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Track of the day- what and why

Cyber Punk
IsraTrance Team

Started Topics :  29
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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 10:34
BOOM Ppl !
This morning after the very cold night and big storm I saw a sun shining all over the Haifa... I sat into my car and put the "Etnica - Trip tonight (rmx)" Oh my God, this melodies just blew me up, all the way to the work I was crying and shouting to the sun, "thanx to you !"
This definatly made my day !


          -=Lead System Designer=-
Jason (LyTe)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 12:46
Now, that's more like it

me, i woke up early this morning, and i almost allways open the day with a tune, usuelly one that is left with me to the rest of the day. this morning, i woke up and and shoved in the BLT Presence CD to the system and pumped up the volume (headphones) on Golden Slumbers.
to quote Cyber Punk here, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!"
          "We Do Not Allways See Things As They Are. We See Things As We Are" -Ancient Chinese Proverb

Gilad Refael
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 13:15
good topic
the last few days were pretty bad for me... health, school and all kinds of problems.
X-Dream - Thorazin made me better.           REHAB is for quitters
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  25
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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 13:52
h h same as yesterday and the days b4...the new Vibrasphere has been a good start of my day the whole week...brings back great memories of the Boom festival...
Vibrasphere/Indian summer            ...the mind is like a doesn't work unless it's open...
Sound Surgeon
Crater / Mish-kah

Started Topics :  250
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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 14:40
Xerox - Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom RMX)
one hell of a tune which reminds me the days when i just started to listen to good music (guess the genre of the music )
Started Topics :  16
Posts :  152
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 15:25
woke up this morning as i alwayes do
(to earlly )
had all the way this strange noise in my head ...
Datalinks-logic bomb
im just amaized over and over for the leading
tunes there ...
it's just putting me in place for another waisted
day of working ...
          sYnthrOid -
soon soon !
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  22
Posts :  1123
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 16:41
my track of the day is Oforia - Alien Pump
just because I've been looking for this track for soo long and now finally found it... reminds me of great parties           When I dance, I put myself in the DJ's hands to take me to a journey - the unconscious journey to reality

KARKEIJA KREW!!!!!!!! dancing is the phrr fo da powa
IsraTrance Team

Started Topics :  155
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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 17:15
My track of the day is definitely Sub6- El Novasion.
These guys are the most promising act Ive heard lately, even judging by this track only- so musical, so much feel and emotion inside, so unpretentious, yet so innovative, and most of all refreshing. Straight to the top of my ten. Go Sub6!           ---------------------------------------------
"Be the change you want to see in the world!"
M.K. Gandhi

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."
Aldous Huxley

IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  104
Posts :  731
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 17:30
Vibrasphere - Manzanilla

I heard this track when I was outside, sun shining and almost warm, it was beutiful           Ut ameris, amabilis esto.
IsraTrance Junior Member
Started Topics :  27
Posts :  647
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 17:40
Total Eclipse-Chaotic Circus !

that track makes me feel good!
lots of energy and nostalegy

DJ Pelon(Inpsyde Media)
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  60
Posts :  525
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 17:44
Pixel & Cyclic - Twist a gain

great minimalistic morning tune...sure made me smile this morning....boom
Inpsyde Media - Trance Mission Worldwide
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  301
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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 19:37

just make me feel better.           -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
George Mc Fly

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  15
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 19:57
Sesto Sento - Follow Me

Tired, although you took a shower ? Sesto Sento gives you the energy to wake up really...
IsraTrance Team

Started Topics :  506
Posts :  5388
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 20:03
ive been listening to el novasion on the average twice a day, once by myself and once with anyone that hasnt heard happen to run into me! i really like it so much i asked Sub6 for the distorted lyrics, they explained to me that its nonsense and i shouldnt try to listen to it and look for meaningful context..... oh well, i think im deciphering it anyway..... great great track of the day!           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  29
Posts :  478
Posted : Feb 26, 2003 20:30
For that Posford and Benji touch, the GMS bass, and a brilliant sample 'cos its short but oh so deep...

Younger Brother - Finger (GMS RMX)

Makes me want to

          Within this timeless gathering,
a shining light does dance,
lost from conscious memory,
but visible in trance!
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