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V/A Digital Psionics - Psionic Circus

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 15, 2005 12:18
Psionic Circus V/A
Digital Psionics 2005 DPSI 012
More info :

This latest V/A compiled by Luke Psywalker and Luna Orbit at Digital Psionics embraces a very different direction from this label. I think the artwork is excellent; looking a lot like a showbill that hint’s at what’s inside, a Psychedelic Circus! Of sound. Mastered by Artifakt the texture is unique and I think is beautifully done. The production is very good, it is clear and crisp with a strong emphasis on definition and musical consistency.

1.Safi Connection – Albert on Acid
Crackling into life with the sample of ‘…Unleashing upon the world a substance that will someday have a powerful effect on society…’ Track 1 from Safi opens into a nice morning track with a full bass line and some good synth work and FX in the background. Some nice acid lines at the 3’16 mark pick up the interest factor and it grooves along without making to heavy an impact. I like this a lot more than some of the other Safi Connection tracks I have heard as it isn’t too thick which I think many of them have a tendency to be and maintains the morning feeling throughout. At about 4’.05 we encounter the now familiar sample from the Vibe Tribes – ‘Albert Balbert’ but this time in full! . A great opener to the disc and a fitting tribute to Dr Hoffman.

2. Space Tribe and Psywalker – Space Case
Strap yourself in and prepare for blastoff, this one is a smasher and a half and certainly one of the more rocking Space Tribe tracks I have heard in a fair while. With some great racing hats and synth stabs it moves along at a good pace. The Skywalker collaboration makes itself known adding very positively to the formula of Ollie Wisdoms work, it is harder and more driving which is something I appreciate. The track has drive, it moves forward instead of dragging it’s feet and for this reason works very well for the dance floor. Nice sweeping noises and FX again, the production is great and very clean with the shrillness of some of the synths being nicely accentuated. Gunshots bounce into channel pans and propel you into the chaos of the work as the atmosphere and space of the track bends and twists. ’…They play music and meditate and wait patently for UFO’s…’ Indeed they do Ollie, indeed they do.

3. Tube – Land of Reason Israeli artist Tube delivers a huge track here replete with guitars and an explosive, punchy kick. Opening with some nice digital cross channel panning and trickles into some mean guitar and distorted terror samples. Excellent work with guitar and plenty of instruments and a solid kick drum. A hard, night track that is very well written and has element of underlying melody that carry it on it’s way. The back masked FX are brilliant in this regard and the melody and melancholy key works very well. Climbing up and down the scales 2’26’ sees a great break with a sample of ’…terrifying trip…’ back into the monster kick drum and guitar stabs. Some typical virus noises complete the atmosphere Tube is trying to achieve here and are used well to offset the other aspects. Night Madness that is beautifully constructed!

4. Skasi and CPU – Highest Party
No intros here, just a swoop then straight into the action with a hybrid Skasi/Cpu kick drum and bass line. Some nice percussion to open it up and interesting instruments complimenting the trademark standard Skasi drones. The CPU collaboration is the redeeming feature in this track to my ears adding much of the creative input. There is no regression to heavy metal fortunately and the music evolves nicely intro a screamer that climbs readily up and up before collapsing and exploding into strongly influenced Sammy CPU style. At 3’33 we hear an absolute mammoth break and buildup with all manner of devices used to build the energy up and up and so maybe this is the big redeeming feature of this track, it’s enormous and when it crashes into ‘Welcome to the highest party in the world’. Not one of my favorite tracks on this disc as I’m not a Skasi fan but it does work none the less and will be very big on the dance floor if this is what you like.

5. Damage – Unspeakable Evil Another bass drum heavy track from Damage opening with some sliding distortion to a breakdown then into the big drum sound. This has a skasi feel to it I though, fairly minimalist for the first couple of minutes with the unrelenting pounding feel we have come to expect from Damage. Some nice percussion work builds up and good use of instruments and FX’s crossing over the channels helping to fill in. The virus sounds work reasonably well panning from left to right channel but the overall picture of the track has a Chemical Crew feel to it that I am not such a fan of

6. Shift – Corosion Straight into the action with this track, the opening is great and the sliding synth line that is used to get things going works very well. A less thick kick and bass line is also a welcome change from previous tracks which are fairly heavy in the previous numbers. Nice hats and some creative instrumentation also work well. A few typical nord/virus type Synth lines after this that bounce around the place and a very tricky and digital static type break at 1’45 is used for full effect dropping back into a driving stage of the track. This isn’t an overly complex track but it works and is kept interesting as Shift has used different techniques to change and alter the space he has created here.

7. Bon The Only Escape I like Bon’s work, his earlier tracks on Digital Psionics have never failed to make their mark and this one is no different. Opening with a heavy drone and a mangled sample this track explodes with ‘…god is not here today…’ that slowly climbs down the scale into the opening of the track. A nice solid kick drum again and some great echoes and noises to offset the high end make for one of my favorites on the disc. Some great percussion using a rock hi hat to good effect and interesting wobbling sounds add to the already psychedelic nature of the music. Consistent with his earlier work this is some seriously good music and I’m hoping he doesn’t change his style to much in the future as it is a formula that works well.

8. Xatrik – The Spice Another great track from Xatrik here, sliding and twisting around it engages some great percussion and digital static that screams around the environment that has been created. The quality of the production of this disc comes shining through as each element of the sound is clearly delineated and the frequencies are well separated avoiding the muddy nature that some tracks in this similar style often suffer. Some standard Xatrik sounds can be heard but the emphasis has been placed on a more driving and psychedelic sound that definitely works. I particularly lie the acid tweaks that manifest outward through the music and break up the patterns. Sample use is minimal instead Xatrik have relied on composition and instrumentation to carry the music along. Also of note are the FX, they are used to maximum efficiency. Another favorite on the compilation and a very worthwhile inclusion.

9. Kluster – Walker This track is massive, from the plodding beginning to the sweeping opening to the bass line and kick this is a very psychedelic piece of music that creates an enormous space that builds and builds. Some great percussion again that establishes the rhythm and flow of the track and good use of cross channel FX and nice variations of bass line structure and accompanying melody. The music has a crisp and punchy feel you can feel rocking a dance floor, this is very good track the likes of which I very much want to hear more of. At 2’41 the patterns really start to build up and it is in full flight, taking you on a great deep trance journey that avoids a lot of cheesy samples, again the music and arrangement carries the track with no cheesy devices. Absolutely great piece of work and my favorite on the compilation!

10. Dark Nebula and Scatterbrain – Crash and Burn A thick and heavy bassline dominates this latest number from Dark Nebula and Scatterbrain and fans will not be disappointed in the style of evolution that is presented here. Using the synths listeners of Scatterbrains earlier album will be familiar with the duo have put together a good track. They have refined the Scatterbrain synths I have to say, they aren’t so punctuated and screaming which comes as some relief as they had a tendency to scream overly hard in earlier tracks, particularly on the album. Good FX here and some nice channel effects make for a nice closing track that while being a hard dance floor track has some nice melodic undertones that gave me a feeling of rising up. Some chanting at the 5’00 mark also worked very well in this I felt adding a warm feeling to the music before it screams off again. The sample used being the title of the track is funny and very fitting for the music, good work!

I give this 7/10 

Underground Psychedelic Nightmusic
Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 15, 2005 22:25
wow! this CD is actaully is very attractive for reviewing           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 18, 2005 11:07

On 2005-06-15 22:25, Voice of All wrote:
wow! this CD is actaully is very attractive for reviewing

. . .and stunnig for listening

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 19, 2005 14:19
Worth it alone for the crash and burn track-wicked!           (`*•.¸(`*•.¸ ¸.•*´)¸.•*´)
(¸.•*´(¸.•*´ `*•.¸)`*•.¸)

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Posted : Jun 25, 2005 12:02
every weekend is a crash and burn weekend!

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Posted : Jul 30, 2005 14:11
Mubali's review was spot on ... really liked it and also liked the idea of giving each track a rating out of ten ... why dont the other pro reviewers do that ? 


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Posted : Sep 13, 2005 12:14
Crash and Burn!!
I hope we hear more of scatterbrain soon.......

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