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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 23, 2008 07:43
WHEW! Its been a few days since the madness ensued, and wow did I need the rest! Personally, this was hands down my favorite event we've thrown yet. By the end of the night I was straight speechless. EVERYTHING from the amazing vibe and genuinely good-natured people, the extremely high energy that never ceased and thickened the dancefloor continuously for the whole entire night (at 8:30am when we stopped there had to have been over 100 people still getting down!), the high energy and magnificent headliners we brought which made the party that much more exciting, the amazing music, the two venues within walking distance of eachother, the police that seemed to not only be cool with what we were doing but also made sure it went off extremely well without complaints or problems, the newbs with their jaws hanging on the floor, all the way to the intelligent/enlightening conversations that were had, ect ect ect.

THIS WAS A 3DAY, DOWNTOWN IC, -20DEGREE WEATHER IN JANUARY. hehehe it was perfect. I still cant believe the afterhours... KAISER SOZE+RANDOM from 12-2, then just RANDOM from 2-3, then SPOOK from 3-5ish, and then RANDOM+SPOOK from like 5am-11am when they had to leave! hehe PERFECT


-Wichdokta - thanks for all your intelligent thoughts, a perfect set, tobacco rolling skills, and helping to infect even more of psyowa with the bug. your the man, Rich!

-Random - Thanks for the amazing sets dude. your new stuff is unbelievable. personally I enjoyed your set on saturday probably the best, even though everything both nights was absolutely stellar. your set with spook on sunday morning was also sooo good... thank you both sooo much for your high energy and excited/in tune personalities. You are all respected VERY VERY much.

-Spook - wow man, you rock! your music was so good, your energy was unlimited, the vjing mind-warping, your humor grin-inducing, and your thoughts intelligent and interesting. your set with random on saturday night was probably the best morning set I have witnessed in some time. thanks dude, you are an extremely respectable individual and all of you will be back

-Onnomonn - wow, your music is so diverse and unique, yet so driving and trance-inducing... countless people talked of how your set changed their boundaries within psy. you as well are extremely high energy, and extremely respectful, thanks for everything. I hope you didnt feel like the odd guy out being the only one from philly. youll be back to man!

these 4 guys are the definition of a great time! We as Psyowans make it a big point to only book those that seem to be as excited to come as we are to have them and these guys fit this description perfectly. if you want great music, amazing energy that sets the pace and intelligent thoughts, these folks are who you want to book!

Thanks to everyone else that played... music was flawless all night. Machi, Airyck, Nate, Kevin, Ben, Agent Hurt, Ben, Scott, Damon, Revive25, Optic Mind, MOP crew, you all rock.

A special thanks to Felix for bringing the projectors and all the visual gear. Your work is much appreciated man and your hard work does not go unnoticed

Scott, thanks so much for always letting all the headliners fly into mke and driving them here. you help us out alot man and we are very grateful.

Rick, thanks for helping us financially and added your spice to the mix. you are a great guy!

Thanks to all of the out of staters that drove so far as well and are always partying with us even though distance is an issue... Liza, Naveen, Damon, the whole Minneapolis crew (YOU ALL ROCK!), and all the others that always make such a big trek.

I love the people that Ive been regularly seeing lately. I am so happy with the new hope for humanity that it makes me want to get all gushy inside. I feel respect almost everywhere I go at these things, and usually I hate large crowds wherever I go so this is new to me. The psy trance scene has shown me that there are loads of amazing people with diverse qualities and even if they live around the world there are still ways to see the few and far between regularly, keeping me as happy as can be as I now am almost always around genuinely enlightened/respectful/exciting individuals. I feel as though this music can save the world, creating the first universal language and culture that will make a large amount of the stratification present disappear, and replace it with understanding and interest of what we dont know instead of fear. This is the worldwide revolution that we have needed so bad.

MARCH 8TH is when we are planning the next one... expect a virgin psy venue twice as big, 2 blocks from the ic afties spot, two floors, and loads of room to hang deco go to and stay tuned!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 23, 2008 11:18
Man you guys are making me wanna move out there!!!

It must be really exciting right now in your neck of the hoods!!!

Keep riding the waves!!! The swells will only continue to get bigger!!!

Endless respect brothers,

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 05:34
I wanted to add how proud I am of the MOP folks, you guys are doing such a great job!! You've been through a bit but you came out on top by following your dreams!! That is so fucking awesome!! Keep it goan!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 07:48
Psyowa is the place where people from any state can come and have a great time..the people are friendly and project a warm vibe thats rare to find..

The orgs are very proactive and receptive to the needs of out of state trancers..I highly recommend any trancers who have not been there yet to give them a chance to show you what iowa has to will most probably not be disappointed..

Also Airyck Sterrett plays amazing morning trance regularly on MOS gatherings thats a big draw for me:) They have been similar to the Atlanta psy crew in pushing the boundaries of psy with booking leading artists and Djs from all over the world..Cant go wrong with such a crazy bunch!!


On 2008-01-23 04:25, PookztA wrote:

I promise you all... if you keep on coming, we will keep it GOA'n!


          You may think you can fly..but you better not try :)

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Posted : Jan 25, 2008 00:27
WOOOOOOO, what a magnificently excellent time that words can only begin to describe..In my opinion, that was hands down the best Mindoutpysde event to date. The relentless energy on the dance-floor, the sound, the visuals-deco..just awesome, thank you so much to everyone who contributed in whichever way--you made it possible!

@ my brothers Nick, Abe, Chris--I've got so much love and respect for you guys it's just ridiculous..the drive and determination to make magical things happen for everyone regardless of self cost is meritorious and continuously appreciated..thank you. The tri-beat down was ultra-clean my friends!

@ Spook , thanks again for the ocular offerings and the rejuvenating , morning tunes.

@ Onnomon - man, your music is so tasty and unique .. absolutely on point..I don't believe I left the dance-floor once during your set, thanks man.

@ Ross (Random) and Scott (Kasier)- Dudes, Saturday night...jiminey cricket..thank you for transforming Abe's basement to a frolicking frenzy of psychedelic power-dance...I got lost in the web of crispedellic , crunchy full on for hours..

@ Optic Mind, Cyber Shaman, Noid, Damon, and Ascension (I have not gotten to the chance to meet yet....) I enjoyed each of your sets..though I didn't get to hear as much of them as I would have preferred..

@ Jason, Scott (kaiser) and Jessie(sp.?) Had a good time kicking it with you three , vegging out and watching movies...thanks for the company

@ witchdokta - Dude, you fucking shredded it to rips .. space craft lift off type shit, thanks for aviating us aeronauts through the cosmos

@ Everyone who commented/enjoyed my Goa set, I'm humbled by your kind words .. thank you so much , it was a good time.

@ Jeff Z , thanks for our talk, I appreciate your wisdom.

@ Airyck , thanks for doing what you do when it comes to the boys in blue my brother...thanks for the morning madness as well...

@ Machi , it was awesome playing aside you my friend and I enjoyed our talks thoroughly, can't wait to hang out and stomp again!

@ all my other compadres....Rick, Dakota, Dakota, Greg (thanks for the artwork) , Naveen, Becca, Pedro, Phil (it was nice going to that land with Adam (always a pleasure), Liz, Corey, Max ( all of the Russians , I'm sorry I do not know each of your names but you guys are amazing!!!) and anyone else I'm forgetting..thanks and I love you all!           'You cannot explain to a caterpillar what it's like to be a butterfly'

Started Topics :  25
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Posted : Jan 25, 2008 01:06
it was such an honor to be a part of this event in a great growing scene. that was a weekend to remember. thanks for all the feedback on my sets i had fun playing and dancing with you all . hope to come back to Psyowa soon 

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Posted : Jan 26, 2008 00:02
Well, this is going to be EXTREMELY hard to put into words. The experience I had was phenomenal. I first off have to thank everyone who came out and got to see the Dr’s, Random, and Ono for the first time. I hope they took you on a journey that will stick in your 3rd eye for quite some time! HUGE shout outs to those guys for flying out here and giving Psyowa a magical night.

Nick, Abe and Chris, you guys are my brothers for life and thank you sooo much for helping me getting Spook out here finally. And then bringing Wichdokta as well as Random AND Onno. brought about quite the night we have all needed for quite some time. You all made possible the spiritual therapy we have desperately needed.

As to my Psy family, MAN we ALL stomped our hearts out!! I am glad we could all get together again and do what we do best. To those that I met for the first time, it was nice meeting you and I look forward to the next time we can do it again!

And to all the Djs that threw down some magical music, big thanks! M.O.P, NAGGA WHAT!!!! Ascension, I really liked your chill set, it helped me get un-stressed and put me back in the right frame of mind. Machi, MAN, I really dug your stuff man, a perfect way to start the night. TREVOR! What the hell man!!! Defitently keep that shit GOA'N! Quite mystical and I guess worth runnin home and grabbin your hoodie for ya! And Airyck, no words are needed man, you know. And to all who played in the chill room, thanks for chillin!

To those who survived the 2.3rd eye, (Part 2), what a time that was. Quite cool how a 1 day indoor turned into a 2 night 3 day!! That time down in the basement with tag sets from Random, Kaiser, and Spook………..fucking WOW! I really can't explain the way I felt during those sets but it sure took me on a journey not fit for words.

Those were some unbelievable tracks and thanks to those who trooped it out and got to share it with me. That 2nd night made the whole party better and gave those a chance that really didn’t get to dance like they wanted, a chance to be in a more personal surrounding and make rug burns on our feet!

Keep it Goa’n peoples and I will see ya’ll soon!

          When the music of a society changes,
The whole society changes.
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