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Trancelucent Prod. Presents - V/A Absolute Trancelucent

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 5, 2007 16:59
Trancelucent Productions presents:




1. Cosmic Tone VS. Noga - Uniting Forces
2. System Nipel - Absolute Trancelucent
3. Etic - Wishes - In-Panic RMX
4. Electro Sun VS. Bizzare Contact - I've got the power - Cosmic Tone RMX
5. Quantum - Hotpot
6. The Misted Muppet - Spiritual Visions - Noga RMX
7. Insomnia ? Minister of the beast
8. Visual Paradox VS. Insomnia - Trancelucid
9. Loud Feat. Homsy - Go Go

Release date: 02.2007

Release information:
Absolute Trancelucent, the first bomb from the Trancelucent stables for 2007, a powerful full power release produced by Trancelucent Productions dream team and associated artists.
Absolute Trancelucent is the 20th release, an anniversary CD, from Trancelucent Productions, founded in 2001 by Homsy.
Homsy has hand picked 9 gems, all dance floor hits fit for kings, produced solely by Trancelucent Productions fine crew of artists, including tracks and remixed tracks from Electro Sun, Bizzare Contact, Cosmic Tone, Etic, Insomnia, Quantum, Loud, Noga, System Nipel & Visual Paradox (Dj Bog).
This is an energetic blasting release bearing an exquisite flow, a strong mature release from this strong and mature label, whose artists have been rapidly influencing and effecting dance floors all over the world, crossing border, fussing cultures? Mega active in pretty much all continents of the world.
Pop up the bottle to grasp the magnificent, colorful, infectious world of Trancelucent Productions? The taste is great and highly addictive? not to worry you will not wake up with a hang over the next day ;-), well maybe an uplifting positive one and a big smile on the face.

Absolute Trancelucent is definitely one of those rear CD's which not only bear a cool concept but is highly uncompromised, a brilliant selection of music.
The set begins with Cosmic Tone & Noga, Ex producing partners, who have joined forces after focusing each on his solo project, delivering a hell of a shinny opener the way they know best.
Next in the plot is System Nipel, another solid successful group rooted deeply in the Trancelucent soil, released their mind blowing debut album last year (2006), contributing another massive colorful and powerful hit, uplifting mind, body & soul ? System Nipel are currently working on a compilation to be released later on this year (Trancelucent). In-Panic, the new kid on the block from Mushy Records, produces a remarkable remix to the fine ETIC track Wishes (Released on ETIC's second featured album FEEDBACK CD). An absolute remix lightly inserting the elements of its origin, yet managing to re-create a whole new carnival. ETIC's third featured album ZOOMING OUT CD expected later on this year (Trancelucent). Cosmic Tone, has developed in the Trancelucent stables, has cooked up an ultra magnetic, powerful remix to the legendary track I've Got the Power, originally produced by Electro Sun, a star shinning bright, and Bizzare Contact, which was released on Electro Sun's debut album PURE BLUE CD, a release which has definitely branded Electro Sun as today's most inspiring & busiest artists around. Electro Sun's second featured album is in its final stages of production and is expected later on this year (Trancelucent). Quantum pops next with his groovy thick sound which is longed all over the world giving a perfect balance. Quantum's third featured release PENETRATION CD is expected later on this year (Trancelucent). Noga, Trancelucent's pride and joy and one of the most creative souls around has remixed The Misted Muppet's hyper active psychedelic track Spiritual Visions - a wholesome Noga edge with just the right Misted Muppet spirit.
Insomnia are truly the voice of the new generation of artists, ripping apart the dance floor with drive and creativity, slicing synths and guitars riffs. Visual Paradox (Dj Bog) a legend on his own cooperates with Insomnia toning the atmosphere down a notch with their funky, groovy Trancelucid direction yet one to blast off any dance floor around.
Loud who have taken the Trance world by storm recently releasing their massive debut album, Some Kind Of Creativity CD (Drive Records), deliver another one of their brilliant psycho-active, juicy, electro-packed track thriller built to perfection, featuring Homsy which delivers some Wisdom quotes vocals to the segment.

Have a good old sip of a True Trancelucent!!!

Treat yourself to perfection?
Production & Selection: Homsy



Started Topics :  24
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Posted : Feb 5, 2007 18:55
looks like a massive compilation....all the best to insomnia quantom and all the artists
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 5, 2007 18:57
Looking forward to new Insomnia track.
I like their style.

Internal System

Started Topics :  79
Posts :  931
Posted : Feb 5, 2007 19:13
All the best to Quantum and System Nipel.
also watch out for INsomnia track, massive hit.

Goodluck with this compilation Trancelucent crew.            Play It and Never Stop!

Started Topics :  24
Posts :  448
Posted : Feb 5, 2007 20:58
hey all looks very good ! congratulation for all! insomnia track is ablast also system niples track well actually evything sounds good from the samples! way to go tranclucenat keep blasting !!           PsyTrance The sound track of our life... (electro/minimal)
system nipel
System Nipel

Started Topics :  11
Posts :  280
Posted : Feb 5, 2007 21:21
killer compiltion , the best music of Insomia guys 2 tracks just hits good luck guys
and to all the artist

Opium Nuts

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Posts :  16
Posted : Feb 5, 2007 22:59
Amazing music all the artists!!! It's a firs the best VA of 2007

Like style Insomnia Quantum and System Nipel a lot!!!

Minister of the beast - verry nice fullpower music. Big respect to Tom and Orel (Insomnia) project YOU on the right way!

Gidi(Quantum) I will say to you about track private on tuesday verry good ahi

Rubi and Anton (System Nipel) I think you one of the best trance projects today

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Started Topics :  4
Posts :  31
Posted : Feb 6, 2007 02:19
killler compilation !!!!
Itay (In Panic) , Tom & Orel (INsomania) , Gidi (Quantom) , Nissan (Cosmic Tone)

good luck my friend  -- > Botanica Music

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  61
Posted : Feb 6, 2007 04:37
Its gona be a BOOM Compilation wish the best for all family "Trancelucent Productions / Compact Records"

tnx guys abut the good words

system nipel another Killer track its gona be release .. Best to all .............


Started Topics :  2
Posts :  60
Posted : Feb 6, 2007 17:02
hi ther.
good luck with this va i think insomnia is very talent artist cip going like this .
wish u all the best.......

Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighters

Started Topics :  35
Posts :  162
Posted : Feb 6, 2007 17:04
wanna wish the best of luck to System Nipel.
Great music with massive production!

From the Freedom Fighters           Freedom Fighters @ Utopia Records. - Music & Profile.
guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  417
Posts :  2871
Posted : Feb 6, 2007 17:22
I'm looking forward for this comp.
The samples sound so good and all the story is promising.
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

Started Topics :  239
Posts :  3486
Posted : Feb 6, 2007 20:01
very very curiest to hear the Spiritual Visions - Noga RMX, but i have hard to beleave it can be better then the orginal tho..

          For Contact & Bookings:
New Album Out: Wizack Twizack - IV (Ovnimoon Records 2011)

Started Topics :  -1
Posts :  44
Posted : Feb 6, 2007 22:17
Nice one this V/A! I see there are a killa track from my friends, Insomnia. Congratulations to Insomnia and Trancelucent for this work, they always work on the good way. I'm sure this will blast the dancefloors over the world...

It seems has 9 killa tracks for us!!
Digital Tribe
Digital Tribe

Started Topics :  40
Posts :  152
Posted : Feb 7, 2007 19:36

Good luck "Trancelucent Productions / Compact Records"

InsomniA bring more Bomb Track to world :)

Tom Bro you Gooood Luck ..... 


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