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IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  32
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Posted : Sep 10, 2015 11:16
Hello, downtempers!

I hope you are accustomed to these weekly news edition and check them every Wednesday (or weekend? with the anticipation about the new releases list. Do you? We do these news with the team hoping that you do appreciate it and use the information!

We traditionally posted some material on Monday. This week it was an interview again, and it was Pete Namlook aka Kuhlman. We constantly filling Anthology project ( ) founded to restore valuable information from the past. Check the interview from 2009 here ( ), if you missed it in the engulfing fuss of the material everyday world.


Events and festivals of this week:
Bhakti Fest West (USA)
Freaks in Love Festival 2015 (Turkey)
Wonderland experiencE (Russia)
Sustainable Living Fair (USA)

All event details and links are in the calendar >>

Album of the week 36 “forum poll” results
This rare moment when we have a standard picture of the results (at the time of preparing this post at least)
1st: Seb Taylor – Collected Downtempo Vol. 2 [ Tribal Shift Records ]
2nd: Various Artists – Organic Beats Vol. 4 [ Altar Records ]
3rd: One Arc Degree & Cybernetika – Nether Moon [ Ektoplazm ]

Check it out with links and players here >>

Recent Releases:
Beatroots – Mood Movement – Shanti Planti
Cafe Amsterdam – Inner Peace – Spaceradio Records
Celt Islam – Al Mizan (The Balance) – Earth City Recordz
Chronos – Animo – Mystic Sound Records
Cryogenics – Images Of A Forgotten Future – Self Released
Flux Vortex – Lunar Web – Backflip Records
Frank Riggio – Psychexcess II – Futurism – Hymen Records
Free Soul School – Hobbit House Into The Galaxy – Self Released
(ghost) – Elas EP – n5MD
Gus Till & Supercozi – Music For A Rainy Season – Section Records
In’R’Voice – Aesthetica – Cosmicleaf Records
Lowering Ipnose – The Root Of Fear – Padang Records
Miktek – Ambient Network III – Self Released
Mindex – The Flavor – Gravitas Recordings
Monodeluxe – Beach Flavour EP – Plusquam Chillout
N.A.S.A. – Stolen Moments – Iboga Records
Osmose – Fractals EP – Self Released
Paul Ellis – Moth In Flames – Spotted Peccary Music
Sanhata – The Return Of Anu EP – Samana Records
Translippers – Herbalism – Microcosmos Records
Unknown Reality – It’s All Sound – Self Released
Various Artists – Strange Eyed Constellations – Disco Gecko Recordings

- See more at:
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  32
Posts :  116
Posted : Sep 18, 2015 19:59
Hello, psybient lovers!

Have you read this huuuuge material about chillout scene in Brazil? We with Allix ( ) have been preparing this for so long, you can’t even imagine Anyway don’t get scared of such a giant piece of text – every word is worth reading, especially if Universo Parallelo is the only thing you recollect when someone says ‘Brazil’ and ‘psy scene’ words in one sentence. Here is the link for the article – ; and the material about Russian psy chillout scene is available for you to read as well! >

And here is Tom with the Weather our traditional What’s New block!

Events and festivals of this week:
Pacific Fire Gathering (USA)
Symbiosis Festival (USA)
Catskill Chill Music Festival (USA)
Chill Out Festival 2015 (Brazil)
Powerholic ॐ IZANAGI 2015 (Japan)
Statix Festival 2015 (Malta)
Floresta Infectada 2015 (Brazil)
Dreaming Awakening. Clarity (Ukraine)
Ott USA tour (USA)

All event details and links are in the calendar >

Album of the week 37 “forum poll” results
1st: Translippers – Herbalism [ Microcosmos Records ]
2nd: Beatroots – Mood Movement [ Shanti Planti ]
Mindex – The Flavor [ Gravitas Recordings ]

Third place is covered by a few projects, some of which are Russian as well. Cool to see that Russian musicians gave us so rich harvest the last week: Translippers, Mindex, Chronos, In’R Voice… Cheers, guys, high five!

Check it out with links and players here >

Recent Releases:
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 1: Organic Jams – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 2: Electronic Jams – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 3: Futurisms Deux – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 4: Darker Moods – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 5: Night Beats – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 6: The Gamer – Modus Records
Apriori – Sacred Coast EP – Luminosity Project
Ashnaia Project – Ancient Connections – Self Released
Chichilcitlalli – Minimal Deep Downtempo EP – Bass Star Records
DELTAnine – Astro Ride EP – Self Released
Dimmat – Karma – Ovnimoon Records
Erot & One Arc Degree – Mani Of Despair EP – Self Released
Eyesix – Our Wilderness Projector – Carpe Sonum Records
Ganga Giri – Earthwise Vol. 2 – Self Released
Kick Bong & Squazoid – Electric Activity – Cosmicleaf Records
Koan – Why? – Blue Tunes Records
Lapa – Meeting Of The Waters – Loci Records
LuminoStation – Multidimensional Hyperspace – Spaceradio Records
Metalaw – Pro-Grams EP – Self Released
Ōmwom – Cathexis – Mycelium Music
Resonata – Forever Isn’t For Everyone – Left Of Field Records
Robert Scott Thompson – Pale Blue Dot – Anodize
Shapeless Lab – Space In My Head – Mystic Sound Records
Smooth – Vintage Remixes Part I – Cyan Music
Submotion Orchestra – III – Counter Records
Symbolic & Zen Mechanics – Psychological Effects – Remixes – Merkaba Music
Tantric Decks – Aloha Life – Self Released
The Digital Connection – Chasing The Midnight Sky – Gravitas Recordings
The Projector Mix – Drift – Dubmission Records

- See more at:
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  32
Posts :  116
Posted : Dec 13, 2015 13:15
Hello, friends!

How are things? What are your plans for Christmas and this winter in common? Are you packing suitcases for the upcoming season in a tropical place with the ocean and mango juices? Share it if I’m right!

On Monday we published an interview with Eiran, the owner of Hexagon HGN clothing. Check the interview here ( ) and dig out backstage moments of the psydesign clothing shop!

Another essential link to be pointed out here is a kickstarter crowdfunding page for beinArt Collective Gallery and Shop ( ), a real-life creative hub which would focus solely on strange, surreal and imaginative figurative art. All as we love Only few days to go and you are lucky to still be able to contribute!

And for dessert, look what is the guy doing with this straight-from-the-future device!

Enjoy the usual news blog of events and releases and get ready for best of the year poll in the beginning of 2016.

Events and festivals of this week:

Bluetech & Lusine – San Diego (USA)
Bluetech & Lusine – Los Angeles (USA)
Shamanic by Hadra (France)
Bluetech & Lusine – San Francisco (USA)
Psylounge Night: Chris Exeris (Germany)
Bluetech & Lusine – Seattle (USA)
Mystic Sound Party (Russia)
Downtempo Paintings (Greece)
Bluetech & Lusine – Portland (USA)
Pangani in Ritual (Austria)

All event details and links are in the calendar ( ).

Album of the week 49 “forum poll” results:

1st: Mystic Lounge (Mystic Crock & Liquid Lounge) – Magical Dream [ Self Released ]
2nd: Unusual Cosmic Process – Utopia [ Microcosmos Records ] Seb Taylor – Collected Downtempo Vol. 3 [ Tribal Shift Records ]
3rd: Top Secret for this publication! Go ahead and check other results with players here. Do not hesitate to vote!

Recent Releases:

Alpha Wave Movement – Harmonic Currents – Harmonic Resonance Recordings
Andrew Heath & Peter Maynard – Dust – Self Released
Beatfarmer – The Past Is Present – Self Released
Brujo’s Bowl – Hybridized – Merkaba Music
Celt Islam – Dub Reflex – Earth City Recordz
Cosmoganic – DNA Updated – Self Released
Data Rebel – Unstill – Self Released
Devin Kroes – Whispers From The Trees – Street Ritual
Die Stadt – Le Dieu Numιrique – Self Released
Dimmat – The Gate – Self Released
Dr. Trippy – Punjabi Swamp Music – Self Released
Ender – Confronting The Real – Liquid Seed Recordings
E.R.S. – Full Moon Skank – Self Released
Fils des Etoiles feat. Karma Bhodi – Love Improvisation – Self Released
Green Beats – The Moon Antidote – Nutek Chill
Icarus Kid – Orenda EP – Self Released
Jairamji – Listen To The Earth – Self Released
Kratos Himself – Tomorrow’s Sun – Self Released
Mars On Earth – Radionovela – Uxmal Records
Michael Allison (Darshan Ambient) – Remember The Sultana (Original Soundtrack From The Film) – Spotted Peccary Music
Moon Frog – Chasing The Wind – Self Released
New Man – Different – Cyan Music
Oοd Mό (Greg Hunter) – Future Dust Redux – Mutantra Records
Sacred Sound System – The Man Who Carried The Cold On His Back – Lab Room Unlimited
Sheewton – Mystic Feeling – Freakuency Records
Sumiruna – VLCHEMIC TRVNSMUTVTION – Merkaba Music
The Fragile Fate – Lilliam Ocean – Carpe Sonum Records
The Paco Project – Mind Trap EP – Ovnimoon Records
Tsaik – Tehraj – Lost Tribe Records
Unknown Reality – Stretched Time – Self Released
Various Artists – Fall – Altar Records
Xodie – Freedom Here – Microcosmos Records
Zebbler Encanti Experience – Inner G – Gravitas Recordings

Album of the week 50 selection :

Join our weekly poll to discover the most interesting music and to discuss it with us.
Express yourself and vote for the favourite release in a corresponding topic here:

- See more at:
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  32
Posts :  116
Posted : Jan 19, 2016 20:18

We would like to invite you to participate in our “Best of the year” poll! Together let’s pick the most interesting ALBUM(s), EP(s), COMPILATION(s) and LABEL, EVENT, DJ, RADIO and some more categories of 2015.

Please remember, it is NOT a competition. It is our way to promote artists and labels, and to help the scene to interconnect.

Our goal is to promote the projects and artists that made you happy through their music during the last year. We are sure that artists will appreciate your support here.

You don’t have to listen all of the options listed, just highlight the ones that you have enjoyed and the ones that you would like to recommend to others.

Best of the year poll =>
you don't have to answer all questions

p.s. all participants have chance to win exclusive music from artists and a copy of upcoming VA - !
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  32
Posts :  116
Posted : Jan 27, 2018 11:25
hi Guys , 

big respect to this place for keeping independent vibe in spirit !

we have been quiet here, but our weekly news and daily work to promote chill is ongoing, feel welcome to visit our site and forum if you are into psychedelic ambient / downtempo / slow trance ***

site :

forum :

***  Our focus genre includes, but is not limited to psychill (psy-chill – psychedelic chillout), psybient (psychedelic ambient) aka psyambient (psy ambient, psy-ambient), ambient goa (ambient-goa), psydub (psy dub or psy-dub), dub, downtemple-dub, psydubient (psy dub ambient), psystep (psy step or psy-step), psybreaks (psy-breaks or psychedelic breaks), downtempo, midtempo, ambient downtempo, world, ethnic, ethno step (ethno-step), yoga-whomp, global bass, bass, psy bass (psy-bass), temple bass (sacred bass), chillgressive (progressive chillout), ambient, ambient dub, psydm, idm, trip hop, glitch, electronica and meditative. Basically psychedelic downtempo and psychedelic midtempo music.
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