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Trance Forum  Forum  Mexico - The future of Mexican psychedelic music

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The future of Mexican psychedelic music


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Posted : Oct 24, 2007 02:24
1 Where is it going?

2 Who are the artists that are creating the new face of Psychedelia Mexicana?


1 I don't have the answer that's the reason I posted this thread

2 Duendo matka is one of the most innovative artists right now.

          Peace, Love, Light and Harmony
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Oct 24, 2007 04:47
mr forza :

Is going forward and very fast,
and sorry, but puting names here is the same mistake of always, selfe interests, too much noise, bla ble bli --but poor music--.

better lets talk in general, the hole shit, who are the ones that will put their face to represent the mexican psychedelia?,
who is or whoom will be giging all over the world???, who is going to make albums all his life untill death, not just for fashion or selfe steam??
who are the ones that are really breiking their asses???

ye ye all are good, all are special.. but the truth is that there is one or two that are really in the top.

who are they or who is him?
but put the cards on the table with truths.
not tastes.
Crop Square

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Posted : Oct 24, 2007 07:40
Yes i agree totally with Serag , it needs to be something that comes from an intelligent conclution ,, good reviews , maybe to get what serag wants it is to analize , really introduce ,maybe in the tracks , and i recomend when someone do not agree ( because u know , different thoughts always can cruise ) keep it calm , and if someones is goin to make a critic not just say words that can be agressive , or repetitive , like : ""yes its no good stuff "" or ""its not agood psy " i think we are free to talk , because everybody can help with ideas and stuff ,

but if u always try to do it with respect and in the right way , u you are gonna know that instead of saying: """ your music is not good , or that sound its to dark , or maybe its to slow """ u know u can : """" the percussions can be with more volume and that dont affects idea , or maybe """the voice of the track is clipped , that melody is in distone ,""" alway u can find more helpfull comments instead of just writing something of what Serag is talkin about .

I think this can be so interesting,

As my personal point of view a due really agree to Forza too , I think Duendo Matka has an innovative style , no just becuase, i think he is like that because i cant prevent the sound is gonna sound, i have heard tracks in which he use twisted effects loke moving everywhere but with sense that makes it with more suspense , and the songs in some parts can be at the top the rush and then u change to a melody that goes to heart, , also he has good sound , in kick , , bass , leads, percs, , also i the last songs i have heard he has not any sound too loud , i think he is good managing the mix of the tracks,

Im not saying he is the best, but im also pretty sure he can be on of the ones that can represent mexican psychedelia as a pure style , because its unique style. , it also walk though differet history's on each track .

i hope my comment feel helpfull and makemore interest future comments =D
bye bye!!
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Oct 24, 2007 08:08
agree too. just wanted to add that "truth" is not what i meant is too much i guess hehe ... i would calle it better with "proves" "evidence" , releases, gigs world wide etc ... for example i put my 11 fingers to Audiopathic and D tek and i dont like that kind of psy(dtek)... but anyway that is a good example. whoo has been releasing and playing out of country mostly, with good acceptation, i think those deserve the merit is just one thing after another, you make good music, you sell the music, you release the music, then you get partys to play localy then then you go out of country then you return as a hero and the circles close, artists who dont need promotion mostly.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 24, 2007 10:33
Mr Ponce
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 24, 2007 11:33
Kashyyyk is the new face of the psychedelia in mexico

Together with

duendo matka
virtual moon
the galactic brain
just kidding

It are the current importance and the "future" in mexico and the world

And the scene I believe it was returning towards his roots underground at least in kinds as the twisted trance or dark psy as popular mind he is known



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Posted : Oct 24, 2007 15:34

ye ye all are good, all are special.. but the truth is that there is one or two that are really in the top.

who are they or who is him?
but put the cards on the table with truths.
not tastes.

Wow!!! congratulations Serag, this is exactly what I was expecting when I started this thread, I wanted to have an interesting constructive respectful dialogue, I don't want people to take my opinion for granted and I guess that most users here don't want that either.

now let me explain you why I thought that about duendo matka:

I've been listening psychedelic music since the middle of the 90's and I've seen it's evolution, I've seen artists rise and fall, some rise again, some disappear into oblivion and some others remain ever present.

But to be honest, most music is just a copy of what others already did, it might have a merit because some copies surpass the original tracks, but I think it has much more merit when you create something new instead.

I hadn't heard Duendo's music in awhile and we had a conversation yesterday and he showed me his new tracks and honestly I was surprised because he got his sound, it doesn't sound like anything I had heard before and that's what made me think that, but again is just a personal and humble opinion.

here are my reasons.

the track progression is different to the normal formula where after 32 beats you introduce a new sound, duendo introduces breaks and changes in other times that make it more unpredictable.

the sounds are very different and twisted imho.

again I repeat, don't take any opinions for granted build your own based on your discrimination.

Love and Light
          Peace, Love, Light and Harmony
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Oct 25, 2007 01:08
thanks man, to understand my point, im coool but im direct too, something that sometimes is taken "to personal",, im sure duendo matka has something very unic and fresh to give to the world, just one thing and with all my respects to duendo, the point of namming artists here is to find out who deserves the merit to have the
"acapulco golden crown" so, to make this exercise we need information about the artists, to make the balance, lets put like this;
now in general talk..., starting in the first fact that an artist carrer is not like making a track, release it, playing in a few partys, and then all the
being an artist and a recognised artist is way to much diferent, imo, a person who has dedicate his time, his life, extra efforts, extra tears, searching for answers all the time, a real artist is someone that sometimes dont eat because is creating, so with the time all this "tests" most to give by concecuence a result, so this results are the ones that will give us the facts, the information to know who is or who are the one.

it can be cheked as:

tipe of live act,
versus tracks, with who?
how often he plays,
where he plays,
reviews from the mayories not minories (positives and negatives),
worldwide support,
interested labels, (most be real pro labels)
no subjective points of view, like "yeah i like that because is very killa or is very fresh and new or, he is the best"
or like... with all my respects, the comment about the 32 beats progression, i mean, if u take some time, check for the new stuff and u will see that breiks and modulations are the less dificult or rare thing ...

just to finish, if duendo matka is a chosen one, or someone would like to mention somebody else, pls let us know the history about,, this will help a lot and we all will know about all artists as well.

one last comment,,

or we can stop and think again that all this thing about who is the best is a falace.

i hope i did my point,

all the best.


Started Topics :  68
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Posted : Oct 25, 2007 02:06

No it is ok man, the point of these forums is exactly that, and I'm sure everybody here values your assertive honest opinion, however I think that you didn't understand the thread well, I never said who's the "best" artist or who deserves the "best" artist title or the acapulco golden crown like you said, maybe I wasn't clear enough in the title of the thread and if I wasn't I apologize.

what I wanted to debate is which artists are creating something new, thus paving the way for other artists to follow, it doesn't matter if the artist is a "big" artist or not to be innovative, and imho everybody has the right to give his opinion on who those artists are.

for example there are "big" artists like skazi, astrix, etc, that have a very strong career they have released a lot of singles and albums and made a lot of versus tracks, they have also played in the entire world but imho they aren't creating the new face of psycehdelia at the present moment.

that said please tell us who in your opinion "deserve" the title as the most innovative artists

          Peace, Love, Light and Harmony
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Oct 25, 2007 02:15
yes! i thought it like that, as soon i readed the topic from scratch hahaha, yes is ok, all good, the topic is more relax.

i cant really tell you who "deserves" it because for me all deserve the merit, everybody in its own style.
but making a big effort on who could be, in the psyworld i live.. i would say Audiopathik.
Galaxy Trip

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Posted : Oct 29, 2007 01:45
Cool , i think ,mexican forums can improve with this kind of dialogs .... always there is a way , and as to start someday.

Well i dont agree or disagree, i just agree with comments about what different people thinks cause its something imposible to stop.

I think that in the future , absolutely Duendo Matka is one of the headers about mexico scene , he put in his tracks something that no one does , that doesnt means he is exclusive because i think everybody learns of everybody and that rule is unbreakable , but the difficut thing is how u use these thing u learned and ow u transmit it , and i think Duendo Matka has no problem about giving people a new sound , more than new, a sound that doesnt goes old fast cause of the energy and intention that has put to the track , all this as my personal point of view, .
i heard this track

Duendo Matka - Rushland u can find it here i can find here that there are infinte sounds, i heard the track 5 times and i can still finding new sounds and things i never heard!! this means this guy doesnt do the tracks in one or two days as many people do , maybe he is trying to get every single sound with specific timbre , sound , texture, i like so much . Also the track has many histories that makes one history , i passed thorught mistery , to comic , to sentimental , to melancolic , and many phases in the trakc i think is so interesting.

I would like to mention Smosh ...
this guy has noso much records no su much thng, but i dont think that records and partises ar ethe thngs that make someone deserve the right of being the future of mexican shychedelic music , i heard his tracks ,and wow , i can find like a pshychedelicprogressive , but really wel done, because u find the tracks here :

i think is innovative becuas its is to hard to combine these things and getting tha 2 styles in my point of view many people ttryo to do these but at the final u say its pshychdelic or its progrssive , i think he make on hist racks great work about this

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 31, 2007 19:44
i dont really know about the knew talents of mexico but i guess this is why a read this topic.....

duendomatka seams like its going in the right not really into Claps cuz i kind feel that slows down all the other sounds and it also kind takes power of my hearing..... but i heard this track duendomatka Sea P.. nice claps with an echo (i think)

and about the track , its pretty good but the first couple of minutes where kinda dry just the bass and other goodies... maybe some breaks and more random sounds will help...

i dont know i feel like i have to apologize everytime i say something dont really wanna start and argument...

also its good to see that theres more that progressive acts coming from mexican land....

i want more mexican acts to listen....please please

suerte           -PaRtYcLeS aLL oVeR tHE WoOdS
Minky Wind

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Posted : Nov 18, 2007 03:37
Wow , i just loved the track of the myspac of duendo matka , that u put ...
i think talking aobout that, yes , duendo matka is a great musiciand that with honor can represent mexicans music in the future. , i think that more than iggs, releases and all the stuff , in my personal point of view , he got quality , he make an history in his tracks wich is one of the most difficult things, and what is most dificult he transmit in his track feelings that made me feel it was pleaseure hearing the track . keep goin bro !! .wanna hear more fof you soon .

As analternatives about good music , i can say Shake , its doing a great job , he as duendo , i think is oen fo the new comers that make music with really good stuff , and beats

here is the space :

i think he goes professional too .. great music!
see ya!

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Posted : Nov 18, 2007 04:54
I think that Kashyyyk has a different way to create music, in the baes of darktrance but is something different that i like.
Audiopathik and Master Pain are more traditional in that point of view, but traditional don't mean less psychedelic vibes.
I'm just saying that Kashyyyk is in his way to create something really good (Y)

*I need to work on my english :S*

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Posted : Nov 18, 2007 19:23
1 - Pretty difficult to determine
2 - There are too many! 
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