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SONIC PANTOMIME - KETUH RECORDS compiled by dj P_Mac & dj Tv

Yab Yum

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Posted : Sep 8, 2004 20:41
Sonic Pantomime – Ketuh Records

Another wicked compilation from Austrian – Portuguese label Ketuh! Compiled by P_Mac and dj Tv.

1 gappeq – 3bk1
Very original track. In our opinion the outstanding track of this compilation! Good quality sound - punchy yet leaving room for your mind to expand & fill the gaps. Fat bass line, interesting arrangements & lots of little psyched sounds. We’ll be hearing from this guy again in the future!

2 killer buds – fungus in my banza
Fast paced track from brazil with a dirty, mean, rolling bass line. Loads of squidgy sounds & simple melodies that keep you stomping – a dust raiser for sure! You gotta love the name of the track too!!!

3 n3xu5 – evolution rmx
Miguel hits us again with a stormer! Definitely one of the rising stars of the trance cosmos. Very tight & energetic, with a cool break letting you believe it could be the end of the track… but no, it goes off again to psychedelic horizons for a grand finale!!!

4 triskell – concept rmx
Fred does it again! Another brilliantly conceived track from Paris! Powerful and snappy bass line, surrounded by a pleasing mix of smooth & dissonant sounds. we think the world of the sounds and the arrangement but…. the voice sample does our heads in….

5 phyx – sub zero rmx
A signature track from the man who needs no introduction! Fat beats & schizo atmospheres build up and up in a sonic frenzy that is sure to spaz out dancefloors worldwide

6 gappeq – genetically dirty
In a slightly more atmospheric ambiance this time yet still pounding. The reverbed melodies give the track a spooky movie sound & are well balanced by the warm bass & tight kick. Very clean sound overall!

7 lemurians –who shot the dj?
Bouncy with a slightly worrying feel to it. Tight programming with a constant build up throughout the track. Good use of effects & samples gives the track a very slick feel as it goes about the job of trancing us out.

8 rastaliens – jungle explosion
Funky off-beat bass-line accompanied by twisted drill sounds. Lots of groovy percussion & interesting breaks to shake your butts to. Some reservations about the melodic sounds, but they are balanced by the pumping rhythm section. Good psy track!

9 spectra aka shrink – tribal dance
Ass-shaking beats with well-placed breaks reminding us of Cosmosis! Lots of funk elements make this a very dance-friendly track. The melodic lines put the track on the lighter side of full on, but once again we are seduced by the unashamed grooviness of the overall sound.

overall 8 out of 10
favourites: 1,2 & 5


review by gaspard & ajja with extra imput from tanina

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 9, 2004 08:43
Hey Gaspar and Ajja,
Thank you both for a super review
hope to cYa soomn again
love and light  

Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 9, 2004 10:26
Thanks for your review guys. I use to check every new compilation from Ketuh Rec. so this disk is my new aim.           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 13, 2004 08:59

On 2004-09-09 10:26, Voice of All wrote:
Thanks for your review guys. I use to check every new compilation from Ketuh Rec. so this disk is my new aim.

. . .you wont be disapointed for sure . . ..enjoy!!!!  

Mad Hatters

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Posted : Sep 15, 2004 16:19

Great Compilation from Ketuh Crew, fantastic tracks a Bomb on the Dancefloors ...

Congratulations for this, and go EXPLODE some HeAds with 9 Stomp head tracks

Thanks for the rewiens           See u in Matrix

Enzio@MAD HATTERS <<WIRED MUSIC/Crash Management>>
Trash Dealers
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 15, 2004 20:51
Very nice V/a by the Ketuh Records... Starting with underground and psychedelic tracks..such as gappeq aka Jirka, Killer buds aka Enzio.....very good tracks for the dancefloor...It's almost impossible not to dance when you hear this...
My favourits of this v/a are the last 3 tracks. Lemurians - Who shot the dj...very good start, like a lot the direction of the synths and bassline. Side effects are also very nice.
Rastaliens - jungle explosion ---wowow...probably the best that I´ve heard from this german groove here....stomping rythms and awesome breaks, good job here!!
Spectra aka Shrink - Tribal dance, this one has surprised me a lot...this portuguese artist is realy making good music, you can notice the quality of the synths, drums and everything...what a trip on this track

That´s it!! Congrats djP_mac and djTv for your selection and for the work you made to release this v/a.
Let's wait now for Peacemaker!! eheheh
ps-thanks for the cd Pedro 
Dj Chris Planet
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 16, 2004 19:58
Nice work guys this little number is going to rock the dance floors and melt some minds.           Let us take you on a journey, that will take you from are small world stage and orbit you beyond our fragile planet......

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Posted : Sep 17, 2004 16:03
Pretty good compilation... last one was a bit of a disappointment to me, but this one brings back hope There are some outstanding tracks, but overall the compilation has a good feel, with slight variation in style. Good work Ketuh... this one will keep me warm until the Peacemaker arrives Also looking forward to hear some more of the Czech revelation!           How am I supposed to hallucinate with all these swirling colors distracting me!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 19, 2004 17:47
V/A - Sonic Pantomime


Artist: Various
Title: Sonic Pantomime
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Ketuh Records (Portugal)
Cat. #: KTHCD005
Distribution: Wirikuta
Date: 23 August 2004

Track listing:

01. 07’15” Gappeq – 3bk1
02. 08’06” Killer Buds – Fungus in My Banza
03. 09’20” N3XU5 – Evolution (Remix)
04. 07’47” Triskell – Concept (Remix)
05. 07’50” Phyx – Sub Zero (Remix)
06. 06’58” Gappeq – Genetically Dirty
07. 08’14” Lemurians – Who Shot The DJ?
08. 07’44” Rastaliens – Jungle Explosion
09. 06’49” Spectra aka Shrink – Tribal Dance


An entranced pantomime – induced by sound, guided by vision!

Portuguese/Austrian label Ketuh is out with their fifth release… This time another compilation compiled by label guru P_Mac with the help of DJ TV from the Czech Republic… I got a taste for Ketuh releases with KTHCD004 “Suspended Reality” which had handful of really great tracks, and I’m hoping this one will too…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: First up is Gappeq from the Czech Republic with a hard-hitting, evil track composed of spacey, metallic, electro sounds, badass basslines and some really cool, sharp acid riffs that’ll haunt you for a while… I like the orchestral composition this track has… It’s been called ‘deep and futuristic’ and that’s a fitting description… Nice track!

#02: Next up is Ketuh regulars Killer Buds from Brazil… And they have fungus in their banza – whateverthehellthatis!? A promising intro indeed, but I’m slightly disappointed by the ‘standard bassline’ that is present throughout the track though… The Buds make up for it though, with some very tasty, yet sick side orders – The synth work is indeed impressive here and I’m a sucker for nicely done build-ups and stomping climaxes… And in that sense, this track delivers – in fact, for the second part of this track, you almost forget about the copy-paste bassline as your senses are bombarded with a phat wall of psychedelic madness… Sweet! ;o)

#03: And now, for the holy trinity of remixes… Portuguese N3xu5 kicks off with the well-know Professor Xavier quote from X-Men: “Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. […] This process is slow, normally taking thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward” … The quote itself is cut-up and parts of it are repeated… The track itself has a lot of power, lurking below the surface waiting to be unleashed, but it is not before after the 5 minute mark that we are truly exposed to the blasting sound of N3XU5 – after the ‘fake ending’ the track takes a slightly different direction – with the emphasis on flaring, yet subtle acid-riffs and synth melodies… Not bad at all!

#04: Parts of this track annoys the hell out of me… Like the distorted ‘what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-my-stereo?-intro’ and I’m not sure what to make of that screechy acid line and the bizarre voice-samples… But luckily the annoying parts are only temporary – most of the time, this is some funky ass-wiggling stuff… But I could’ve done without the weird parts – decent track!

#05: And now: The heartbeat track! Phyx from South Africa which delivers a tribal stomper seasoned with aciiiiiid…Especially for the second half of the track… Rolling, pointy acid-riffs that cuts through air… Very hypnotizing this one – it builds and builds, all the way through - I dig it! Brilliant!

#06: Second instalment from Gappeq calms things down again… The title may be Genetically Dirty, but in fact this track is digitally clean… Well – compared to the rougher/more gritty sound of the previous 5 tracks at least… I like the sterile approach – and especially the well-structured nifty little melodies made up by simple bleeps… Nice percussion work too for the last couple of minutes… A different track, but interesting nonetheless…

#07: Shiva Space Technology regulars Lemurians makes a surprise appearance here, with the urgent question; “Who shot the DJ?” … This strays off their usual path, being darker and has an eerie, haunting atmosphere… Crisp production, razor-sharp synths and an overall phat groove… Nice track!

#08: We stay in Germany, this time to the sound of Rastaliens, who treats us to a wicked tune with their trademark, tribal Rasta-sound… The percussion arrangements are impressive as always, and the ‘Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke’ part actually sounds cool with some psy-elements to back it up… Straightforward tribal and melodic morning trance here – Tasty!

#09: My first encounter with Shrink was on the last Ketuh compilation “Suspended Reality” – which was very nice tune taking into consideration it was their debut… And this track by the Portuguese duo is even better… This is morning trance, with floating, almost epic melodies lain on top of foundation of rich, funky basslines and groovy percussion… Well-polished, and a very nice ending to this compilation…

Overall, this is a nice compilation… The not-so-good tracks are outweighed by the good tracks… I’m not sure whether I like it as much as I like “Suspended Reality” but it’s a damn close race… Depending on your point of view, the lack of cohesion between tracks (stylewise) could either be a problem or a refreshing approach – I’m inclined to the latter, but I’m guessing that some of the hard-core Ørebro-goons will complain about the ‘missing’ flow… I’m not complaining though, as I like my trance in all shapes and sizes… ;o)

If you like your psytrance with a dark and oddball twist – and the occasional acid riff and stomping night-time bassline … Well, then you’ll most likely like this compilation… Check it out while we wait for the next Ketuh compilation “Peacemaker”which should be hitting the airwaves in October!

Favourites: 1(!), 2, 3, 5(!!), 7


External links:
Ketuh Records:
Psyshop: (Audio samples available!)
Saiko Sounds:
Chaos Unlimited:
Juno Records:

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 19, 2004 20:49
amazing review-thanx a lot

and u got the point with the refreshing approach.  hovercraft is full of eels...


*current releases*
2st digital release out soon - Protonica and Suntree
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 20, 2004 09:44
a very good compilation for sure
the killer buds track is awesome good work enzio
n3xu5 - evolution rmx is a 9 minute banger. cant stop dancing through out the track
lemurians - who shot the dj ? has constant build ups and a catchy bassline with good effects and samples and a nicve break

these r my 3 fav tracks from the va
the rest are alll good to
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 20, 2004 19:30
this is a mind blowing comp, these songs are energetic and twisting, they remind me of my first psy party in 99'. Gappeq's song, the killer buds and the Rastaliens song are my favorite', but they all are very good. Im looking forward to hearing more shit from the czech land. this is very chunky groovy spacey tribaly trance, very tweaked.
good stuff.


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Posted : Sep 21, 2004 01:20
hehe... this cd is quite funky.. i played on a very nice party in amsterdam last week, made by the doof crew and some people from amsterdam, and no matter what song i played from Sonic Pantomime.. it worked..:) so big hand to all the artists who made the songs and those who compiled this cd !
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Sep 22, 2004 00:02
awsome review deathposture, you got the message:) "the refreshing approach" is the result of collaborative compiling of two very different djs and styles...this gave way for artists like lemurians and gappeq, to find a perfect fit in this you say it i too like my trance in all shapes and sizes, as long as its good...and this stuff is gooooood...
          BOOM 2006
"the journey is the reward"

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Posted : Sep 23, 2004 21:26
Watch out for the PEACEMAKER its even better!!hehe
BIG Boom's to all u guys
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