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Side Liner - Emotional Diving (Cosmicleaf/CLCD04)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 7, 2006 21:42
Cosmicleaf Records proudly presents you an emotional diving into deep waters of subconscious!

....Now it seems that the clock is ticking and time is passing fast…
I just want to go back in time where we’d always have a blast….
Promise me you’ll never let go and I’ll stay with you forever….
My essence in your blood flows, and I promise you, we’ll be together!....

An emotional diving into deep waters of subconscious!

Release Date > 20 MARCH 2006
Artist > Side Liner
Title > Emotional Diving
Cd Cover >
Format > Audio CD / Jewel Box > CLCD04
File Under > Chill Out
Label > Cosmicleaf Records
Distribution > Arabesque - London (Worldwide)
Release sheet in PDF >

Tracklist & Demos mp3s

[01] Side Liner - Morning Dewdrops

[02] Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Zero Cult rmx)

[03] Side Liner - Emotional Diving

[04] Side Liner - Something Beautiful (Is Out There mix)

[05] Side Liner - Drawing My Life

[06] Side Liner - Sehnsuncht (feat D.Batistatos)

[07] Side Liner - Haunted Thoughts (Cydelix rmx)

[08] Side Liner - Memories

[09] Side Liner - Transparent Thought ] (rmx for Percussion Bullet)

[10] Side Liner - Something Beautiful (Arcane Trickster rmx)

Release Info:
An emotional diving into deep waters of subconscious!

An endless chilling trip through melancholic feelings, space ambient atmospheres & warm addictive rhythms,
created by the Greek producer Nick Miamis aka Side Liner / Mendark.
The diachronic sound environment of this release is dedicated to memories that keep us warm company in our lives through the future,
that make us laugh or be nostalgic, that make us try for creating a promising future for the new generations.

This debut album includes also remixes & co-productions from label artists as Zero Cult (also release through Yellow Sunshine Explosion/Millennium),
Cydelix, D.Batistatos, Percussion Bullet & the Australian artists Arcane Trickster from Tempest Recordings
(also releases through Cosmicleaf, Equinox, Green Ant, Earthcore).

Except from the chill spaces you will also discover one progressive influenced track remixed by Side Liner. “Transparent Thought”
from the upcoming duo -Percussion Bullet- . This track first released in “Percussion Bullet” debut album “Future Accommodation” from
Unicorn Music (03/2006) inside this album you are able to found also the track “walk away” in chill out/breaks remix from Side Liner.

This is the fourth release of Cosmicleaf Records, after “Chill on Ice”, “Fragile Life” & “Nova Natura” which Side Liner was the compiler.
Enjoy the diversity of chilling sounds through our cosmic leaves, press play & dive emotional.

Now it seems that the clock is ticking and time is passing fast…
I just want to go back in time where we’d always have a blast….
Promise me you’ll never let go and I’ll stay with you forever….
My essence in your blood flows, and I promise you, we’ll be together!

Other Releases till Jun 2006
>>>>20 MARCH 2006

UMCD008 Percussion Bullet - Future Accommodation (debut album) (Unicorn Music/In Progress)
File Under>Progressive
In progress presents you the debut album of the promising progressive duo from Greece, Percussion Bullet.

>>>>08 MAY 2006

UMCD009 Rhythmic Images (Unicorn Music/In Progress)
File Under>Progressive
A trilogy album by upcoming progressive Greek artists Aviron, Sunhize & Eniak.

>>>>05 JUNE 2006

CLCD05 Zero Cult - Art of Harmony (debut album) (Cosmicleaf)
File Under>Chill Out
Harmonic soundscapes for introspective daydreaming!
The debut album from the israel talented artist Emil Ilyayev.

UMCD010 Radical Distortion (debut album) (Unicorn Music)
File Under> Psychedelic & Goa trance
The album of the psychedelic goaists Radical Distortion.

warm regards,
Unicorn Music/Cosmicleaf Records 
Dark Elf

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Posted : Feb 8, 2006 17:35
bonne chance nick
CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 8, 2006 17:56
good luck with the release man!

          Helicon Sounds Music
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 8, 2006 18:55
good sales to your release           
Open your mind...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 8, 2006 22:28
thank you music mates 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 18, 2006 00:51
find it from your local dealer and your favorite online shop.

Allready available at
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 18, 2006 01:37
Just great Nick keep on groovin the chill out beats cause we all have to chill a little
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Mar 18, 2006 13:12
the album keeps playing at IT RECORD SHOP.....i am amazed personnaly of the musicality and the 'soul' of the album....nik has won the 'game'...chillers must say a wwwwwwwwwwoaaaaaaaaoooow...when they will hear this DIAMOND.......great tracks with feeling and such an emotional drive for the ears and heart.

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Posted : Mar 18, 2006 16:21
good luck with your album nick. just listening to the samples and they sound really nice! my favourite has to be the collaboration with D.Batistatos!           .
Respect is earned, not demanded...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 21, 2006 01:05
thank you music friends for your support and wishes!

review by Tomas(Psychedelic mustache)

Artist: Side Liner
Title: Emotional Diving
Label: Cosmicleaf Records
Catalog: CLCD04
Released: 2006


01. Morning Dewdrops
02. Screaming Tears (Zero Cult rmx)
03. Emotional Diving
04. Something Beautiful (Is Out There Mix)
05. Drawing My Life
06. Sehensucht (feat. D. Batistatos)
07. Haunted Thoughts (Cydelix Remix)
08. Memories

Side Liner is Nick Miamis, also known as melodic trancer Mendark. He's also managing both Cosmic Leaf records and it's sister-label Unicorn Music. After releasing quite a few compilations we're now presented with his own debut-album under the side liner guise. My expectations before digging in to this thing were limited, as I haven't really heard too much "Side Liner" before...

Let's listen to the tracks...

01: Morning Dewdrops
Morning Dewdrops opens the disc with a range of plesant sounds. A nice melody-line together with some atmospheric sweeps creates a solid bottom. After a while a pretty straight-forward break-beat and some semi-dubby basslines kick in. It all amounts to a nice, listener-friendly blend of light chillout... A decent opening, but not among my favourites on the album..

02: Screaming Tears (Zero Cult rmx)
This album contains quite a few remixes. The first one is by Zero Cult, a guy I mainly know from compilations on cosmic leaf records. Here he remixes 'Screaming tears' from last years pretty nice compilation 'fragile life'. I actually like this remix a tad better than the original, it seems more structured, and perhaps a bit deeper than the original. Lot's of space here, some nice refreshing melodies and a bit of a tribal influence. Nice!

03: Emotional Diving
Next up is the albums title-track. This is a pretty great piece of music, with the main emphasis being put on heavvy dubby influences and a rough, but steady breakbeat... It's pretty varied throughout the entire thing and the last few minutes of this track is pretty darn great! One of my definite favourites on the album...Very nice!

04: Something Beautiful (Is out there mix)
We continue on the rather dark and bass-ridden path, but this time less dubby. Don't get me wrong though...this isn't dark like Nordhaunt or Svartsinn...It's just alot more sinister and emotive than I had excpected. This track is actually pretty darn spaced-out, and at times rather groovy. The melodies work nicely and doesn't get cheesey. Another solid track!

05: Drawing My Life
'Drawing my life' if the fift installment of this album, and again Side Liner continues to surprise me. This is a pretty hypnotizing track, the melodies here are trancey and spacey and the beats are somewhat more up on the tempo-side of things. Still firmly placed withing the realms of sofa-friendlyness..

06: Sehnsucht (feat. D. Bastistatos)
D.Batistatos is another fellow I only know from other compilations on Cosmic leaf. This track moves more along the paths I had expected from this album. It's pretty light, but it still has a melancholic edge. Lots of different melodies, lot's of bass and a female voice comming in and out to sing from time to time. This is listener-friendly chill at it's best and I'd really enjoy this in a cafè of some sorts. Doesn't really stand out on the album, though...

07: Haunted Thoughts (Cydelix rmx)
This is a remix of "haunted thoughts" - a track I only know from the compilation 'Nova Natura' where a live-mix i featured. It's a melodic, yet pretty dubby piece. Not among the deepest here, perhaps, but it does it's job well. I'd considder this one for the beach, or again - for the cafès. A nice track, but as with sehensucht - not among my favourites.

08: Memories
We enter the more introspective realms with "memories" as Nick Miamis paints a blue'ish landscape with his sythesized sweeps and floating sounds. The rythm-section here reminds me somewhat of a millitary band playing some kind of march, and somehow it actually works very well. After the last two tracks this is refreshing and the album again gains momentum towards the end. Nice work!

09: Transparent Thought (rmx for Percussion Bullet)
Percussion Bullet is a new progressive-trance project from Greece(correct me if I'm wrong). I haven't had the time to make my self familiar with their recently released debut yet, so I cant really compare this to the original work. Still I was a bit sceptical seing this on the track-list. Those of you familiar with Nick Miamis other alias 'Mendark' should know he isn't excactly famous for his progressive beats. Still - this isn't bad at all, though perhaps a bit to flat for my liking. Pretty straightforward.Still, he proves he's a man of versatile interests, and thats alway interesting! No favourite here, though.

10: Something Beautiful (Arcane Trickster rmx)
Arcane Trickster remixes "Something Beautiful" as the last track of this album. It's not a bad remix either, but I prefer the earlier version. Still, this is yet another pretty solid track, and it finishes the album nicely..

Final remarks:
So...I must say that this album has caught me somewhat by suprise! I was excpecting a nice enough background chill-album, but Side Liner delivered beyond my expectations here. As a debut album this is good stuff, and cosmic leaf as a label also shows nice progression...

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 21, 2006 15:38
It's always exciting to see greek artists releasing interesting electronica music! I didn't have the chance to check Side Liner's album yet, but I will very soon!

keep it up!           --- open the doors and let the music flood in ---
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 21, 2006 15:42
All the best guys..killer music.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2006 12:56
thank you for your feedback!

Comments from "Journeys to the Infinite"
Radio France Internationale-Romania

Side Liner's offering is a sonic fragrance to seduce our senses and expand
the mind into the realms of primordial recognition. Mesmerizing chill out
style, brilliant production and a highly recommended release for timeless

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 7, 2006 11:42
"Emotional Diving" presentation plus some progressive tunes


1>REEF cafe @ Volos

2>POSH club @ Volos
from 24:00

on decks>Side Liner

online shops list updated

[REST OF WORLD];-1;-1;-1&sku=494526;jsessionid=MCINCHKBACEO?showDetail=118889

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 16, 2006 16:37
Review by Freeze Magazine (Greece) / Rated 95%
The debut album of Nick Miamis (aka Side Liner) is not from the cds
that u will say "one more computer wizard which released music".
More than 10 years in music industry was seeking in music composition
and finally he founds the sound which fit him perfect.
Emotional chill ambient in the paths of wailing and searching,
with musicality and emotions , rhythms which demagnetising from stress
and guide to optimism of things. If you collect good ambient chill music
don't miss this album. 
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