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Trance Forum » » Forum  Promotional Releases - V/A Civilysed Chaos - ISRAEL Compiled by SPAZZZ cat GEOCD009

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V/A Civilysed Chaos - ISRAEL Compiled by SPAZZZ cat GEOCD009

Geomagnetic Records
Geomagnetic Records

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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 21:53
V/A "Civilysed Chaos - ISRAEL "
Compiled by DJ Spazz
(cat: GEOCD009)

File: Undergound Morning Full-on Psychedelic Trance


release date: Expected April 8th 2006

Civilysed Chaos debuts the new ISRAEL branch in a big way! Brought to you by international dj extrodinaire DJ SPAZZZ known for delivering uncompromising unreleased dj sets all over the globe, recently back from his tour in Japan! Now he returns to Israel to present the hottest acts coming from Israel, Mexico and Switzerland, this collection of twisted mind bending mental blasters delivers and then some. Spazzz is honored to present the leaders of the Israel Underground Psy scene to kick off this new Geo Israel branch right!

Track List:
1. Guinea Pigs - How To Get By in The U.S.
2. Dark Force - Cow Hypnosis
3. Energy Loop - Like a Walk in The Park
4. Clockstoppers - Room Function
5. Audiopathik - Speak of the Devil
6. PS2 - Des Trip Laids (Electrypnose Side Project)
7. Dark Force and Spazzz - Darkenss and the Spirit
8. Electrypnose vs Energy Loop - Dont Kill Me
9. Darknoize - Lost Pick Up (Tsabeat vs Energy Loop)
10. Mindstorm vs Twisted Reaction - Civilysergia

This CD will also have a DVD that compliments the amazing psychdelic mayhem. The dvd will be available separately and will come out soon after the CD Release.

check back for 4 min Hi res mp3 samples at Geomagnetic site soon!

also check out DJ Spazzz the conciever of this amazing new compilation and label manager for Israel!

Also keep an ear out for Full Length Artist albums on Israel coming soon from: Twisted ReAction, Guinea Pigs, Dark Force and more!

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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 21:59
I am excited to hear my buddy Spazzz's compilation of unique morning sound that does not sacrifice twisted sounds for melodies.


Started Topics :  12
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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:15
nice choose of music, i wil watch about this cd, especialy electrypnose ones

good luck



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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:24
4 sure gonna B pure morning dust ,what can i say more EL gushtak GooooooooD Luckkk
n Keep It wIth ColorZ n liGhtZzzZ
n last words 2 this amazing label geomagntik who picking up the psy true waY n uncomprmizing beatz 4 the us freakz there ,,..,,,..,, sooN i hope All oVer the World will b demanded n last but most keep on the beast Dr. spook BOOOOOOOOOOOM

Ankur / Virgin Suicide

Started Topics :  35
Posts :  599
Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:36
a full bunsh of friends on one cd
i want name u all now..... so multy boom, love, and hugs to all of u this cd will kick siriously some asses

          Freqs of Nature Festival 2012
Lost Theory Label DJ

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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:43
Sounds like a killer one coming up strong
So glad to be part of these compilation and share it with killer artists all the best for everyone in involved at this and big boom for mi friends Spook and Spazzz!!!


Started Topics :  5
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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:44
Hello.. this is will be a smashing compilation. best of luck to Spazz and Geomagnetic rec for this blasting one boom

Started Topics :  2
Posts :  40
Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:44
xaaama baba and im sure your compilation is "na altaaaa" ,, i cant wait to listen it.
Track list looks like very interesting, Congratulations haver,, keep rocking bro
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:57
Great work ,nice loop ,killer/

Started Topics :  14
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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:57
hello ppl , i just would like corect few mistakes ...
spazzz mail for booikng spazzz's Dj set and artists who would like releas in geomagnetic israel is :
i cant finish befor say HUGE thnx to my friends that helped me on that 1 :
vili , the pigs, matan, tsabeat,wilo and alex(audiopathik), ClockStopres(maxim and pasha),
vince, zapata, edvin , and special thnx for doc spook to make that one .
boom and peace, enjoy
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posts :  362
Posted : Feb 3, 2006 22:58
Lots of new tracks by Energy Loop.... I'm sure this CD gonna rock! Good going Villi           Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........
Geomagnetic Records
Geomagnetic Records

Started Topics :  64
Posts :  423
Posted : Feb 3, 2006 23:01
Dont forget all sorts of other killer releases both now and in the near future!

San Fran Psychos1:Phantasmagoria (geocd003/geodvd003)

Geospirit1: Virtual Vortex DVD/CD (geocd002/geodvd002)

and coming soon:
Random: Implicate Order (geocd004/geodvd004)

Engrams1:Luminaria 2012 (geocd005/geodvd005)

Wellspring1:Equinocturnis (geocd006/geodvd006)

Bodhisattva 1320: Secrets of the Mojave

Twisted ReAction: Action! (geocd008/geodvd008)

and Distribution feat cutting edge new label: Psybertribe debuting Digital Shaman
XaMã CirKus aKa. ay-ash

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  843
Posted : Feb 3, 2006 23:17

yes me happy to see this compilation.. i believe go take cool tracks and nice feelings for floor

all best for this compilation and for my friend DJ Spazzz

Keep this conencccttiioonnss

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  18
Posts :  333
Posted : Feb 3, 2006 23:35
all the best to geomagnetic and this compilation, now that im part of the crew im gonna geomagenticize canada! all the best friends!

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  84
Posted : Feb 3, 2006 23:41
looks good good luck to spazz ,enrgy loop and whatchout from new project clockstoppers !
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