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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Prosper - When The City Sleeps (Exposure Productions)

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Prosper - When The City Sleeps (Exposure Productions)

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Aug 19, 2006 00:47
Label : Exposure Productions
Artist : Prosper
Title : When The City Sleeps
Type : Album
Format : CD (Jewell Case)
Catalog : EXPOCD004
Release: End Of August 2006

Prosper is Nikola Vujnovic from Serbia. Born and raised in Belgrade he is one of the most well known producers and party organisers in his country with live perfomances in all major clubs and festivals of the nation including the worldwide famous Exit Festival.

With his debut album released under ZMA Records and with various compilation tracks on labels such as Etnicanet,Turbo Trance Records,Yellow Sunshine Explosion,Starsound and Heart Of Trance he decided to change his style and move to the Greek based Exposure Productions for the release of his second personal album named When The City Sleeps that signifies a major step forward for his career.

His new style is a mix of psychedelic and progressive trance with a lot of electro influences and with a top notch production quality ready to satisfy even the most demantive listener.

We hope that you will enjoy this great album!

Album Tracklist

01.When The City Sleeps
04.Overstar (album edition)
05.Synthetic People
07.City Lights
08.Friend Of The Night
10.Wide Worlds

All tracks written and produced by Nikola Vujnovic @ Skylab 5 Studio, Belgrade, Serbia.
Vocals in Wide Worlds by Iva Kuzmanovic.

Mastering by Odeon Studio @ Athens, Greece.

Cover design by killeRRabbit.

Globally Distributed by ZMA LABEL GROUP, for more information please visit or mail

More information soon on Exposure Productions official website that will be launched by the end of the month.           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
Brain Damage

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Posted : Aug 19, 2006 03:55
this album going to be amazing, good production and realy good music
bast of luck to nikoa


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Posted : Aug 19, 2006 07:34
Nice, bring it on Detox

The last tracks of Prosper have left me a really good impression quite good tracks with a fusion of electro and psy-progressive even more the last 2 on Turbo Trance Records and Heart Of Trance so definitly I'm ready for the album now.

A&R Mandala Records
V/A - Energy Coming Soon Feat. Contra vs. Zion, Interactive, Elec3 vs. Ananda Shake, Perplex, E-Fact, X-Control (Perplex/Dj Kido) & more . . .
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 19, 2006 19:26
all the best mike for this release, city lights is a real bomb can't wait to listen the album
          Psychotrop(Neurobiotic Rec)
Neogen / Overlap

Started Topics :  29
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Posted : Aug 19, 2006 20:05
all the best nikola and mihalis!
Realy waiting for this album!           Planet Ben Records

Started Topics :  418
Posts :  3816
Posted : Aug 19, 2006 21:37
Really loved the track on Turbo Trances "Pygmees Groove" compilation. Fresh, uplifting full on           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 20, 2006 01:23
wish luck..

great work..
BOOM !           Hallucinated Neighbour / Silent Existence
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 20, 2006 14:25
defenetly a cd to buy, i am very interested in this new artist! like profane said fresh and uplifting full on ehehhe

good luck detox and prosper! bright future is waiting u guys

Started Topics :  27
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Posted : Aug 20, 2006 21:05
nice to see Prosper working congrats to Exposure Productions on recognizing Prosper's talent and music
Igal Magitman
Started Topics :  15
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Posted : Aug 20, 2006 22:59
Good Luck to the Label and Artist
amazing music by a very cool guy

looking farward to grab it.


Started Topics :  11
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Posted : Aug 21, 2006 18:58
thanx ppl... im glad that you are interested about the album... hope i will not disapoint you...

soon, there will be few releases on turbotrance, liquid and solid rec and few more... i hope you will like it!

rest you can check at

cheers!           http://www.PROSPER-MUSIC.COM

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Posted : Aug 21, 2006 23:10
i made a mistake:
it is

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 22, 2006 18:07
All the best to Nikola and Detox You guys rocks!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 22, 2006 20:49
This looks great.. i was not much of a fan of the first album, but im sure the swap of label's will reflect on todays standards, especially with a label like Exposure.. i know that Detox would not release it if it was anything less than perfect..

all the best to both prosper and Exposure with the album !!
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IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Aug 23, 2006 02:32
Sounds good! Gonna check this for sure!
Respect!           .
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...Dance like nobody's watching...
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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Prosper - When The City Sleeps (Exposure Productions)

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