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Universo Paralello #9


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Posted : Nov 28, 2008 09:49
Hi, guys!
I'm from Russia and me and my friends are going to visit UP this year. That will be our 3rd time.
But this year we have toubles with getting visa cause our brazil friends who had send us invitation before are abroad now.
I want to ask you if anybody from Brazil can help us with invitation? It's very urgent question and we would very appreciate it!

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Posted : Nov 28, 2008 14:28
greetings up crew!

i would like to report an error @ the Goa stage line up:
the name is Divinori, not Divinoriom.

i would very very apreciate if this small tip was solved.

see ya jumping higher on the GOAfloor!

thank yoou!
          divinori ::
Mind Tweakers Records
Mind Tweakers Records

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Posted : Nov 28, 2008 16:31
High vibrations to you, Divinori! We are really pleased to see you in this line-up!

Also, there are more artists from Mind Tweakers inside this festival, we are here to wish the best to all our team and of course to the UP crew and all people inside it!

Good ideas in mind and power in hands to do the right thing, thats the good way to be!

All the best!!!           Mind Tweakers Records Brazil
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 28, 2008 20:08
Timetable for you boys and girls coming from abroad:

27/12 - 13:00 hs:
Camping Opening

28/12 - 12:00 hs:
Goa, Alternative and Chillout dancefloors

29/12 - 12:00 hs:

29/12 - 16:00 hs:
Live Bands Stage

30/12 - 17:00 hs:
Twilight Zone

04/01 - 12:00:
Mainfloor closing

04/01 - 18:00 hs:
End of all activities

05/01 - 09:00 hs:
Camping closing

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Posted : Nov 28, 2008 20:15
it's done Divinori... thanks for advise
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2008 13:56
well i just want to say that im so excited , and i tink i will be there

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Posted : Dec 2, 2008 00:48
Guys just relax!!!!

So this is it... UP is comming, just a month to the festival.

This year will have six sound ambients, which is a marc in festivals history, whith a excelent line up, including rock bands. The mainfloor will burn this year.

For who whants to stay in brazil after the festival, i recommend other parties that happens after UP, in cities like Barra Grande, Itacaré and Trancoso (our GOA).

See u there!!!!

Just a complain. Hey Swarup and Alok, here is Protoculture man?!?!?!

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Posted : Dec 2, 2008 02:17
Just a personal ask.

I've seen him in all editions that i went.

His sound its a kind of face of this festival.           Dj Itza - Mind Tweakers Records (Cerrado Trance/Spectrohm Arts)

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Posted : Dec 2, 2008 05:05
Hi guys! this will be my 2nd time at UP! I am very excited. I hope to make friends like last UP.
See you there and good vibes!
Paula (FOP)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 2, 2008 16:46
Hello May, please send me an email to and i send you the invitation letter... greetings! 

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Posted : Dec 4, 2008 01:29
Can't wait to come! Such an amazing festival, on all levels. Leaves you with nothing but good memories, broken legs and a desire come back and do it all over again!

All the best in your preparations !           HEADROOM - "Artelligent" (NANO Records) out now.......

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Posted : Dec 4, 2008 22:40
Hi I am another Gringo( )coming to UP 28/11, it will be so nice to party with all of you.

At Boom this summer I meet people from 24 nations from all continents (except Antarctica), see if I can top that at UP.

Is it any more people from Sweden going?

If someone wants to meet up, pm me.

And Alok great work you have done with Up.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 9, 2008 22:40
salvador s too big.. u are gonna find cheap and expensive ones.. from all kind and colours lol  

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Posted : Dec 11, 2008 16:56
here is a big fesival in salvador in the new year... anyone knows when it starts how much does it cost and who is going to perform???
thank you!!!

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Posted : Dec 11, 2008 19:51
HI, i dont know whats ir cheap for you.

soo... look ate this one

Hotel room for 2 ppl 99 reais per day.

something like 35/40 dolars


see you
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