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SunDaze--SunDance Records

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 26, 2003 21:52
Well Don Dimitri has followed his last release with another very complete cd- 10 tracks with varying styles but a great compile when played right through.
Track 1- Talpa- Talpania
As I have stated before, this guy will change the way psytrance sounds. He is a master and I think up there with the best we have heard so far. This track doesnt disappoint with percussion so sweet you dont realize how good it is and melodys ++. Its improvised jazz meets psytrance meets PHAT. He is really really good!!
my favourite track on this compile
Track 2- Trold- Esp
not having heard anything from Trold before I was pleasantly surprised and happy to have this hot little track in my hands.. Sweet rolling melodies and lots of them, chunking bass lines that you know you are going to move on the floor to...heaps of beeps and tweeks
04.20 hold on to your arse!!
Track 3- Max- Scribble Fox
Another Aussie!! Max was new to me too, but this is a pearler! It has more great melodies and some special sample work, from different sources by the sound too.
Think I hear Princess Leah in there though..I havent heard this at a party yet but I cant wait...Great Aussie trance
Track 4- Nystagmus- Synaesthetic
Anyone remember his track on the last Sundance comp?
How could we forget....well I would love to say its more of the same...but its not...the only great melodies happen at the end and they are great but a long wait. I dont really like this track but thats probably because of the other great tracks on this cd.. its a very hypnotic track but it sounds like Nystagmus has been taking too much Mogadon.
Track 5- Angry Dwarf- She Rains
Serbia!! This is a beautiful track comprised of interwoven melodies. They start simple and they arent all in your face. They are long and subtle and sweeping and build. You know how some tracks give you goosebumps (my kind not earthguys kind, for those who remember that far back) well this song gives them to me...I love it
Track 6- Dark Nebula- Modulus Of Rapture
Now I am not usually a fan of Dark Nebula but if he keeps making tracks like this I will. Its got a thumping bass line and melodies galore. one almost reminds me of a psychadelic surf track...defined sections of different melodies make this track a winner.
Track 7- Gappeq- Macrocosmos
This is like the Angry Dwarf track subtle melodies that build on each other and take your head off, clean at the shoulders. I like this style of trance and the melody at the beginning is so infectious, great synth sound..what is it??
Track 8- The Zealator- Ancient Experiment
This track is different from the others, although it is full of melodies they arent nice floaty, rolling ones. These melodies come out and poke me. They make you listen to them and they arent subtle at all!! Solid bass and kick keep it rocking while Luna and Franny play with what you expect them to come up withand they have created something unique...are there local birdlife samples in here?
Track 9- Reefer Decree- Pong
Is this a lost track from Sound Frames or something?
No one can make my arse move like Reefer Decree. It has that unmistakeable kick and an unbelieveable melody. Its worth the price of the cd to have this track and the Talpa one alone!!

Track 10- Contra Coup- I Alone
I cant write anything in here without looking like a wanker!
Nah fuck it!! This track is by far the best track ever written in the world!!           ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø, Gi'iwa//MuddyPigsº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºº
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2003 09:10
Contracoup - I alone - It's an amazing track!!!
So psychedelic, so funky.
YOu can clearly hear the Australian crazyness in this track.
Excellent work Aaron. Hope to hear more of your stuff soon.           Majority is never right!

"Without music, life is meaningless."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
Neuron Compost

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Posted : Jun 27, 2003 14:53

wickid review to an amazing album!!!!

if you are looking for a different spin on high-powered morning music, get this!!!!!

hehehe,... thanks for the nice words candy, glad u liked our track : )
Horrordelic Records

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Posted : Jun 30, 2003 10:58
Finally !!

And is it for sale , any date, where ??

           3o~ kriz aka krize 3o~ ....Horrordelic Records....
- Think for yourself -
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  19
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Posted : Jul 1, 2003 01:35
SaikoSounds is getting it on the 2nd of July           ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø, Gi'iwa//MuddyPigsº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºº

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Posted : Jul 1, 2003 06:12
Yay, finally a review to this top quality release that doesn't get locked!!!!!!!! Like I said before, don Dimitri has done another excellent job here with his track selection..... I don't think I like it on the whole as much as Vibraspirit because al most all the tracks on that were fucking good, where as allmost all the tracks on this are just really good, but the best ones on this are better than the best ones on that, if you know what I mean (listen to the Talpa & Contra Coup tracks & you will)

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Jul 4, 2003 13:21
The Trold song is actully an unmastered mix. But the compilation is good!!
sam i am
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 6, 2003 11:39


Would luv 2 hear the mastered version - the unmastered 1 is great!

This comp is a stonker! The Dark Nebula track is his best IMO. The Talpa track rulz! Congrats on the Contra Coup track Azz.. it's fantastic!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  19
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Posted : Jul 10, 2003 13:02

On 2003-07-04 13:21, Humbug wrote:
The Trold song is actully an unmastered mix. But the compilation is good!!

Wow I will have to check this with DonDimitri
It sounds pretty mastered to me...
Anyone else out there listening to it?           ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø, Gi'iwa//MuddyPigsº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºº
Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Jul 15, 2003 17:10
Hi there, thank's for the positive feedback!! We are realy pleased to be a part of this comp. and wooow to Dark Neb. and Contra Coup!!

To clear things about the mastering....
We sendt them to versions, one (poorly) mastered by us.
And one unmastered version. In case Franny and don Dimitri had the right connection's.
I'm not realy shure which version they used, but the comp. has an overall mastering, so it ended up sounding nice anyway;)

We are also releasing a album on the 4. sept. on the French label Apoxina
This album is mastered by Tim Schults at 4CN-Studio, and sounds realy nice!! Hope you like that one to!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 16, 2003 03:25
I think this comp is much better than first
comp ... tracks are stronger, better produced etc. but it is morn, so I can seewhy people like more power stuff better

Trold track has been mastered?? who the frig said it wasnt, & why did you say that ?
Humbug---> please explain

We spent alot of time mastering this comp, much work has gone into it, to bring you the UNDERGROUND of the world, not the bloody big boys doing their same old same old over & over.
(ie. $5000 studios will never sound the same as $100 000 studios...fact)

This was mastered by Nomad Digital, who has over 8 years of psychedelic trance mastering experience, & more than 15 years of electronic music mastering.

Try & remember that what we are doing is underground, ("we" as in international psy party movement) our roots are in this, and even though the "big boys" are enjoying fat pay checks etc, 90% of teh world movemenmt is still underground & innovative & cool .
This is what this compilation represents

Digital Syndicate

Started Topics :  5
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Posted : Jul 19, 2003 03:01
Totally agree, Franny
looking foward to hear new one again
boom from shed

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Jul 25, 2003 00:15
Hi there. One of the guys from trold said it wasnt the mastered version, but I Think it sounds real good anyway. Sorry if u thought I was kidding. Thanx for a good compilation!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  19
Posts :  218
Posted : Jul 26, 2003 01:44
So is anyone buying this and listening to it?
          ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø, Gi'iwa//MuddyPigsº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºº
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  33
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Posted : Jul 26, 2003 23:35
azz...i am really happy that u like the Gappeqs track.

Its a first czech international realease of his music..and we all are proud of it.

Watch out for more from him soon...

nice review man...

good luck
take cake:-)  hovercraft is full of eels...


*current releases*
2st digital release out soon - Protonica and Suntree
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