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V/A Ignis Fatuus (Trishula Records) Review!!!

Memory Loss
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 13, 2004 17:23
This Is My Review To Trishula Records First Release.

Track List :

1. Zebra - N - Slek
2. Megalopsy - Zactltopsitl
3. Sungril - Exiter
4. Vegetal - Manhunt
5. Mussy Moody - Disconnected
6. Dronebixie - Volentary Intoxications
7. Derango - Glo So
8. Psyfactor - Walkin Demon
9. Phasephour - 321 Fly

Review :

1. Paul from Netherlands is openning the cd.
Start the track with mysterious pads and a nice afreican instrument twisted sounds in the back round very great rhythm!!
Check the organ in 2:13 very funny!!!! after that a heavy bassline is coming in!! with thos spooky sounds!! The track countinous with great twisted dark FX.Very nice creation by Paul!!

2. Megalopsy 3 new guys from Aregntina.This is there first release and soon an album by them on Trishula Rec. This track is very mysyrious, great twisted sounds all over the tune..Kinda minimal dark tune..Thos guys got future!!

3. Yana the DJ from Russia in kicking in!
Metalic sounds in the beginning with the sample. Nice bassline with great pads in the back.2:45 Amazing power with thos crispy sounds hehe love it!! scratching all over your mind..Thumbs up Yana!! you mess my head!.The tune countinios and add more FX sample's and more scary atmoshperes!!

4. Peter half part of Peacespect with is solo project.Start with kinda spooky trols voices. Pumping bassline. Nice melody with the overall great groove!! Nice Percousions!
Samples are adding to the track with distored guitars.Yo Peter!! very nice work in here!!

5. Thy from Ahrus with her second release!
Nice gritty tune FX is spooy great dark atmoshperes scratching sounds with great rolling bassline a little bit low kick but can do the work The same metalic sounds that run all over the track!! kinda burnning my mind .Again great work by Thy.

6.Christian from Denmark with is first release.One of my fav from the cd..start with the sound that put you in the mood of scary shit . very nice kick & bassline the start the track .. Somee computer sounds flying there with great sounds the can smash you.Nice brain expiriance!! great track to dancefloor weird crazy very good first release to this young artist!!

7. Jens & Ola from sweden with another fine release. Scary atmoshpere start the track ..great kick playing..and its off .. Nice delay effect on the sounds great percosions fine psychedelic masterpiece from them. Music for forest spooky tune it will hunt you !! scray crazy ..JUST great!!!

8.Dimitri from Russia..One of the finest underground artists!! ..Scary pads nice droping fx in back round ..heavy kick & basslines..I love this electric sound that running all over the tune scary atmoshpehres. Scratching sounds powerfull track fast gritty..Another spooky work by Dimitri!

9. Last track on the CD more soft then other tracks here!! overall great track by Eldar ^ Robert..Nice melodys goes prefectly with the great groove psychedelic parts with nice computer sounds hehe..The name of the track is very right iam flying with this track to othre places! Kinda emotion melodys here!! great bells in 2:20 Nice track by Phasephour

Ok Thats It..Very Solid Powerfull Night Time Release by Trishula Rec!! All The Tracks Complied By Rurda & Mouka..Waiting For More Guys Keep Up           Skate 0R Die
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 13, 2004 19:36
Overall a good release from Trishula!!!
My favorite moments from this v/a is:

Mussy Moody - Disconnected
Dronebixie - Volentary Intoxications
Derango - Glo So
Psyfactor - Walkin Demon

Keep this up!!!

Trishula Records
Trishula Records

Started Topics :  21
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Posted : Dec 13, 2004 21:16
Thank you very much for the nice review and the kind words. We hope you all enjoy the music.


Started Topics :  10
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Posted : Dec 13, 2004 23:20
merci beaucoup for the review... my favorite track is nr 4 from vegetal.. killer song ! thnx to rudra for the good work and the release
High Pulse

Started Topics :  57
Posts :  1187
Posted : Dec 14, 2004 05:28
my fav are the 6, 7 and 8 ehhe ,
good luck rudra and mouka eheh

Memory Loss
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  103
Posts :  1502
Posted : Dec 14, 2004 15:57
The Dronebixie, Derango, And Psyfactor Are Now My Fav!!! Exploding Psychedelic Experience!!! Dark Scary Weird & Crazy!!
Keep Up Trishula Rec .           Skate 0R Die
Dennis the menace
DevilsDennis Sparris McHilton

Started Topics :  128
Posts :  2899
Posted : Dec 14, 2004 16:30
The walking demon was out on manhunt but he got disconnected during Volentary Intoxications!!! Aint that a real exiter?

Killer trax all of them!!

Started Topics :  19
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Posted : Dec 15, 2004 03:40
A little correction on the review , there are no guitars on my track just distorded synths :=)

Started Topics :  9
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Posted : Dec 16, 2004 19:54
i ordered this album and some of these tracks i like it, my favourites are 6,7 and 8.

but sorry, i have to say, that i have big problems with the sound quality...the mastering isn't good enough. the high's are to much for my ears. please, check it better, before you want to bring the next compi out.

...and i'm not the only one, they think so!!!

but of course big respect for your energy and your risk to promote some underground act's.

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  146
Posted : Dec 16, 2004 20:41
The next compilation will be mastered by Tim Schuldt. 

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  300
Posted : Dec 16, 2004 20:57
nice to hear that.....and i'm sure, that i have to buy the next one, too.

have fun and i wish you the best with trishula
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  15
Posts :  918
Posted : Dec 16, 2004 22:08
really good work!!! keep at it
the psyfactor track is incredible
IsraTrance Full Member
Started Topics :  71
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Posted : Dec 19, 2004 20:42

Ignis Fatuus

Trishula Records (Germany / NL)

Another new label folks, this time dedicated to creaking nighttime music. For me, 2004 has seen so much innovation and excitement in this subgenre, and from the strength of this release I’d say these guys’ manifesto will place them firmly on the map as we head into another wonderful year. Zebra-N’s Slek is a no nonsense start, and a great sound: less thunky than the Parasense/KinDzaDza ilk, but definitely awesome with an atmosphere that builds brilliantly. Megalopsy’s Zactltopsitl is moody and lumbering, then Sungirl Exiter blows everything away… It’s incredibly tuff, according to the press release Sungirl is a young female producer/DJ from Russia… and on the strength of this belting piece of Viagra trance, psyreviews reckons she’d be welcome any time if she’d like her unreleased material examined. Now that we’ve reduced a frankly rather awesome artist to an utter stereotype, let’s talk about Manhunt by Vegetal, a bouncy groove with a spacious rockin’ bottomend. It’s utter killer, building into a thrashin’ mashin’ heavy metal riff that doesn’t even sound like a guitar. Exceptional. Mussy Moody’s Disconnected is a meaty and industrial vibe that has some oldskool goan tickles. Dronebixie’s Voluntary Intoxications is very disturbing, uncomfortable listening and is an absolute cruncher on a stick, and Derango’s Go Slo is an utter cruncher. Psyfactor’s Walking Demon is standout for me – an intriguing vibe that pulls you in, with an utterly killah riff that’s all in all completelt astonishing. No disrespect to the other tunes on here, but this wipes the floor with the lot of them. Finally PhasePhour’s 321 Fly… closes the album in style, building perfectly into a gorgeous, arrayed mix of belchy, fat bottomend and the cleanest proggy sounds you could ever dream of. Simply gobsmacking – as a debut album, these guys should feel thoroughly chuffed with themselves. Top class.


IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  10
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Posted : Dec 19, 2004 21:23
He wow, thanx a lot for this nice words and great review Damion. We will be back soon with two new releases!

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 10:18
Got my cd . . . THanks man!!!!!!
Great debut . .
Cant wait for the next dose!

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