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Trance Forum ŧ ŧ Forum  UK - SPELLBOUND Sat 10th March 2007
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SPELLBOUND Sat 10th March 2007


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Posted : Mar 10, 2007 19:51
it's time....

..see ya there..... 

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Posted : Mar 12, 2007 17:12
well mates amzing party u guys did this weekend!!!
i was impressed with bout lives from u MARCHELLO and ROB and from KRISTIAN aswell with Francesco sirius sound mates...well done congrtx

wish u the best for the future



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Posted : Mar 15, 2007 20:14
this one was very very nice
super friendly crowd and of course top notch music from dejavoo and M theory, for sure the highlights of the night

cya soon guys 

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Posted : Mar 19, 2007 04:39
Hi everyone!With full respect for the people who organized the party, and the people who enjoyed the party as well, my honest opinion, is that the party was REALLY BAD!!!I can be considered a "veteran" in going to psy-trance partys (about 8 years ago) and this one was a very negative one! The reasons, everyone, must be asking me?Here they are:

1)for the start I have had to pay the 10 pounds just because it was 23pm in point..meaning that for seconds I have been penalized..very friendly indeed..sure

2)the sound quality was really and simply..awful (it was not the main room, which I understand)

3)the sound itself, was quite a strange trance..definitely everything but psychedelic!!!(exception to m-theory)..sorry to dejavoo (but thatīs something to discuss further if annyone wants to...)

4)the decor was extremely POOR and UNINSPIRED!!(I understand that we all have bad days and that could reflect in team work..!)Anyway, also the flash lights are very annoying when in excess!It happened constantly in this party!except for the end (maybe the person in charge for the lights fortunately has to rest or something like that).In Portugal,Spain,France..etc usually there are only a lot of UV lights and thatīs enough!!!!more than that, it transforms the event in something excessively commercial and quite loss of trance spirit!!!

5)the people around, were friendly and very nice however I heard a lot of "claps" and the shocking and irritant "portable glow-sticks" that people insist to use, I only seen that in techno and house environments full of heavy-drugs, redneck discos and where men are hungry for women...that gives such a SAD image, for someone who goes for a first time to a party of this (magic&powerful)sound that we all love and call it Trance.

6)Unfortunately it is still common to see the same persons selling and "offering" things in the toilets that are a trap because we have to pay them, without prevous advice (even an apparently & inoffensive toilet tissue!there are people who burst into laughter a lot about it, when I told them).Iīm quite sure it must be something illegal..but thatīs fine, I understand, itīs a culture thing..

It has been the second time I have been in the "Mass" however i must to say that it were quite negative experiences..if I have to introduce a psy-trance party to someone new, Iīm quite sure that place it wouldnīt be my place of choose.

And thatīs all folks...hope nobody feelings are hurt..I have just expressed my feelings and opinions of someone who goes to parties since long time ago:) boom shankar!

I appreciate some reply to this "mini-book" I wrote above:)

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Posted : Mar 20, 2007 03:47
Anyone there..?

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Posted : Mar 20, 2007 18:27
I have been acknowledged that some people were offended with my critic review in this thread...I repeat: THIS IS A CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIC, WITH NO MEANING TO BE AGAINST ANYONE (I gave 6 valid reasons to support mt statement)!CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE EVENT MADE TO BE POSSIBLE, AND CONGRATULATIONS AS WELL TO ALL THE EFFORTS OF THE TEAM!I SINCERELY HOPE ALL YOU CONTINUE LEARNING AND IMPROVING ALWAYS!!!!!!!! I CAN SEE A LOT OF POTENTIALITY!!!(to the party staff)

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Posted : Mar 21, 2007 11:19

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Posted : Mar 24, 2007 02:15
Oh yes, Jedi talked...
Trance Forum ŧ ŧ Forum  UK - SPELLBOUND Sat 10th March 2007
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