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v.a Big Bang (Materia Rec.) By Djane Moira

Materia Records
Materia Records

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 03:50
Materia Records presents their 6th release called BIG BANG, including 10 masterpieces dedicated to dance floors all over the world, carefully chosen by Djane Moira.

Moira Santibanez is Originally from Santiago de Chile, first arrived at Barcelona at age of 14th and has been mixing non-stop around Barcelona since.
One of the most popular spanish DJ’s around, always delivering a perfectly matched mix and a great vibe on the dancefloors. she gained instant respect. Growing rapidly and well connected with many talented musicians and producers. With this influence her urge to learn and experiment with different styles, grew more and more, mainly influenced by sexy electro up to Full-On Trance.

In 2004 Dj Anahata(Ciro Gisiger)founded the first Spanish Trance label Materia Records together with Moira Santibanez, and they have been supporting and following the evolution of psychedelic Trance in Spain especially in Barcelona , creating harmony between local and international artists…

Djane Moira compiling her first V/A called BIG BANG for Materia Records coming out September 2007.

In physical cosmology, the Big Bang Theory is a cosmological event in which the universe has been expanding for 13.7 billion years, starting billions of years ago from a hot dense cosmic explosion that hurled matter in all directions.

Expected 21 September 2007

3. BIO GENESIS - Geostygma
4. SPEEDBALL - Backline
5. OUTER SIGNAL - Gipsy Dance
7. CHROMATONE - Water Memory
8. DELYSID - Big Bang
9. KALI - Feel The Mind
Compiled DJ Moira
Mastering Roy Engel @ UltraSound
Design Starspine (Flow Motion)
Distribution: Arabesque (Worldwide) & Wakyo (Japan)


MEKKANIKKA kickn in with futuristic point of view, phat sounding and tight dance , after releasing 2 well known albums, Nikka has prepared a special dish for his 3rd album "Global Warning".

MASSIVE Vs OUTER SIGNAL breaking in with pumping psychedelic beat combining full experienced psy trance artist, Davina (Sirius Isness) with her new solo project, Massive, together with new project from Israel Outer Signal (Josh & Gil), creating unique journey for trancelovers…

BIO GENESIS is one of the most exciting new projects to come out from Mexico. Bio Genesis are Mikeldi Murguia & Carlos Perez Originaly from Mexico city but for the last few years Based in Barcelona, Spain
Defently creative emotions and hard beats in the same time pushing you higher and higher…

SPEEDBALL was born 3 years ago from the mind of two young guys wanting to experiment with a fresh sound, project of Raul Angel and Javier Durán. From mexico aswell, presenting great technologies and full control on the twick…watch out for their future release…

OUTER SIGNAL is a new project from Israel. featuring Lior "Josh" Yosha and Gil Stolar a.k.a Jul, with new touch of psychedelic flavour, released already few dancefloors hits on major compilations, expressing their special vision on the worldwide scene..

PAINKILLER, a.k.a Roy Engel after releasing his Debut album Brainwash and 2 massive compilation HardFloor and Flamenco Mania, putting more and more tracks out on many new compilations and in between touring the worldwide dancefloors.

MADNETIC a.k.a David Des, is a new promising project from Barcelona, creating powerfull edition of psytrance.
Working towards his debut album expected end 2007.

CHROMATONE, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for over a decade. Lawrence has become one of the powerful emerging voices in Psytrance today. His track is a reminder for the great goa flavour combined with new production and powerfull lift…

DELYSID are coming from Sao Paulo(Brazil).
Hot place for worldwide trance scene these days…
Their debut album "Noize Infection" is coming in June 2007.
Twilight.. something in between the Morning delicious sounds and crazy pumping Darker night.

KALI a.k.a Manuel, is overturned in the procces preparing his first album for Materia Rec,which will be edited in October 2007. Morning and Dark nicely combined, futurist atmospheres and organic sounds, managing to create personal style in his productions.



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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 10:16
yo raz good luck look like kiler comp
kileer muzick my frind raz
V a R u n
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 10:50
And the news is out !
It just keeps getting better !!
Just cannot wait for this MASSIVE release..
Full marks to all the artists, Ciro and Moira for bringing us such a stomping release..AGAIN !!

Much love n light
Boom Boom
          Varun @ Materia Records

..:: VA - BOUNCE OUT NOW ::..


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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 11:42
Hi people! This is one fucking bomb of compilation! Destroy the dancefloor!

Congratulations Moira and Ciro, the track list is the best! =D

Good LucK!
Hugs and Kiss! 

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 11:51
hey materia great to be in this 1

all the best to all the artists in it and to ciro and moira.

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 12:16
Good luck Materia , looks awsome va
All the best to RAZ
Peace           SpazZz - GBM Records
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 13:09

as always, good luck to the materia crew...

track list looks great... sure it will blast. 

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 13:36
Great work Materia....Always some fresh and juicy for the summer !!!keep up the good work, long live Dj Moira !!!!

- Nikka

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 13:53
Nice artist sequence, most of then are my fav.

Congratulations Ciro and Moira and all involved.

looks promising.

Good luck.

I have as much authority as the Pope.I just don't have as many people who believe it.

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 14:12
All the best to Materia and all involes, especially my good friends Gil & Josh from Outer Signal and of course Davina @ Massive !!

Boom to all !!

New Concept album "Paranormal" OUT NOW on 3D vision records.
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 14:24
Bio genesis, Kali and painkiller collaboration will rock.

All the best to materia

bom shiva            “What we need is the development of the Inner Spiritual man, the unique individual, whose treasure is hidden in the symbols of our mythological tradition and in man’s unconscious psych.” - CJ Jung
Wizard Lizard
Wizard Lizard

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 15:25
thats Sound Like My Cup Of tea ...
Looks Like Electric compilation all the best with this release
keep it ON !

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 15:58
all the best with this           
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Moonsun Records

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 16:15
moira ure va rocks all the best to OUTER SIGNAL on this 1
Cortex - Tempo Shrine

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 19:51
hi its great newssss

Congratulations dj ane moira great job here
and all rispect to ciro aka dj anahata about all hard work on materia.
CORTEX debut album release in july MATERIA RECORDS SPAIN
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2 tracks releases by cortex-israeli sphinx and shake the snake
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VA - space electric (limit space records)
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