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Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - Sonic Synergy: Earthling/Cyrus the Virus/Deedrah, Jan 29
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Sonic Synergy: Earthling/Cyrus the Virus/Deedrah, Jan 29


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Posted : Jan 29, 2005 19:53
hehe...I was wondering what the explanation would be...

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Posted : Jan 30, 2005 05:32
It was premium party..i mean i had a lot of fun!one of the best in tokyo.Actually I like differnt style of psychedelic music,hehehe more psychedelic one,
but to respect each other is much better than to hate each other.
i want have a good time all the time.



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Posted : Jan 31, 2005 22:25
how was it??? extended review please!! pics....? how was the sound system and the battle?
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 1, 2005 10:56
well here is a short review..

first off thanks a ton to my good friend Brandon and his partner Xavier for putting the energy and time in to make this happen, and also for inviting me all the other fun stuff!

I got there a bit late and saw only cyrus live and dado dj set and celli dj was not my favorite taste in music, however when chilling and talking to the spun records guys I got the vibe that they are good people and they are all really nice guys and hilarious..the sound system was very nice in my opinion, I am not mozart or anything but when upstairs you could see the whole party dancing and the dj both high up looking down which was cool and the sound was shaking my body and brain up there!! for me the highlight was Dado since he brought more darkness to the full on party, and also cyrus was good but I am bias simply cause he is a nice guy...anyway BIG BOOOOOM to KOA bring some more parties guys, Kaatisu or cosmomochan, what did you guys think, did you make it there, peace everyone
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 1, 2005 13:34
Well, I was very impressed with this party. That last important ingredient of a good crowd was realized, in my opinion. Very few of the extremely angry, ugly- looking ones. Also, the deco was simple and beautiful (simply beautiful) and to my taste. The lasers were a nice touch, too. As for the music, it was all quite good. Cyrus was good. Earthling was good. I've always appreciated Deedrah's music, so I felt lucky to hear it on that amazing, well-engineered sound system. He makes very special sounds and masters them very clearly, I feel. I would agree with saikedelik that it was definitely PREMIUM. Deedrah is truly a master and it sounded great. While Deedrah is very good at what he does, his sounds don't connect with everyone though. All in all, this was a great first party for KOA and I can't wait to see how they top it next time. What ever they do, they should make keeping a good vibe their top priority. Nice one, KOA!
K.O.A. Music

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Posted : Feb 4, 2005 10:30
- K.O.A Music -

Thank you to all who came and danced like crazy, and bringing such a good vibe !

Special thanks to:

Dado (Deedrah) for his amazing live !
Celli (Earthling)for his killer sounds !
Cyrus for his excellent debut in Japan, and for joining the DJ Battle as well !

Plus thank you to the Core Music crew for the secret after party at Cube !

Special thanks to Michele Adamson for her awesome vibe, and for singing for our pleasure !

Thanks to Christof (Absolum) for joining the after party !

Speacial thanks to Acoustic, Build Inc, Drug 'On2, Keive team,
Elephant, Club Citta, Quintrix, Cisco, Global Chillage, Space In Space, Shop 33, etc, and to all who we missed !

See you at the next party ! ! !

Cheers !
Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - Sonic Synergy: Earthling/Cyrus the Virus/Deedrah, Jan 29
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