now in 2006, Aximy has ready its 2nd compilation, compiled by Dj Anibal ‘V/A – Irreversible 2’ contents 9 fresh & unreleased tracks from Trancemission, Bienmesabe (Dj Vazik & Jabba’s new project), Surat vs Ketzah, Jey&eX, Odiseo vs Gandulk, Ski Fi (Xibalba’s beside project), Loud and an exclusive track from the frech Phillippe Sancier aka Sensifeel.

Have a taste of the most fresh proggy style of mexican psytrance and let your ears enjoy its unique sound. This new compilation is ready and cannot miss in your CD case.


Antonio Villalobos aka Ojos and Hugo Caballero are the soul of Trancemission, born in 2002 has a very own and exclusive style of progressive trance.

Since 2002up to these days, Trancemission has showed dedication and hard work, with a great music quality.

Emiliano Barrientos aka Nitro it’s one of the Mexican dj’s more know internationally and has played in the best trance festivals as: Tshitraka fest, Universo Paralelo, Indian Spirit, Tranceformation, Wonderland fest, and more.

Nitro is active member of Plastik Park and Sprout Music of Germany also he have its alone project which has presented it in all the globe obtaining great results, doing that the people vibrate with its punch progressive trance.


Victor Ezcurdia (dj Vazik) & Carlos Techachal (dj Jabba) are the minds behind this Project. Its sound is a peculiar result of a groovy combination of progressive, house, break beats and trance.

Vazik is one of the most important trance djs in Mexico, and he is the Mexican dj with more international exposure nowadays. He has played in the biggest festivals and parties in countries like Germany (Voov Experience, Lovefield, Shiva Moon, Fusion Festival, etc.), Brasil (Ypy Poty, Tranceformation, Universo Paralello, etc.), Austria, Canada, Greece, etc.
Vazik is also known for his project Indika (together with dj Geza), who has released tracks in many different labels and is getting recognition with their live act in many festivals and parties worldwide. He is also producing under the name of Vazik and has released also several tracks on different labels, and his first EP “Reborn” reached the first places of the charts very quick. His own live set is about to be ready to rock the floors soon.

Jabba is also a Dj with big experience on the decks, has played all around Mexico in festivals and parties. His unique style of mixing progressive with groovy and tribal rhythms has placed him as a dj who can smash any dance floor for the late hours.

He has been involved in music production since many years now, having the opportunity to work in radio stations and even to produce his own radio shows. He has been working hard on his solo project named Jabba Project, which live debut has rocked the floor. His first EP “Metamorphosis” was played all around the globe and reached a very important status in the progressive scene.

The combination of these two friends on the studio becomes together in Bienmesabe. A very unique and special project that reflects their very own perspective of groove, fun and rhythm. Hypnotic, funky & trancy, its always hard to get out of the dancefloor when this two freaks are on the decks. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases all around the globe and dont miss their fat live show that just rocks the house every single time!


Surat and Ketzah unite to form this excellent track with a very private style, showing the force that Surat injects to its tracks and the harmony and atmospheres that only Ketzah knows to do.

Surat initiates its musical career since very young; in 2000 enters to music study to one of the schools more important in Mexico, there where begins to have and to create an own style.


The project Jey & is formed by Carlos Guzman aka Jiser and Pedro Flowers aka Xahno, these talents musicals initiate their career as Dj' s in the year 2000 touching together in several festivals and being entered in the psytrance, some months later begin to experience in the production of audio doing some tracks.
The style of Jey &Ex is defined like progressive trance but counts on influences of the psychedelic, house and electro all this combined with baselines powerful achieving a very good combination among force and refinement.


These two exelentes musicals, each one member of already legendary projects in the scene Mexican trance as Xibalba -Odiseo- and Trancemission -Gandulk- they create a track that has done to dance to millions on a worldwide supported vocals of Sizu member of one of the bands of rock but recognized in Mexico.

Gandulk initiates in the music in bands of rock and pop as percussionist, some years next formed TransMission with Ojos and to it him solo project Gandulk with which released tracks in labels as Sinn Tec, Synergetic and Tatsu.

Odiseo is also known for his project Ski fi and him solo proyect has released tracks in many different labels and is getting recognition with their live act also have


Philippe Sancier native of Paris France, is the creator of the project Sensifeel who since the 2001 has released tracks in labels as interzone, Plusquam and Dome records being this finalizes the label where he publish its first one album in December of 2004.


Is one of the projects most youths in the scene Mexican trance but without doubt of the proyects most accepted on worldwide, they released tracks in: Sinn Tec Rec, Plusquam Rec, Yellow Sunshine Explotion and some more.

This new project of Mexico City formed by Israel Gutièrrez aka Nizzel and Ulises Paschal aka Odiseo, is formed since one year ago but their great quality music, they have carried them to share setting with the best of this I generate, with lines of low deep, dynamic percussions and melodies smooth they cause they vibrate to all in each one of their presentations.


Anibal Polo is one of the new talents from Mexico City, of the project Loud initiates to ends of the 2001 influenced for the psychedelic trance. In these few years Loud to found a sound that characterizes it, obtaining as a result very good you criticize

Anibal have participated actively in the scene trance of mexico since its starts. He it initiates as dj in 1998 has touched around of Mexico, in 2001 formed Aximy Shop a store of musica specialized, for ends of the 2003 he founds Aximy Rec with a roster of the better exponents of trance in mexico and in that same year spear its first compilacion called Irreversible.

Coming Soon ¡
Gabriel - Zion in Mad
Zion in Mad

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Posted : Mar 5, 2006 02:31
im sure that great things r comming up!!
mexican rulez!! keep grooving!
the best for all at aximy records!


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Posted : Mar 5, 2006 03:03
yeah good luck anibal im sure its a good one

mexican trance power!!

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Posted : Mar 5, 2006 07:09
Killer line up in this compilation anibal!

Good luck with second volume of the Irreversible series, like the last this will be a bomb!

Can't wait to listen it!           ::: Dance when you're broken up, Dance when you're perfectly free, Dance in your Blood :::
DJ Hoffman
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 5, 2006 10:14
Hey congratulations for this release !!

Indeed the best Mexican progressive trance in this cd ! Good luck to Anibal, Ojos, Gandulk, Johanna and everybody else involved !!

claudio j

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Posted : Mar 6, 2006 21:42
Perfect ...!!! Good Anibal, congratulations...
the best for all at aximy records...!!!

Started Topics :  64
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Posted : Mar 6, 2006 22:18
a nice one coming on from Mexicooo, all the best and all our suppor for Anibal & Aximy recs.! ;D            ----- -----

----- sounds of earth label head -----
:::::::: :::::::

((---- radiance festival mexico ----))
-- --

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Posted : Mar 6, 2006 22:39
it`s just for a give greatings to Anibal & aximy crew and recommend to them much this new copilation

^en hora buena^
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 7, 2006 05:04
good luck chicos
can't wait to see it printed out
          A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

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Posted : Mar 7, 2006 07:06
Eso Ess !!!!
very recommended this album, listen it!!
Greetings To Anibal !!


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Posted : Mar 7, 2006 07:37
Wicked, Go Go Mexico..!!
The Vibe and creative energy is very strong and powerful within mexico, big ups

Great projects afoot

all my best to aximy records and the artists on this release

Looking forward to it

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Posted : Mar 10, 2006 22:01
I'm glad to be part of this compilation...which looks really nice..;
Great artists on list!!

You can't miss this one!

Hope you the best Anibal & AXIMY CREW           Music is Life,life is good...!!!
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  64
Posts :  563
Posted : Mar 11, 2006 08:23
is it the same Loud as who is maing full on music for labels like Dooflex? or just the same name?

looks like a lot of fun this compilation- loving Ski Fi, Jay&Ex and transmission...           Open Records, Australia
Trance iT - Dev

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Posts :  2
Posted : Mar 16, 2006 00:19
We still go on, mi chingon! you'll see this new CD will be great!

Greetings for everyone in Aximy!

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  124
Posted : Mar 22, 2006 14:26
Nice to see this new Label, the compilation looks great, i cant wait to hear the tunes for Sensfieel and Ski Fi, and have curiosity for the other projects

the best for this Aximy records !


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