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The 'Look'...

*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 03:33
Well, you know when your at a psychedelic gathering and the music is just right and your happy and dancing to it.. your path inevitably collides with someone else.
many reasons like the size of the dancefloor, the crowd etc..

It makes all the difference if that particular person 'smiles' or 'grins'. It also makes a difference when that person 'scowls' or just basically acts rude. i was at this party recently where a well known artist was spinning and i had my fair share of bumps and collisons and im happy to say that all the reactions were positive.
or a lesser note, i was also at this event in goa where i got smacked in the face by flailing arms and horrible faces.. totally fcuked up my night
have you been in a similar situation or something like it and has it affected your experience?? Have you unfortunately had a unecessary altercation because of this?

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 11:55
Well, meeting people and interact is one of the reasons to go to a party instead of sitting at home and just listen to music by yourself. So obviously the social factor affects the experience. So the social vibe of a party influences my mood. I've danced next to aggressive fucked up druged people, and for me that's not the ultimate recipe for a sucessful party And the other way around, smiling happy people make me shine

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 14:48
U can't smile all the time

Dainty Doll
June Rashava

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 15:32
Yes last night in copenhagen at "bryggen" where Safi Connection played. And mainly all the time at this place.

Next year a new club is gonna open, and there is gonna be none of that. Quality place! 
Run Lola
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 16:52
I always smile when people bump into me ..
but sometimes it gets a bit annoying, i can understand that some people might flying in their own world while dancing, but when the danclfoor is just too small what can u do ?and yeah when u have agressive too druggie people, that's another thing, "sorry mate, but you just stepped on my foot and i'm not happy about it
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 17:14
My experience is, the bigger the party, the more likely you are too meet people who are basicly unkind.

Ive been pushed out of the way many times, my girlfriend was once lifted of her feet by some stereoide muscle maniac and relocated so that he could pass.

The WORST experiences I have had with any crowd was in Copenhagen - in my opinion most people there are just in it for the drugs and the meat market - So, the vibe suffers and there are more of those episodes...

It happens when you are no longer at a true psyparty, and basicly just attending 1 large disco event..

Best Wishes

Krell           Label DJ>
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 22:22
Karma Cola ,It's very clear what you are talking about. In every party there are certen ppl (sometimes its the same ppl on different parties) that dance in a special way (nothing to do with sexuality), smile and feel the music, that makes me get into the powerful mood. Party without those ppl worth nothing. ppl 'flame' one another with theirs energy. Sometimes I get energy and sometimes I give. .

keep smiling people!

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 05:01
thats why we do private parties to avoid such as occasions you mentioned.
Generally I dont let other people polute my clean and pure full of love spirit in the danceflor but sometimes its not so easy.Sometimes when I feel that the place is full of dirty spirit I am starting to work like a "priest",I mean that I try to charge the place around with with my joyfull energy and lift up higher the cosmic spirit by lighting a stick in my right hand dancing and blessing the sound in a modern ritualistic method...always happy with a big smile ready to share it with everyone...usually I manage to tame the most agressive wild and demonic spirits...I became so funny with my face and dance wich nobody could resist and dont smile with me as he/she "look" at my eyes...
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 07:09
aaahaaa .. cola i know that 'look ' your'e talking about .. its happened so many times that i give two hoots now about those fcuks ..

So in order to avoid those aggresive drugged up types i try and find the right vibe and gradually make my way in that general direction .. and if i cant i go right behind .. i got my beer .. why worry?
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 07:20
I don't mind when people bump into me as long as they appologize with a smile or a wink or whatever.

But then there is always the one who is 100% into the music and other stuff...stuff(!) and is exibiting his own balet on the dancefloor and doesn't watch who is being slapped around. I mean absolute display of choreography, whatever the trip people are having, they don't seem to be aware that they are fucking it up for other people.
But i don't mind this as much.

I hate it when some guy, overdosed on steroids, with enormous muscles, pushes people when walking on the dancefloor. This is no culture. No excuse for this kind of behavior.

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 08:20
there are always these ppl who are too drugged out to even know what's goin on leave aside the music and the atmosphere.

then there are ppl who give a look towrds u when u r goin full power as if to say what is wrong with this person .??

and then there are ppl who understand the vibe of that moment and the state of mind ..everyone has got there own way to make a story in there minds..RESPECT

here in bombay- india there are many new bees into the scene who are in it just for drugs ..but then there are many who know whats goin on

its a part and parcel of the scene ..
and talkin abt the look ...hmmm , well u have nice ppl always to give that ++ energy .

Think about how it happens.
There's some electrical activity in your brain.
Your neurons fire. They send a signal down into your nervous system.
It passes along down into your muscle fibers.
They twitch!...
You might, say, reach out your arm.
Looks like it's a free action on your part,
But every one of those... Every part of that process...
Is actually governed by physical law:


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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 08:40
Too many guys with their gf's act like over protective fathers on the floor. Makes me wana SMILE at them when I see it happening. Bummer vibes these days...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 08:43

oooops now u make me feel really bad for all the times i have bumped into people.

i would usually say am sorry and flash my shinny white teeth

but many times i turn around to see horns and a tail growing and those are the times i run to save my life.

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Protons and Proteins
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 08:55
Got bumped into many people and had many people bumping into me. 90% of the time it ends in a smile. Dont really remember having a bad vibe yet but then I am into this only for one year maybe experience is required. 10% happens when people are too drunk. I think drunk are more to be avoided then drugged people!

Generally, I carry water (water being so expensive in Indian partied) from outside and 90% of the people there dont have or dont carry water so they come down to and ask for a sip. In that case they cant show their tails and horns (@sorcerress - nice metphor) - can they?           Discover.Vote.Share() -
Vagator Vibhushan
Inactive User

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 12:51
for me, every bump is a reminder to mantain plur...when someone is jostling for my space or flailing arms, I go somewhere else...these are small things which drugs make huge in head...the best way to counter negativity is by giving love, and more of it

aside, but not very: in Goa openairs there was this dude yearbefore with a bamboo who would just walk into the floor and mark out a huge circle in the sand...anyone stepping the circle was subjected to psychosis overdose...then I saw him, was english I think, in a crowded bombay meek, so a pussy out of a puddle...plur has an insidious way of catching up with people           helping apple pies take over the world since Damion predicted so
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