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Traveling alone


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Posted : Apr 5, 2008 15:16
I've travelled to various parts of india alone n with freinds. I had the best time when I travelled alone. plannin to hit nepal this oct..alonee!! m sure gona have a blast!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2009 15:35
i totally enjoy it. it is the best thing to do. definitely. you can do absolutely whatever you want. it is the ultimate freedom. i rediscovered it this summer. long time too long travelling only by car or comfortable buses and airplanes. last summer i rediscovered travelling alone. it was one my best journeys. for months.

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Posted : Mar 10, 2009 22:46
I'm planning to do Iceland this summer, maybe Greenland as well (question of money), alone. My motivation for travelling alone is different though, as I strongly intend to spend 2 weeks without having to speak more than necessary. Only me, a pencil and my writing pad, in order to write some sort of artsy expressionistic travel book. We'll see how/if that works out
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Posted : Mar 11, 2009 03:20
travelling alone is the best by far....
actually i ve met my wife in tunisie...and i was make this trip totally alone from greece....

you can do ANYTHING you want and more inportant
is that you are feeling TOTALY dont have to inform anyone for anything...

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IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  18
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Posted : Apr 17, 2009 17:58

On 2008-02-09 13:26, psysnoopy wrote:

My Motivation for traveling, is to attend trance festivals. Im not really into other types of activities.

what a shame isn't it? we live in a beautiful planet full of nosense people...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 10, 2009 01:44
Well I'm back from my 6 month trip... Great times!

Traveled alone for over 2 months in north India and Nepal, loved it, had many amazing experiences and met many beautiful people.

Then after 10 weeks met a solo traveling girl on an Indian train, and we ended up doing the road together for 4 months, through south India, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, also amazing times!

What's best? I really can't say, both are great experiences. The sense of freedom you get from being alone is unbeatable and you're more open to new experiences and people. But love is love and when you find the right person, well then traveling together is a really great thing.

So I guess I will always be nostalgic of those first 2 months traveling alone, but right now my only plan is to continue traveling next year with my girl. ;-)

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Gecko Brother

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Posted : May 14, 2009 16:04
it,s 1 big great experiance. alone is alone if you wanne be alone !! be open and alone is a forgotten word in youre travel.


Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Oct 31, 2009 18:12
traveled alone in south america for more than 2 years now, still here...
have been away from my own country for 10 years now! planning to go back to visit next year! finally!!!
and to tell the true...u never travel alone really, couse u always meet others and travel with for a bit then leave and travel with others, so u kinda never travel alone.

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IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  27
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Posted : Dec 3, 2009 01:59
The last two time I ve traveled I started off with a friend and the other half alone I think this would be the best of both worlds I have only traveled alone once and it was fun also...... But the older I get i prefer to travel with someone.
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Dec 3, 2009 09:28
you can travel by sitting in meditation.           When death comes to your doorstep, make sure you are alive
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 31, 2010 20:10
i m going alone for himalayas tomorow-for 15 days,but i want my sultaan with me(my dog).again but its not i m goin......lets see.           <<<<<<<<SECREAT SHIVA CLUB>>>>>>>>
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