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Samsara - Samsara Records - 2007

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 17, 2008 02:58
Title: Samsara
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Samsara Records
Tracks: 09
Mastered by: Adam Parahalu
Cover Art: Spaceshirt.ce
Cat. #:SAMCD001


1. Syntrax – Travel In The Castle 7:57 (150BPM)
2. White Wizard – Bang The Floor 7:15 (152 BPM)
3. Dark Elf vs Innersound – Radio Crow 6:47 (149 BPM)
4. Noise Gust – Life Hucking 7:27 (153 BPM)
5. Parahalu – Shiva´s Breakfast 7:49 (148 BPM)
6. Jelly Heads vs Orestis – Feeling of Power 6:44 (154 BPM)
7. Blisargon Demogorgon – The Only Way 8:00 (150 BPM)
8. Gorump Peyya – It´s Gonna Be Terrible 7:32 (152 BPM)
9. Psychoz – Get Away 6:32 (148 BPM)

Samsara, is the first release of Samsara Records. It is a label based in India and it brings a nice 1st compilation, with renowned names like, Jelly Heads, Dark Elf and Innersound, Parahalu, but also with newcomers like the case of White Wizard.
But let’s travel through the sounds of this compilation:

Travel In The Castle (T1), is the 1st track, and it was produced by Syntrax, an Israeli duo. This one starts with the following samples: “Welcome to grey stone, no one ever comes to this house on the hills anymore, at least not more”, then some wolves samples, and we start with some work on the percussion. In fact for the ones who know previous works of Syntrax, know that the special work on the percussion is a vital thing into their tracks. This one is not very rich on terms of leads, but the kicks, oh my. There is also a special brake which I really enjoy, that appears at 3:45 minutes, next it will emerge some sounds that twists your head such is the intensity that follows. Favourite.

Now we move to the debut, I think, from White Wizard. The person behind this project is Sandeep Sharma. Bang The Floor (T2) starts with an introduction of 45 seconds before kick and bass enter. After this start, there is a nice work on a lead that seems a sponge made with short notes, and coming together with it, there is on the back ground but with longer notes, some daunting sounds. It seems the sounds of whales communicating or chanting on the ocean, but very distorted. At 2:52 minutes, there is a small brake, and then a sample emerges saying: “how could you? I’m a woman” and then the daunting sounds continue. Till the end of the track, there is more work with leads similar to sponges, and some interesting brakes, with rush starts. For a debut track this one turned out to be very interesting. It has the particularly to end with some very friendly sounds, which are familiar like coming from a radio.

But sounds’ coming from a radio starts Radio Crow (T3). This tune begins with someone tuning in a Radio, and once it is tuned in, the samples of a crow appear – samples these that will appear more forward in the track. The tune begins with a strong kick and bass line, I mean the mixing of these two projects could only mean troubles; on the good sense of the word of course. Industrial sounds and twisted leads are the main dish of this music. There are also lots of changes in the sonorities, on the leads, on lower notes of the bass line that create that sensation of speeding up the track. More to the middle of the tune, it becomes a little bit more melodious, with some sounds coming up and down on the background. This track is full of sounds, it is kind of like when we are in a garden and we have lots of flowers, of different colours, sizes and smells – this is the sensation I get on hearing this music. My favourite track of the compilation.

Noise Gust comes with Life Hucking (T4), one of the fastest tunes of the compilation with a BPM of 153. This one is rich on twilight, metallic and strident sounds. I like one specific lead that appears at 3:04 that is very disconnected with the reality. I mean it creates confusion, mess and disorder in my brain. I pretty like the final result of this lead. A clear case of a sound, not tenebrous or spooky or evil, that creates a nice psychedelic vibe.

Shivas Breakfast (T5) is the work from Adam Parahalu. Ok, I have read in lots of places people having 2 reactions to this track. They like the first part, and dislike the second one. My opinion is that I like very much the track – both parts. It kind of creates in me the sensation of old school music. When I started to hear psychedelic trance music, all this samples and chanting made part of the psychedelic scene and so it brings back old memories. The 1st part is extremely well conceived with lots of trippy leads, and great grove ness with all the work on the percussive elements, I like it a lot - it becomes a very friendly tune, with those lots little sounds and effects. Then at 4:24, the music gives a complete turn, and enters the part where the melodies begin along with what some might call the fluffy voices. I like them very much. Another favourite track.

Right after this tune, we have another collaboration track. Feeling Of Power, is the combination of 3 artists – from Jelly Heads, Luis and Fabio, and Orestis. This is the fastest tune of the compilation, with a BPM of 154. This tune is aimed to more dark territories of the psychedelic scene – the track begins and it can be heard the typical style of Jelly – strong and a deep bass. You can right away hear twisted ness on the leads and their sharpness. At 2: 30 minutes you can hear the track changing sonorities (maybe Orestis leaving his mark), it slows down a little bit, and then 30 seconds after it has an interesting entrance; another line of sound enters, and some bells with it. Then running to the 5:00 minutes the track is reaching a climax with more dynamic elements, with some hypnotic melodies in the back ground. Another favourite.

Now we are into the sounds capes of Blisargon Demogorgon, The Only Way (T7). The track begins and some clanging sounds can right away be heard, and this sounds will be heard more ahead and throughout in the track. The kick and bass enter, and some psychedelia arrives - there are some interesting sounds on the leads, and I am sure it is some goblins on the background making some noises. The tune in the over all is not very energetic, I mean, there are some nice parts with a particular lead, that I enjoy a lot, and have nice groove on these parts, but after hearing the entire track, it seems the work is directed to the hypnotic lovers then to the party lovers. I expected a little bit more from Blisargon, specially after hearing him in September last year in Portugal, in which he devastated the dance floor (in the good sense of the word of course).

Now Gorump Peyya comes with It´s Gonna Be Terrible (T8). And this track was a good surprised. I liked very much this track. It begins in a very soft way, with some enjoyable sounds in the background, moving in slow spirals, up and down. After this good entrance, we can hear some samples, in which a male says: “feel the power” with a very strong voice…then another sample saying: “please don’t hurt me” and then here we go, more twisted lines, very live, and full of their own will, ups and downs of lines of sounds. Some good brakes with roller drums in the mixture, to change sonorities on the leads are remarkable. I want to say the leads used on this track are from very good taste! And the tune ends very similar from how it started, with the same type of spiral sounds. Another favourite.

And now we are in the last tune of the compilation Psychoz brings Get Away (T9). This track begins with a small conversation between, I think, two females, saying: “It’s me mom” and then a reply “you are not my mother”, “yes I am” the other character replies, and then the 2nd character says “get away from me freak”. Well what to expect musically from this track: a very fat bass, and fat kick - also lots or weird noises and continuum leads in the background. In addition we can also hear some piano playing at 3:56, and some leads giving the sensation of pushing you under. More to the end of this one you get more energies and it is a nice way to end the CD.

The mastering was made by Parahalu. And I couldn’t end this review without mentioning the artwork is from enormous good taste and quality – it was made by Spaceshirt.ce.

So to conclude the review I just want to say, that with this record, the 1st of Samsara, they showed a strong pool of artists, and the result is a disc full of nice tracks.
In this CD I have found 5 favourite tracks and others also very appellative. Recommended compilation.           ...

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Posted : Jan 17, 2008 04:45
Nice album, hope the best for this release and label
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 17, 2008 09:13
Innersound Dark Elf
Noise Gust
Jelly Orestis (!)

are the best : ) keep it up :insane:


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Posted : Jan 17, 2008 10:57
Bang the floor is banging the *&^% outta this world!
Great going brothers.
Good luck on this va.
nice underground sound.
boom.           Its already there in your brain.
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Posted : Jan 17, 2008 16:29
great cd,,,cant wait to listen this...good luck to all artists and especialy to Sandy aka White Wizard !!!

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Posted : Jan 17, 2008 16:54
fanastci cd.... dark elf vs innersound is my favourite track on it ... closely followed by lejjy orestis .....

even liked the blisargon track to a great extent ... and gorrump's track is nice smooth one

overall .... a more than solid start for a new record label ...

hope to hear more .... sooon


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Posted : Jan 17, 2008 22:48
Really nice cd, great artwork, top notch production all around. These tunes fit right into my night set, good job sandy and all the best for the future to samsara!
Keep em coming
          (Rudraksh / Amaris records)
VA "DEEP FRIED" compiled by Dj Shiva Moon out now on Rudraksh Records!
VA Ahimsa double cd compilation out now!
VA " Fry or Die " under construction!
King Salmon
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 18, 2008 08:36
Syntrax track is in my top ten tracks for 2007. Definitely hear the heavy metal influence on the percussion, especially the machine gun-like kicks and high hats. Fat, semi-melodic bassline reminds me of Sanaton. Excellent song structure, gets going very early at 1:55 and doesn't relent. The peak of the song starts at half-way, instead of 2/3 like most tracks. I like the mystery movie melody and old-time radio symphony sounds that are scattered throughout. Screams and animal sounds are also good, not cheesy.

Dark Elf, this is the best from him I have heard. Excellent. Love the crow.

Excellent debut album from Samsara. I hope to hear more from them.           Kent
Austin, Texas, USA
Adam H
Para Halu

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Posted : Jan 18, 2008 14:16
Shiva's Breakfast is the work of my ex-partner Pondesz. I only made the mastering for this CD. Anyway good perspectives in your review a3k.

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 19, 2008 14:21
link to IsraTrance Site:

ooppss and Sorry Homen for the confusion, on who made the track           ...
Samsara Recordings
Samsara Recordings

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Posted : Jan 21, 2008 10:00
Thanks Andre .. really nice words here ...
we are really happy that people liked this cd ... there will be lot more surprises .. stay tuned
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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jan 21, 2008 14:27
feeling of power rocks            “What we need is the development of the Inner Spiritual man, the unique individual, whose treasure is hidden in the symbols of our mythological tradition and in man’s unconscious psych.” - CJ Jung
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 27, 2008 18:37
VA-Samsara is kick arse.... all tracks are superb..... my fav is Radio Crow, Feeling of power, Bang the floor & Get away....

Also just had a sneak into Rajdhani Express..... it's gonna be a bomb.....          We were born naked & grow up to become wicked.

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 17:53
what a great VA and realy nice review
favs: Shivas Breakfast & Get Away


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Posted : Jan 29, 2008 04:48
Syntrax, i like the sound got better.

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