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V/A - Dark Side Of Goa (Discovalley Records)


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Posted : Jul 7, 2006 22:17
Name: V.A - The Dark Side of Goa
Label: Discovalley Records
Catnum: DVRCD005
Year: 2006
Media: CD


01 Samadhi - Multiverse
02 Fraktal Noise - LSD
03 Innersound - Shadows
04 Candy Power - Witch's Sabbath
05 Metallaxis - The Source
06 Dark Elf - Sauron's Madness
07 Fraktal Noise - Goa
08 Terminator vs Metallaxis - Manipulate
09 Innersound - Fuck The System

Release Info:

Disco Valley Records is proud to present the fifth installment of Dj Teo's brand of masterful psychedelic dance trance.

In this compilation 'Dark Side of Goa' tracks have been chosen carefully and have the signature 'discovalley style' (heavy baselines and hard flowing dance leads).

No noise, no confusion and proper bpms. The new compilation is a giant feat promoting deeply psychedelic bombastic tracks that have been tested at Goa parties with rave reviews.

And now soon also you will be able to share in this masterful enterprise.


1. Nice intro by Samadhi... Doesnt take too much time to start kicking with the bass and kick,
which they sound solid together, deep and pumping!
A nice tempo of 146 bpm with rolling drumz for start... A small pattern of synths comes up to be suddendly be disturbed by a nice break of confusion by Samadhi !!
A single bass is coming up to confuse us and say what is going on but again suddendly the rolling bass comes up with nice aggressive synths... I like listening to suprises in a track, aswell as good atmospheres which this tracks has!
Also change of the notes of the bass, makes the track more groove and interesting...
Some more drumz would have made it more groove and rolling, but i guess this is the way that he likes...
A nice track with good creespy synth work.
Fits very good for a start of a nice night set

2. Moving to Fractal Noise. Again a trippy intro that drives us to a nice deep bassline!

We do not see many track this kind at lower bpms, so another 146bpm track make me happy, and fills my collection with good tracks at a bit 'lower' bpms...
Again some nice atmospheres by Fractal Noise, that creates an extraordinary environment, appropriate for the night lovers that want to get lost in some alienish atmos!!
Squeerlish synths fill the whole story, and nice drum patters, making the listener, to enter into a driving mode...
Suddently the riging tone creates a good hallucinating atmosphere that is pushing us towards the middle of the track which i expect a nice break by Fractal Noise, which wasnt exactly as i expected it but again good use of some samples to make the whole story
more interesting!!! Good driving track

3. Now we come to my mate stavros! Innersound... Greekedelia rules hehehe
Nice phat bassline and kick with a melacholic melody is prepairing us for what is gona come...
An 148 bpm track, with some 'touched' percussion work. A good synth work by stavros pops in, creating the necessary confusion in our brain... Some reverb and delay, or even flanger couldnt have done the synth work a bit more interesting but again, i trust stavros inspiration in this!
A good combination of this old style kick with the phat bassline makes the track sound a bit olskool
Some more fractal synths come with combination of some atmos in the background... I feel the track a bit minimal but i guess this was the purpose of it...
Not bad stavro, i wait to listen to some more from u

4. The russian project Candy Power comes after with a 147 bpm track... Some spooky vocals for intro... Then again we have this squeerling synths with some air-synth on the bacground...
I always had the idea that the kick and bass where a bit low in volume from Candy Power, and again I see this issue... I guess this is the way they like!
My personal taste expects some more powerfull kick bass combination to gfive punches to the listener in the stomach
Nice drums, and some reverse covals fill the track by Candy Power, creating the 'witch' vibe which is a nice word they found to discribe this track
A bit confusion in the structure of the track, which again i place it under the producers inspiration... I do not say is bad or good, is just the production of each artst... Drumz give to the track a good groove, but not much of synth work to create the necessary 'confusion'...
Track is good, but If i was to use it in my sets, I would only leave it for a couple of minutes,
to create the neccesary confusion and then put another track more driving and whcih much more power...

5. Metallaxis!! Kulu and romolo, one of my favorite artists not only in the greek scene but generally...
Usual killer bass and kick combination which has the stamp of metallaxis!
Again we have a multy combination of synth and sample use, which create the trippy atmosphere that was meant to...
Again i wouldnt say that is a 'story' track, cause of this confusing structure of sounds and synths pads that fill the track, but on the other hand is a psychedelic track with very good psychedelic elements... This is metallaxis.. Full power with weird psychedelic sounds filling the masses
Some use of drum loops would have give the track more energy i guess...
One thing that captures my interest in the metallaxis trax, is the use of the snare! It hits on the 1st beat, and i was wondering whether this is on purpose and i have been told by them that it is!! hehehe always each artist have some weird inspirations, which this is what i like listening to tracks by everybody and not just limiting my interest in a very close circle...
Nice trippy track my romolo and kulu...
A relativly slower in bpm track by this duo

6. Dark Elf comes after!! Dimitris, again a half greek french guy...
This VA, has lots of greek artsts i see
Powerfull kick by dimitris, and good combination by the bass...
Nice use of reverb, makes the track more alive! 148 bpm trck with a good spooky vibe...
Some weird vocals flowting around and nice alieneish squeerls create a good confusion which basically this is the meaning of a good night psy track...
I liked the jigsaw at some point of the track hehehe good one nice suprise!
Havent heard lots of dimitris work, but i am happy with this track and i surely wait for some more from him
Some nice use of synths, phat ones... Not too many elements in this track...
A few but good ones Towards the end is when the track gets better... U could make a better end my friend But again is a matter of personal taste
Nice one dimitri

7. Fractal Noise come back again...
This time with a 145 bpm track which made me belive it was faster!
I think that this track is better than the previous one!!!
I like the continuesly use of new sounds
Bassline is killer, aswell as the percusiion work... Nice one!
Named the track GOA, and a weird voice pops in everywhile, i think is TEOS voice hehehe
Nice rolling and driving feel from this track Pumping track, will definately move lots of asses
Again, full roll, no breaks... Y not
Good one guys I liked this one!!

8. Terminator vs. Metallaxis. RIP to Zolod baba... This track no matter what, creates an emotional feeling which it can not pass without notice...
150 bpm track full of psychedelic madness by the metallaxis duo and the talented touch of zolod!
Nice vibe and hehe again the maddd use of synth work used by rolo and kulu!!!
Drumz have been created very well for the track...
Crazy track for crazy minds, created by crazy ppl
Dont know who started it and who finished it, or how it worked,
but for sure i see work from both names in this...
Kick ass track by the Terminator & Metallaxis

Wll done guys and i wished zolod was still here...

9. Innersound to close the VA! Quick start by stavros!!
Phat bass again and better synth work from the previous track!
Fast track 152 bpm, maybe thats why it was choosen to be last...
Aggressive track, that as it moves it gets better!!
I like this track better than your previous in this cd stavro
Generally is a better work... As far as synths, drumz, bass etc...
But anyways full support to GREEK artists hehehe

I was reviewing while i was listening, so all the above were coming our of my perception towards each track...
Well done to Discovalley crew for another massive release, and keep the great work!!!

Boom from Cyprus/Greece...
And we wait for more!!!!!

Usefull links:
Noize Conspiracy Records

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Jul 7, 2006 22:36
My favorites 8,7 and 6 Dark Elf rocks!!!
Dark Elf

Started Topics :  76
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Posted : Jul 8, 2006 00:37
at last the review !!!
And a really GOOD one, by CHP. Bravo my friend !
I enjoy this CD a lot, and hope u enjoyed the track

Cheers and thumbs up to Discovalley Crew, always delivering quality dark music !


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Posted : Jul 8, 2006 13:56
candy power!!!!!!!!
kickbrain compilation .. so killer!!! 

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Posted : Jul 9, 2006 15:17
finally a review of one of my favourite albums really DARK true goa sounds by each artist...killer compilation by dj teo...if any of the discovalley record artists
on their way to goa pls pm...would really love catching their sets anytime..
great job discovalley and goanmantra records
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 9, 2006 17:35 mistakes at all!! ripps u right thru the skull...!!

Dark elf- saurons madness...bhing bhong....bhooom bhooom...very thick and tight baselines...defines the hidden powers of saruman....

          Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 9, 2006 18:19
1,3,6,7 best for me...           Dance is - As a matter of fact, socially admissible public analogue of the sexual act :)

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Posted : Jul 10, 2006 01:29
great news
wish u all the best !!! 
Silent Horror

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Posts :  1982
Posted : Jul 10, 2006 01:32
Another brain digging VA by discovalley..
All trax are magical.. fraktal noise & dark elf have really made a mark here. terminator VS metallaxis - thank u so much for this one.. GENIUS!
gr8 review claw..
keep bringing in these VA's discovalley.. we need it
Summum Bonum
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 10, 2006 01:56
Finally the killer sounds we've been hearing all season in Goa are out in Print

Bringing back some of the Discovalley crew and some newcomers, Teo's 5th installment of the Discovalley sound fails to disappoint.

My personal fav's would be,

Fraktal Noise - L.S.D. an atmospheric stomper with a great sample "The brain needs to Re-boot"

Innersound 's ultra psychedelic anthem "Fuck The System"

Dark Elf - "Sauron's Madness"

Fraktal Noise - "Goa"

Overall another must have release from Discovalley Records, Keep it up!

PS: Looking forward to the next one, The Claw track is great!           "Never argue with an idiot, they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience"

Started Topics :  12
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Posted : Jul 10, 2006 12:41
Thanks, looking great track list for sure!



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Posts :  685
Posted : Jul 10, 2006 13:47
Killer va by Discovalley as usual....
Best choices for me Metallaxis and Terminator,Metallaxis,Fraktal Noise ,Innersound sounds interesting in a more dancing way and also Samandhi made something remarkable as well!
Keep up like this!
BOOOOOOOOOOOM           Coming Soon 07-12-2012 Strange Kaos split album "Above The World" from Goanmantra Records!
for bookin
Bash / Kernel Panic

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Posts :  690
Posted : Jul 10, 2006 15:01

the best of the best!!! best wishes to olga, teo and discovalley crewww!!!           Bash's Home:

Mind Tweakers Records:
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  17
Posts :  199
Posted : Jul 10, 2006 15:58
Very nice CD good job Teo hope hearing a more CDs like this....
Alsow big support to all the artists on this CD specially to my friend Dimitri.....


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Posts :  38
Posted : Jul 10, 2006 22:06
thank you everybody for nice feedbacks.
and special thanks to claw for such a analytical
killer review.

hope many people enjoy this deep psychedelic world!!


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