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Sattel Battle - SoundsCool [Gi'iwa]

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 04:45
Artist: Sattel Battle
Album: Sounds Cool
Label: Gi’iwa Productions

01.Sounds Cool
03.Rabel Rabel
04.Sratim Metzuyarim
05.Work in Space
06.Hey Hop
07.Ghat Whore
10.2 Step Chase
11.Fuck It
12.24 Shots
13.Sky Divers

Elad Weinberg is one adaptable feller, building his name with the monikers Tsabeat and Sattel Battle steadily throughout the years. Tsabeat has made rounds before with Doof, Vertigo, Mistress of Evil, Parvati and Zaikadelic amongst others. On the sphere of night-time influences, his work stands well on it’s own, but we won’t dwell on that side today. Let’s talk about funky tunes, inspired on the semi-soumi side of things, including breaks and retro lines in the Gi’iwa flair, without forgetting the old console games, otherwise it might just not be cult enough these days.

Sounds Cool is supposed to be the highlight here as the album name indicates, but it feels like a well polished intro. Fresh beats, crispy lines in the nightmare before x-mas style, and slow developments along the way. Here’s the real kicker, it’s really melodic, magical, enchanted but never really sweet-toothed… and we don’t want cavities now, do we?

DoSomethingWithYourLife is one my highlights, probably because of that infectious bass, but rest of the track engrains every bit to the break-beat style so well, the end result is worth a listen.

Rabel Rebel sounds like a strange kid of the 80’s and the synth’s make it hard to refute. It feels slightly too retro in that awkward way I would rather not remember, even if the percussion alone makes for an amazing track. Shame on the mastering though.

Sratim Metzuyarim is a noisy homage to Tim Robbins’ spooky/ magical vision. Inside, layers of synth duels battle melodic tugs on one side, and musical Dadaism on the other. Let’s not forget the little bells and you have one strange mother.

Work In Space starts getting a bit more down to business with the type of beats we expect from this act, accompanied by an appropriate level of effects manipulation through voices and other cute embellishments. In between the madness, Elad finds time to sneak a cheeky line from the old school wave, but is so well disguised in the mechanical flow of delays and effects, it hardly sounds out place for a spugedelic fan. This is still very much retro camp, but is quite interesting at that.

Hey Hop takes a detour through some funked up panoramas inspired on future-past, with guitar bits and the whole riled up figure of organic accompaniments that had gone amiss this far. Wretch the whole thing up and slice it with the manic Sattel treatment, until it’s wobbly enough to bark. Lighthearted and entertaining slack.

Ghat Whore is downright brilliant. By this point of the album things have loosened up from retro on to the simply strange. Gi’iwa juice. At every corner you look there’s a different door leading to wacky netherworlds conveying dirty, filthy, motion. This is the kind of stuff I had been expecting.

Strangless brings back some of that Caribbean Cruise style that to me ears just falls flat as a sonic cliché. The whole thing moves past that quite quickly, razing through myriad themes and moods. At the end I keep thinking this is how a wedding would sound, if I decided to show up spangled on DMT and way too much cheap champagne. I want to hate it (and I do most of the times) but it’s definitely funny.

Homegrown -as we all know- is the good shit. Think hydro and we are getting close to the idea. Once again, this is funked up, twisted to the core style I enjoy the most. Fucked up trance with a few melodic lines barely scrapping the surface of this never-ending whaler.

2 Step chase is in deed, about the beat structure and the bass line arrangement driving through tumultuous surroundings of warped slippery notes. A very convincing finale with a melodic climax. It’s uplifting, it’s worth the money.

Fuck it, is the original version of the track Ex Uus remixed for Musica Discordia. The main differences are clearly the jumpy bass and refined synth treatment. You will still hear the glissandi backbone to hold the track together and it sounds just as good as the previous version, with noticeable but slight changes.

24 shots starts slowing things down to the kind of style we begun, the BPM counter is definitely going down and the funk without the big thunk is the main highlight. Nothing much to add from what has been stated before. A little droning overall for my taste, but this is nearly lounge material with the classy percussion treats and careful arrangement.

Sky Divers produced with Roi Cohen, offer the most complex beat of the lot, to the point where I don’t even know what the fuck it is. I’m not even sure where to categorize it. It smells fresh, it works and there’s good reason to think there might be something new here…

Big Bang is the hidden track at minute ten : something. Make no mistake, this perverted country type of thing -with the Arabian night's stuck between- serves to line dance and is intended for shits and giggles mostly.

SoundsCool ends up being a full ride and not just a collection of tracks, but I guess any good album should be exactly that these days. I won’t fall into the cliché, but the music inside is quite refreshing. Almost to the point where I would say it was sorely needed in our small pie of musical works. Sattel Battle, has comfortably placed itself in a niche that borrows influences from retro Atari sounds, Suomi, twisted trance, funked up mashes and god knows what else, to do something new with it. I don’t know you, but in my view that should be recognized… a little ingenuity, a fair amount of skill to make it work, and a lot of balls to try out new things where most dare not.

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 13:26
nice album very twisted music,dont know what a style... maybe "Twisted Funky Israel Suomi"?           Dance is - As a matter of fact, socially admissible public analogue of the sexual act :)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 15:23
this one is worth checking out !!!!

It's funky, funny ...

very clean production lots of acid riffs and melodies, one of the best albums I 've heard in a while ... perfect morning music but I didn't expect less from gi'iwa !!

best tracks (5 6!! 7! 9! 10!)

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 18:39
yeah a great funky junky music...wish to elad more and more releases  
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 20:33
some great gems on here

"hey hop" and "2 step chase" are my favorites
after hearing musica discordia, and loving it,
especially sattel battle's track!
this release was a nice surprise!!

u rock!!


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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 22:10
Perfect album!
sam i am
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 22, 2007 03:07
the secret track is my favourite

On 2007-02-21 13:26, LigaLize wrote:
nice album very twisted music,dont know what a style... maybe "Twisted Funky Israel Suomi"?

hehe.. "Israel Suomi"           new Hadal Drop album on the way

if you don't have the last one get in touch

Started Topics :  12
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Posted : Feb 22, 2007 14:42

On 2007-02-22 03:07, sam i am wrote:
the secret track is my favourite

On 2007-02-21 13:26, LigaLize wrote:
nice album very twisted music,dont know what a style... maybe "Twisted Funky Israel Suomi"?

hehe.. "Israel Suomi"

hehe funny interpretation 
Witchery Whistle

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Posted : Feb 23, 2007 15:17
great album. i've purchased
Digressio Traviato

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Posted : Feb 25, 2007 16:58
Lovely Tunes out ther
really really "COOLSOUNDS"
Blast album boy.............

Reality Pixie

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Posted : Feb 28, 2007 02:47
Love the album tsabi

I think my fave is Hey Hop at the moment but it always changes!!


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Posted : Mar 1, 2007 08:29
Already album of the year for me

BOM my man           "We just got that Volcano lit...

...Gee, I thought Tarzan was set in Africa!"

- 1979 Flashdance, Haltya
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2007 21:03
Awesome tunes
Neuron Compost

Started Topics :  36
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Posted : Mar 2, 2007 05:48
thanks for all the feedback ppl, and Rah for the in depth review... great to hear Tsabi's debut album is being enjoyed

thanks also to all the ppl supporting Gi'iwa and underground musics by buying this release

my personal fave's: Work in Space, Homegrown & 2 Step Chase..... dancefloor >-SmAsHeRzZz-<
Dharma initiative

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Posted : Mar 5, 2007 18:13
perfect music for the morning hours with lots of smiley

faces around you GREAT
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